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Holdin' On To Hope
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Holdin' On To Hope
What keep's you going? Ya you! Your life's in the toilet and you know it. The only thing that's keeping you going is this idea that maybe....just maybe things will get better, you will survive, you will find true love, peace,etc...
[234 words]
Chuk H MacDonald
[February 2014]
[email protected]
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Holdin' On To Hope
Chuk H MacDonald

 While others,
 Abandon ship,
 Lose their balance
 Or their grip
 And I am tempted
 To let go,
 I keep holdin'
 On to Hope.

 And with the way
 So dimly lit
 I'm afraid
 That I might slip,
 And fearing what
 I do not know,
 I keep holdin'
 On to Hope.
 I keep holdin' on
    For a day in the sun.
 I keep holdin' on
    For one true love.
 I keep holdin' on
    For the storm to calm
 I keep holdin' on to Hope.

 And though I struggle
 On my way
 Each hard lesson,
 Come what may
 And the truth
 I face alone,
 I keep holdin'
 On to Hope.

 And with the water
 At my chin
 And it time
 To sink or swim
 Faith and dreams
 Keep me afloat
 I keep holdin'
 On to Hope.

 I keep holdin' on
    For a day in the sun.
 I keep holdin' on
    For one true love.
 I keep holdin' on
    For the storm to calm
 I keep holdin' on to Hope.
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