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A poem about my grandfather and his battles with ahorrible illness.
[269 words]
Mason Cole
Mason Cole is an Oklahoma author, 17 years of age. He attends the Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics in Oklahoma City. Mason's favorite authors are Ayn Rand, William Shakespeare, Homer, and Orson Scott Card. His dream is to recieve a Ph.D. in History and then teach, writing novels and short stories on the side.
[October 2000]
[email protected]
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Mason Cole

As I sit in the chair, he stares off into space,
Unaware of my presence so near,
I hold his hand tight, this man once full of grace,
Who would help me and say not to fear.
A terrible illness has stolen his mind,
Gone are all of his worries and cares,
But if he needs me, like I once needed him,
Grandfather, I still will be there.

Heroic and dashing, he was in his youth,
But Alzheimer’s took that away,
A shell of him who stood for courage and truth,
Now living in hell day by day.
Although I don’t know him, we still are close friends,
And though the pain I cannot bear,
If he should need me, like I once needed him,
Grandfather, I still will be there.

The battles you fought in, one after the next,
But here is one you cannot win,
So I wish you the speediest, happiest rest,
Your penance end met with a grin
By Saint Peter, who will open those bright pearly gates,
And the heavenly robes shall you wear,
Until then, if you need me, like I still need you,
Grandfather, I still will be there,
Grandfather, I’ll always be there.

[This poem is dedicated to my grandfather, John Dwayne Cole, who has suffered from Alzheimer’s for well over a decade. Even though I never really had the chance to meet him and the only memories I have of him are blurred, I am still very grateful to him for the opportunity to live my life. This poem is the finest tribute I can render him.]

[AUTHOR’S NOTE—After over twelve years of suffering, John Cole passed away the day this poem was published on Storymania.com, on March 26 of the Year of Our Lord 2000.]



"Very sad and very powerful. My commendations to Worthing on an excellent piece." -- Jack Filantio, in Al buquerque, NM, USA.
"Much "better" than your previous piece. Both show the raw material of a poetic gift,the difference is important.It is one thing to be empathetic with a prisoner, and another thing to experience the pain of seeing someone you love locked away in the ultimate gulag of dementia. Howl at the injustice of both, that's what youth is for,but remember that poetry is at its best when it is torn from broken hearts, or joyously crowed from pinnacles. It is a craft that improves with practice,and is best appreciated by those who know what it feels like to be unable to NOT write it. " -- Feather, Columbus, Ohio, usa.


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© 2000 Mason Cole
March 2000

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