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Spread My Wings And Fly by Charlie Townsley Its about freedom. [103 words]
Me And Mister Right by Cedric McClester Me And Mister Right was inspired by Amy Winehouse's Valerie. [214 words]
No Promises by Cedric McClester No Promises was inspired by a Canadian singer and children's book writer who shall remain nameless. [190 words]
The Broken Promise by Andres Olguin ... [1 words]
You Want Some Damn Icecream by Matthew Mark Gill A Cool Treat. [146 words]
Wipeout by Matthew Mark Gill Hope Ya Happy.. I Gave Ya Everything.. [154 words]
Why? (Amy) by Cedric McClester Why? was inspired by the life and death of Amy Winehouse and others like her. [129 words]
Who Are The Winners? by Cedric McClester - [134 words]
We're Wealthy by Matthew Mark Gill Dedicated to Kelly Atlanta Georgia (teacher) Special like Jewelry from Target and Walmart kids [99 words]
We Bailed Out Wall Street by Cedric McClester We Bailed Out Wall Street is a social commentary song. [195 words]
We Are The Movement by Gabriel Galvez 'We Are The Movement' by Beneath The Veil From the album 'The Movement' copyright 2011 Chec... [180 words]
To You by Beth Hyl my song is about giving to people in need. [144 words]
The Shister Coast by Luke Mahossal Iii Tired of the TV scams Kids Make A Stand bbb.org [135 words]
The Only One In My Heart by Jade-Marie Louise Patterson I made these song up on the 15/06/11 these song is for my brother dylan.dylan was very... [83 words]
The Hills by E A Stonehouse - [43 words]
The Distance by E A Stonehouse - [47 words]
The Beauty Of Life by Jamie Oliver I thought of a couple of lines that would be okay in a song, from there I managed to create ... [200 words]
Taking Back Whats Mine (Nc 18 Warning) by Matthew Mark Gill Stand up and Fight for Ya Rights [166 words]
Somewhere In America by Cedric McClester - [175 words]
Shed A Tear (Warning Nc 21) by Matthew Mark Gill Takes The Best to Be The Best #1 [150 words]
Roletcoster by Darby M Bracken a song about lives good and bad days [73 words]
Plated Gated (Warning Nc 21) by Matthew Mark Gill Ya Know Ya Made It [144 words]
Opinions (How They Differ) by Xuu My feelings for the past days, I wish that if I ever get a band we will record this ... [161 words]
Moments In Time by Cedric McClester Moments In Time was inspired by something singer/songwriter Nikki Jean said in an interview. [127 words]
Love Can Only Break Your Heart by Jade-Marie Louise Patterson These song is about if your not dating the write person your gonna be left with ... [75 words]
Love And Hope by Gianna Desponale Ummmm, idk.  [114 words]
Leap by Cedric McClester Leap was inspired by a news story of a 70 year-old man who committed suicide. [153 words]
Keep Doin' What You Do by Cedric McClester This song was inspired by a review of a Rihanna concert. [262 words]
John Barleycorn by Cedric McClester - [247 words]
It's Just Hollywood by Matthew Mark Gill Late Night and Celebrities fun fun kids.. [132 words]
Its Gotta Be by Paul Mitchell - [146 words]
It's A Good Start by Matthew Mark Gill Dedicated to my Savior Lord Jesus Christ [165 words]
Indulgence by Cedric McClester Indulgence is yet another song inspired by the life and death of Amy Winehouse. [225 words]
I Long For The Days by Cedric McClester - [191 words]
I Can Hear The Rain Drops by Jade-Marie Louise Patterson these is a song I wrote last year it was raining I started to sing and these is what ... [63 words]
Hygene by Cedric McClester Hygene was inspired by allegation surrounding a pop superstar. [140 words]
Goodbye (For Good)
Funeral by Cedric McClester Funeral was inspired by Jeff Buckley's Last Goodbye. [88 words]
Flowers At Their Doorstep by Cedric McClester - [138 words]
Ethnicity by Cedric McClester - [188 words]
Death Of The Chelsea Hotel by Cedric McClester Death Of The Chelsea Hotel was inspired by the demise of that once venerable venue. [116 words]
Dead At Twenty-Seven by Cedric McClester Dead At Twenty-Seven is the last in a series of songs inspired by the tragic death of Brit... [164 words]
Can You Hear My Voice by Jade-Marie Louise Patterson its about one person loves the other but he/she dosent know and she/he is here to tell hi... [139 words]
Blame It OnÖ by Cedric McClester Blame It On... was inspired by the present climate in Washington. [177 words]
Alpha Omega by Cedric McClester ALPHA OMEGA are contemporary gospel lyrics. [175 words]
A Little Girl by Matthew Mark Gill (dedicated to all the hosts)Bosses Good Luck.. Ya'll need it. Sorry it had to be like this. Ya ha... [128 words]
You Owe Me This Life (Warning Nc 21) by Matthew Mark Gill Harder Than Steel [111 words]
You Can't Prey The Gay Away by Cedric McClester You Can't Prey The Gay Away was inspired by an ongoing debate about whether being g... [234 words]
Where The Vampires Will Not Bite by Cedric McClester Where The Vampires Will Not Bite was inspired by a Taylor Momsen interview. I... [254 words]
When He Was Seventeen by Cedric McClester - [108 words]
Trust And Believe by Cedric McClester Trust And Believe should be a Babyface kind of song [138 words]
They Just Keep Coming by Matthew Mark Gill Dedicated to the Next One [113 words]
Their History by Matthew Mark Gill Your Vices Gone [117 words]
The Best Ever Made by Luke Mahossal #1 Spot Do Ya Want That Want That.. [115 words]
The Best Bad Thing That Ever Happened To Me by Cedric McClester The Best Bad Thing That Ever Happened To Me was inspired by somethi... [314 words]
That Lonely Feeling by Hayley Jones A song about feeling alone due to losing the one you love [164 words]
Rich And Famous by Cedric McClester - [245 words]
Quicker Than Right Now by Cedric McClester Quicker Than Right Now was inspired by Bishop Bernard Jordan's television appeal. [196 words]
Pretty People by D J I'm not a pretty person but that doesn't mean I can't defend them [136 words]
Pretender by Boonze Tricked into love and left broken [439 words]
One Of A Kind by Cedric McClester One Of A Kind was inspired by a Bob Dylan interview. The music should be Dylanesque. [251 words]
North Bird by Faith Snipes lost love [220 words]
Mr. Rise And Shine by Matthew Mark Gill Enjoy Kids.. Smiles [105 words]
May-Be Its Me by Charlie Townsley - [71 words]
Love IsÖ.(Enigma) by Cedric McClester - [201 words]
Lost Beauty by Cedric McClester Lost Beauty is song about present day America. [177 words]
Justice For Caylee by Cedric McClester Justice For Caylee was inspired by the Caylee Anthony trial. [189 words]
If Only I Could Turn Back Time by Charlie Townsley - [86 words]
Hold Your Head Up by Matthew Mark Gill Eh Winning... [112 words]
Hello Everyone by Matthew Mark Gill Im Me.. [150 words]
Forever DidníT Last A Week by Cedric McClester - [171 words]
Flu by Faith Snipes song [181 words]
Everything We Were by Hayley Jones A song about lost love where the memory of the ex lover haunts the writer [201 words]
Dil Ko Kuchh Hai Kehna by Abhishek Tiwari dil ko kuchh hai kehna song sing by (Abhishek Tiwari) [133 words]
Dance To The Beat by Mhairi R Brown This is one of my first ever songs, it's about a boy who I loved, who just stopped caring for... [220 words]
Cult Figure by Cedric McClester Cult Figure is yet another song inspired by an old Bob Dylan interview. [169 words]
Bleeding Ignorance by Brandon Kerner people who think they know whats best for you...ha...who are you? i'll live how i want. Basi... [200 words]
Baby There's A Storm by Mhairi R Brown Just another song about how the heart wants what it can't get :). [199 words]
Alot Of Space Like A Mafia Case by Matthew Mark Gill Companies Waiting for the Karma [150 words]
Acting So Good by Kenneth G Evangelista (this song could be for you!) YOU SAID TO ME LAST NIGHT THAT "I WILL BE GOOD" 'THOUGHT! YOU WIL... [252 words]

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Goodbye (For Good)
Today someone picked a clutch of people from the classroom to go up with her to lunch. As they were walking out one of them turned to me and said 'Bye.'
[166 words]
[March 2012]
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Goodbye (For Good)

Say goodbye
Though I tried a thousand million times
Dropping hints
Telling lies
You would think
That would count for something more than what I got

Goodbye I donít care
Goodbye donít you dare
Goodbye canít you stay
Goodbye youíre not good enough for us
Goodbye I wish it was different (no)
Goodbye I see youíre busy (no)
Goodbye, no goodbye, goodbye, no goodbye, goodbye, no goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye

Say goodbye
God give me the strength to yank you back
I could shout
I could cry
Make you doubt
That Iím really not worth just a bit of your time


Then you leave the door is shut behind you
A final sound and Iím not with you
Someday I could find a way to join you
Then maybe the door wonít be between me and you
No someone else will be on the other side
And Iíll be saying

Goodbye you donít care
Goodbye you wonít dare
Goodbye we canít stay
Sorry youíre not good enough for us
Goodbye I wish it was different (yeah)
Goodbye but you must be busy yeah
Goodbye, yeah goodbye, goodbye, yeah goodbye, goodbye, yeah goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye


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