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Feel Or Die by Richard Evans a golden oppurtunity- [29 words]
A Key For A Maiden by Richard Evans good to see you again- [50 words]
Falling Through Clouds by Angel Of Hope Now I feel no pain at all for I am only falling through clouds. [46 words]
Don't Understand Why by Angel Of Hope Warning: I wrote this when I was extremely mad so I guess you could say that uh this ain't... [214 words]
Charge Through The Future by Angel Of Hope Some people just need an extra motivational push to make them self-confident. I hope ... [107 words]
Bad Marks My Spot by Angel Of Hope "X marks the spot." Well, "Bad marks my spot." [130 words]
Your Kiss by Tara Bridget Moore A kiss to remember, even if only in your imagination.... [140 words]
Without Saying Goodbye by Melissa A Gauthier It's a poem about a girl whose dad walked out leaving her all alone with no one after he... [49 words]
Vivid Images by Chris Mlot I think my work explains enough... [80 words]
The Valleys by Colin Baker - [68 words]
Scary Tower by Andrew Dunn Living in Italy [40 words]
Ripped From My Chest, Eviscerated I Am. by Doll House my alternate self, who took over me... who almost led me to take my own... [343 words]
Pitch Black Abyss by Angel Of Hope This was actually written by my friend, Basler. He is a great writer, and he deserves reviews... [83 words]
Partnership by Colin Baker - [30 words]
Oh Winter by Chris Mlot What happens in winter may stay in winter [96 words]
Of Two Maidens by Dele E Oladipupoeinstein About the disadvantage of civilisation [64 words]
No, It's A Reality by Francesca He's the one 4 me, but I'm not the one 4 him.. [162 words]
Milton! Art Thou Dying (Again)? by Colin Baker Is Milton Friedman's free-market mantra now in tatters? [28 words]
Life Goes On by Melissa A Gauthier It's about someone who lost their loved one and needs to move on with their life because life does... [50 words]
Labour Pains by Colin Baker - [93 words]
It's Like Hurricane Ike... by Colin Baker - [112 words]
It's Beautiful Power by Melissa A Gauthier It's about a rose [48 words]
It'll Be Alright... by Chris Mlot What some people may suffer at home [154 words]
In A Seaside Street by Colin Baker - [167 words]
Halloween Success by James Delacenserie Bobbin' for apples. [49 words]
Dear Dad by Laura M my dad, who i dont see anymore,he has a new family now, two girls and wife and i havent seen him in ov... [260 words]
David's Feelings by David C Berry - [107 words]
Blood And Spit by Angel Of Hope Um...the title sorta shows the feeling of the poem. It's not necessarily all fact, but some part... [342 words]
Black, Purple, And Blue by Angel Of Hope I was recently used by someone I thought I loved. [134 words]
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh by Hippy Guy my mom at hollween [40 words]
You're What Matters by Angel Of Hope The way you see yourself is more important than the way others see you. Reviews and feedbac... [82 words]
You Do Well by Angel Of Hope This is dedicated to my best friend, Robyn. I don't live near her anymore, and I'm hoping this poem... [262 words]
Where I'm From by Angel Of Hope My attempt at describing my place of birth. Reviews and feedback are highly appreciated. [105 words]
What Makes Me Cool by Angel Of Hope This is one of my best pieces, in my opinion. Do you agree, what do you think? [231 words]
Tnt... by Angel Of Hope I have changed so much in such a short period of time, and I'm trying to describe just how much I've cha... [60 words]
This Is My Only by Angel Of Hope I must take what's given for this is my only. [95 words]
The Master's Secret by Rebekah Faith Poetry and drawing noting the decline of civilization - by Rebekah Faith [114 words]
The Day Eminem Dies by Angel Of Hope I love Eminem!!! Reviews and feedback are highly appreciated. [168 words]
Sorry Boy by Angel Of Hope It's really hard for me to reject a guy and not feel bad about it. Reviews and feedback are highly ap... [79 words]
Soar by Angel Of Hope Personification-I am a leaf. Reviews and feedback are highly appreciated. [72 words]
Run Away With You by Angel Of Hope I will run away with you; I'll never come back to stay. [87 words]
Remember What Your Family Said by Angel Of Hope This is meant to be a rap song. Tell me what you think; Reviews and feedback are... [271 words]
Prize by Angel Of Hope The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton had a big impact on my life. So I wrote a poem about one of my favorite char... [130 words]
Please Help by Angel Of Hope A poem of the salem witch trials...Reviews and feedback are highly appreciated. [83 words]
Papa, Do You Understand? by Angel Of Hope Dad left home for a while recently. It was horrible, hard to accept, and surprising. T... [231 words]
One Way Out by Angel Of Hope There's only one way out when your life is in jeopardy. [82 words]
No Satisfaction Guaranteed by Angel Of Hope I won't always make you proud. Reviews and feedback are highly appreciated. [92 words]
Newport - Stow Hill by Colin Baker - [4 words]
Mother, Good-Bye by Angel Of Hope A girl's mother has cancer. :( Reviews and feedback are highly appreciated. [156 words]
Moral Instruction by Colin Baker - [107 words]
Mind Of My Own by Angel Of Hope Let me live life with a mind of my own. [71 words]
Lucky Is My Middle Name by Angel Of Hope A woman was almost raped by a man, but her parents' advice saved her life. [176 words]
Letter One by Angel Of Hope I am letter one. Hahahahah...reviews and feedback are highly appreciated. [83 words]
Let Me See by Angel Of Hope Let me see what my life could be. [52 words]
Kisses Of Angels by Angel Of Hope This world really confuses me sometimes. FYI- This is like "Marilyn Manson" style. Reviews and... [138 words]
Just For Nathaniel by Angel Of Hope This is dedicated to my friend, Nate. I don't live near him anymore, so I'm hoping this poem... [462 words]
Just Another Brick by Angel Of Hope Nobody likes playas(boys who cheat on girls). Reviews and feedback are highly appreciated. [135 words]
It's Really Steaming by Angel Of Hope Randomness rules my world so I decided to write about someone who jogged outside on a too-... [127 words]
Is It Over Now? by Angel Of Hope A girl's boyfriend is moving, and they doubt they can stay together. Reviews and feedback are h... [148 words]
I'll Just Be Me by Angel Of Hope I'll just be me, and you just be you. [175 words]
I'll Be Just Fine by Angel Of Hope The title says everything... [194 words]
I'll Be Boss Instead by Angel Of Hope Somewhat a country-lover's favorite. Reviews and feedback are highly appreciated. [278 words]
I Won't Give Up by Angel Of Hope I won't give up. [45 words]
I Will Serve by Angel Of Hope To you I will serve. [131 words]
I Don't Care by Angel Of Hope You don't know me so your opinion doesn't matter. [88 words]
Howdy-Ho by Angel Of Hope I am from down south! Reviews and feedback are highly appreciated. [52 words]
Hold My Hand-Angel Of Hope by Angel Of Hope Nothing special... [51 words]
Gold, Gold, Gold by Angel Of Hope The poem of a young, ambitious, rich man... Reviews and feedback are highly appreciated. [89 words]
Gaining Lost Hope by Angel Of Hope I'm gaining lost hope. [47 words]
Flyin' High by Angel Of Hope This is what I feel like when I'm in an airplane. [77 words]
Flashin' With Passion by Angel Of Hope Sometimes, people can't tell a truth from a lie. Reviews and feedback are highly apprecia... [88 words]
Egg Shuttle Sista by Angel Of Hope This is dedicated to my friend, Megan, who I had to create a small shuttle that could hold an... [89 words]
Do You Got Gut? by Angel Of Hope This is one of my few attempts at writing a rap song. haha...What do you think? [198 words]
Cleanliness Through The Debris by Angel Of Hope Sometimes, a boyfriend could only be with you to step up his pride. This is my b... [166 words]
Can't Seem To Hate You by Amanda May - [230 words]
Bump On Your Daughter's Belly by Angel Of Hope One of my best pieces. Reviews and feedback is highly appreciated. [252 words]
Break Free by Angel Of Hope Notice your chance to break free. [79 words]
Boring... by Angel Of Hope School can be pretty boring! Who doesn't know that?! Reviews and feedback are highly appreciated. [70 words]
Animated Chica by Angel Of Hope This is dedicated to my good friend, Kendall. Reviews and feedback are highly appreciated. [94 words]
Ain't Understood by Angel Of Hope The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton had a big impact on my life. So I wrote a poem about one of my fa... [122 words]
Above And Beyond by Angel Of Hope Discover something you love to do, and then go above and beyond. [81 words]
A Tune by Mike Piotrowski To all that enjoy music, Hope you enjoy, -Mike [56 words]

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it is what it is
[139 words]
Jay Little
from the mind to the computer
[August 2008]
[email protected]
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I Miss Her (Poetry) It's about the girl in this girl. [89 words] [Mind]
Living With The Pain (Poetry) How I have learned to leave with sum pains in life and how i've gotten so used to them that i'm started to like the pain and starting to expext it to happen.Sounds crazy...it is [270 words] [Mind]
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Runaway Life (Poetry) It's based on my life as it going. [335 words] [Drama]
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The World:Now (Poetry) It's a little piece about how I see the world as it is now in the present how this might be the best of times or the worst. [197 words] [Motivational]
This Girl (Poetry) It's about this girl,my first love but the only problem is I didn't know that I loved her until I lost her.And now it's like more I don't see her the more I love. [151 words] [Relationships]
U Blew It (Poetry) Just as I got on the computer I came up with this,straight from the head. [150 words] [Relationships]
Untitled-Freestyle (Poetry) Straight from the flow of feelings to the computer [198 words] [Mind]
Why Do I Go Through With It (Poetry) It's about how my life is at a certain point right now I'm starting to can't handle it. [236 words] [Drama]
Jay Little

Another day another problem it seems
that's the way things seem to happen
Strength gets u strong
to do the things that need to get done
And as the problems continue to grow
everything gets worst
and seem to have more pressure
With each decision that is to be made
a conclusion will come soon after
some things are blinded from a person
ether for good or not
Nothing is ever what it seem
and nothing seems how it really is
Life face's u with all that it's got
and the only thing to do is face life in focus
The road leads nowhere
yet i took it
so now i have to make the best out of this road
for this is the road i chose to take.
What i decide is on me
For i am the only one who can decide As the days' go
the night comes only to see
what i've done for the day
waitin for me on the otherside
is myself ready to become
who i'm not yet wanna be
my vision's wrong i don't see what i should
expect the worst
cause it gives me the same treatment in return
just waiting
i've learn to always bring extra cause
you never know what your gonna get bull-shited for
if i set myself for whats to come
then when it comes i'll be set
small hope for life
yet for sure hopes are in death
your born to live and you live to die
is the only thing in my mind
that's left
Only so many good things
pass you by in a lifetime
ether you let it in or you let it go
a choice you ether regret or relieve
yet some things are blind to the eye and
makes the choice more difficult to choose
i'd rather think wrong and be right
than to think right and be wrong
cause no matter if i'm right or wrong i'm right
i tried to better myself for the worst
yet only the worst got better
so if i be better than the worst
that only makes the worst better
that's crazy
In a pitch-black mind
every second is a pitch-black time
don't like to accept help
cause if i fuck up i'd rather do it myself
and some times it's the only way to be done
High in spirit yet low on soul
can only blame myself
for not letting any one know
and for what i had to show
I couldn't believe what i believed in
til it was the only thing left to believe
expect the worst cause the worst is expecting me
so to be better
i gotta be more worst than the worst could be
you can't break something that's already broken
well what if i was to tell you my doors are locked
yet it's hanging wide open
letting anyone in but at the same time
keeping everyone out
Every step i take is just another for the worst
wrong path wrong road
somewhere in life i made the wrong turn
and since then it's been dead-ends
everywhere i turn
With my fire lit i burn
and like the flames of any fire
i will continue to grow continue to burn
no matter what's thrown into me


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August 2008

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