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4 A.M. by William Spongberg (119 pages) When a mysterious briefcase falls into the hands of a college kid dropout and his club scen... [11 words]
The Silmaril by Nick Green (139 pages) 'The Silmaril' is a movie based on some of J R R Tolkiens works that pre-date The Lor... [8 words]
The Hand Of God by Brent Paine A young teen, and son of the local preacher, is abducted by aliens where he learns the truth ab... [19,089 words]
Grease by Mark Timothy Dickson After a terror attack on a large English city, the dead are returning to life to attack the living. We f... [22,498 words]
Skating Off For Heaven by Alicia Mags Skating Off For Heaven is a genuine tale that tells what happens when your life goes ter... [8,921 words]
Dickboy by Deron Turner A screenplay. [14,148 words]
Raphael The Redemption by Teresa Ann Salyer Raphael The Redemption won Best Fantasy Adventure in the New York Independent Internatio... [17,197 words]
Vampyres-A Stageplay In Six Acts by David B Doc Byron A centuries old vampire named damien vargas seeks revenge against the descenda... [724 words]
Offerings by David B Doc Byron A screenplay for a short, fifteen minute film about a young man meeting up with the devil after a gen... [588 words]
Geraldine by Paul J Holmes A thirty minute screenplay for television. [3,784 words]
A Step Up From The Ground by Alicia Marlene Dean-Hunter Alexia was a normal girl, living in a world that fears of a war are around every corn... [542 words]
Joseph Petes by Gary W Hall It is a fictional rollercoaster ride for the lover of Tartino and people who love twists [5,019 words]
The Odd Group! by Nathaniel Perhay An odd group of people! [1,589 words]
Four Friends
Time- Lapse by Rajita It is a story for people who are curious about patterns of time. For people who do not know if the... [1,292 words]
Savage Grace by Angel Obregon It starts out, as many detective stories do, with an eerily beautiful woman giving him an assignme... [17,572 words]
The Last Swan by Angel Obregon A promising drug for the treatment of breast cancer is passed over because there wouldn't be enou... [20,646 words]
Trimester by John D Galyon Jr A comedy about pregnancy from the husbands perspective. Let the emotional rollercoaster begin! [2,016 words]
Opium by Angel Obregon This one is an upscale Natural Born Killers. You'll love it or hate it. This has been getting more play t... [14,762 words]
The Shadowing Eye by Eric P Vana A screenplay sort of based on "The Tell-Tale Heart". You will probably notice the resemblanc... [3,151 words]
Project H.E.L.P. by Michael Skurnik Full feature script. [1,715 words]
Roommates by Chauncey Brummell This screenplay is about a group of 7 young adults who come from various different backgrounds and co... [1,680 words]
Period by Carly Heath When Olive gets her first period, she vows to save up enough money for a hysterectomy. (Correctly format... [1,907 words]
The Dark Frontier by Thomas M Ray "The Outlaw Josie Wales" in space--With a Female lead. An ex-Space Command starship Captain w... [27,104 words]
In Way Over My Head by Chauncey Brummell This screenplay is about a group of young adults who venture into the college world to find... [2,841 words]
Agents (Special Forces) by Chauncey Brummell This screenplay is about a group of 5 young teenagers who are from different parts of t... [5,318 words]
Dealers by Ron Wynes This story is about three men from different walks of life, an auto mechanic from Tucson, Arizona, a co... [13,711 words]
Dreamwalk by Angel Obregon Paco and Jesus (call him Jesse, it makes him happy) are twin brothers. They hate each other. Jesse ha... [15,540 words]
To Fall In Love by Tony Green To Fall In Love is a touching and compelling story about two seniors in high school who fall in... [26,282 words]
The Verification by Stanley Heisler The opening scenes propel a story plot with incredible, inexplicable twists and turns, as Alan... [15,827 words]
Martian Seashells by Joel Harper The colonisation of Mars was always going to be tough, and the first wave of personnel died b... [4,279 words]
Heroes For Hire by Tom Pallett Two characters in a sci-fi/fantasy world go on a mission to collect a large money reward by sav... [40,615 words]
Night Clerk by Robin Taylor Meet Jerry, the world's greatest convience store clerk: He has never been robbed, shot, or attacked... [21,682 words]
Lock-In: A Teen Dramedy by Robert G Hagans From the person known as The Hopless Cynic, comes a script with a unique take on teen l... [18,379 words]
Edifice by David Duane Fortner To prevent World War III, a six-year-old must travel to where the paths of Christ and Confucius cross. ... [26,562 words]
The Witchfinder General by Andrew J. Stephenson Quite possibly the greatest pilot episode for a sitcom ever to be concieved. I mean, wh... [5,619 words]
Student Accom: Enter The Lemming by Andrew J. Stephenson This my second contribution to the site, and the first sitcom I wrote. Be gent... [3,456 words]
The Anti-Antichrist by Randall Flagg What if Satan had a do-gooding son that didn't want to follow in his hoof steps? And what i... [12,206 words]
Heat by Juan Apagado A woman is on her way home after learning she has cancer. [1,816 words]
The Festival Of The Dead by Shaun Michael Goldsmith In AD122, a retired Roman General is summoned to the city of Londinium to investigate ... [3,495 words]
An Island Unto Himself by Tony Mossor An Island Unto Himself is a comedy about a disillusioned family man. Stu is having the w... [21,965 words]
I Want You by D Daniel Vujic An Erotic Crime-Drama; American Photographer Sarah Hoffman, Played with Devil and Romanced the most ... [19,888 words]
Court-Ship by L Chapman I've never written a screenplay b4, so please dont knock on me for not putting it in correct form. [7,527 words]
Mosiah's Moon by David Duane Fortner After a secret prison is built on the dark side of the moon, international inmates begin to disap... [22,876 words]
Consequence by Henry L. Bean A screenplay about a youth who is away and finds something with dire consequences upon his return..... [14,163 words]
Stonemaiden by Victoria King This is what 3rd World Cinema looks like and that's why we're justified in bombing them whenever we... [21,564 words]
Secret Asian Man by Tony Mossor The crime of the century calls for the greatest sleuth of the century. Unfortunately, the crac... [31,801 words]
Clean Slate by Michael J Norman Brandon Slate's failed attempt at ending his life, has left him with special healing powers, but ev... [8,918 words]
Mexico City Confidential by Victoria King This is a heist comedy like THE LAVENDER HILL MOB or THE LADYKILLERS. As well plotted ... [26,955 words]
Mon Enfer En Psychedelique (My Psychedelic Hell) by Chesterton P. Limeregis This is a play about a man; a sad man, whose name is Chet. Ch... [4,567 words]
Window-Shopping by Lisamarie Jones A window cleaner falls in love with someone she notices as she is working. How will things work... [16,218 words]
Judas Is A Good Kisser by Victoria King - [16,084 words]
Moonspender by Victoria King Moonspender is underworld slang for someone who steals from museums and archeological digs. Big bus... [20,075 words]
Hard Street by Angel Obregon It's the satire play to A Little Original Sin, about the circumstances in which it was written. Thi... [17,998 words]
Feets! Don't Fail Me Now
The Black And... Balloon
The Child Eater
Grim Monday
The Great Sacrifice

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Four Friends
A story about 4 friends!
[1,589 words]
Nathaniel Perhay
[June 2002]
[email protected]
Peter (Short Stories) A boy and his day! [1,100 words]
The Midget (Short Stories) A story about a midget! [604 words]
The Odd Group! (Screenplays) An odd group of people! [1,589 words]

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June 2002

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