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A tale about what can happen when expectations are laid aside and feelings take over.
[1,220 words]
Jacson A Bevens
I am a 20 year old from Bellingham, WA with a passion for writing and intimate expression.
[September 2004]
[email protected]
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Jacson A Bevens

Dartanion knew that if he didnít do it now, his opportunity would vanish as quickly as the details from a dream upon waking. Looking into her eyes, he saw more than the beauty that had lured him into his three-year pursuit of her. He saw a frightened little girl staring back at him, revealing a vulnerability that until now, she had worked so hard at hiding.
This was a situation that Dartanion had only let himself imagine in his most secretive state of mind. Olivia was making herself available to him; her gorgeous body trembling in his loose embrace, her subtly pouting lips slightly parted, and her endlessly beautiful blue eyes locked on his.
Dartanion had no idea how long they shared that gaze, but the intensity and intimacy of it nearly reduced him to tears in spite of himself. Olivia was the one who finally looked away. As she slowly closed her eyes, the soft contact of her eyelids squeezed out a small tear that trickled momentarily before coming to rest on her cheek. She nestled her head between his shoulder and chin, her forehead pressed against his neck.
Dartanionís thoughts suddenly focused on whether or not his two-day stubble was making that uncomfortable for her. However, Olivia seemed quite content and he found himself lightly running his fingers down the graceful curve of her throat, almost instinctively, as though he had done it a hundred times before.
He could only imagine what was running through the mind that was hidden behind Oliviaís pretty face Ė whether she felt at peace with him, as he hoped or if she was as nervous as he was. Pondering this, Dartanion became acutely aware of the bead of sweat making its way down the back of his neck.
He tightened his embrace and pulled Oliviaís body full against his. His left hand rested at the middle of her slender back and his right hand found its way to the ends of her lush, dark brown hair at her shoulder. The long, elegant strands of her hair were to his fingers what rich Belgian chocolate is to the taste buds.
In his imagination, this moment had always been so much more physical, so much more sexual. Like so many 18 year old guys, his libido often took control of his female-related thoughts. In his fantasies, the situation always quickly escalated into passionate kissing followed by heated body contact and the feverish journeys of their hands over each otherís bodies.
Sometimes he allowed the fantasy to go further, but at this moment, with the tender warmth of Oliviaís tiny body cradled in his arms, he became startlingly aware of the worth of a woman. His lustful desires were replaced by a longing to care for this girl as long as the Lord allowed him to. All of a sudden, second base was no more than a baseball term to Dartanion.
He had never done more than kiss a girl and that was two years ago, after the Homecoming dance. Even that kiss was more of an action based on a combination of teenage hormones and the perceived expectations of two kids trying to act older than they were than it was an act of emotion. It had been awkward and rushed and it was never repeated.
Oliviaís left hand tucked itself up under Dartanionís shirt and lightly stroked his stomach. Olivia had lost her virginity to the most popular guy at Lincoln Junior High when she was 13. She had reached puberty earlier than most of her seventh-grade peers and quickly became the object of desire to the boys who walked the same halls as she.
Unbeknownst to her, Olivia was the main topic of conversation at boysí sleepovers and was, to many of their minds, more of a prize to be won than the intelligent, genuine, innocent girl that she was in reality.
When the best athlete at the school finally bedded her that Spring, he had done so by telling her that sex was what people did when they loved each other, and he had made a point all week of telling Olivia that he loved her. Grateful for the attention and too trusting to think that he could have any ulterior motives, Olivia submitted herself to him and became the biggest notch in a belt that would see many before it was done.
The next day, there wasnít a kid in the school that didnít know about it. Olivia was crushed at the betrayal of her first attempt at intimacy but still convinced herself, in the way that a seventh-grade girl gives precedence to emotion over reason, that he still loved her. It wasnít long before Olivia had become convinced that sex was a necessary element of love. It was a mindset that had stayed with her ever since.
Dartanion had also allowed himself to see Olivia as somewhat of a trophy as he had attempted to fit in with the jocks earlier in his high school career. Not much of an athlete, he had tried to prove his worth to them by participating in their vulgar locker room talks. It was something that he was ashamed of, even more intensely now that he held the object of his desire close to his chest.
Eventually, he found a group of friends that anyone would have a hard time classifying as a certain high school demographic and the need to assert himself sexually had subsided considerably since then.
Nevertheless, here she was, gently tugging on the waistband of his sweats, getting ready to start this relationship the same way she had started every relationship for the past five years. They still hadnít spoken since he had brazenly walked into her room ten minutes ago, there had been no need to.
Suddenly, in a move that caused Dartanion to wonder if heíd be kicking himself the next day for doing, he took her wandering hands in his and squeezed them tenderly. She looked up into his light green eyes, eyes that at this particular moment, reminded her of the reflection of the trees off of the surface of the lake behind her childhood home.
Her face became quizzical. Didnít he want her? Didnít he want to sleep with her? Wasnít she attractive enough. Insecurities began to flood her mind. Yet somehow, with a half-smile, Dartanion put her fears to rest with a nobility that would have made his literary namesake proud.
In an instant, Olivia was transported from the world of love that she thought existed into a realm where true intimacy reigned. Dartanion too was taken aback by the unflinching sincerity of the moment. They looked at each other in a way that startled and excited them both. Olivia closed her eyes and subtly lifted her chin upwards. With a joy that resonated deep within him and a nervousness just as firmly embedded, Dartanion took the cue and leaned in.
Her slightly parted lips met his and they both instantly caught a glimpse of what true passion was. Her tongue briefly flicked against his lips and a static shock coursed through Dartanionís entire body. The tenderness and intimacy of the kiss lingered long after it had ended. The rest of the night was spent in her bed, the two of them fully clothed and yet both entirely laid bare.



"This is an extremely well-written piece. It's some of the best writing I've come across. I'm looking forward to more from this author in the future." -- J.
"I really enjoyed this story, and I am looking forward to reading more from this author. It is well written and very romantic." -- Lydia, Richmond, VA, USA.
"Thank you for your review, Lydia. It's very uplifting and encouraging that you read and enjoyed my story. I'm pleased that it piqued your interest!" -- Jacson, Bellingham, WA, USA.
"Thanks for the review, J. It's comments like yours that make posting this story worthwhile!" -- Jacson A. Bevens, Bellingham, WA, USA.
"amazing, am going to read all yr writings." -- Alvin.


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March 2004

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