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Espeically At Easter Time
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Espeically At Easter Time
Especially At Easter Time is an Easter poem.
[65 words]
Cedric McClester
Cedric McClester is a prolific lyricist who writes in a number of voices and a wide variety of genres.
[May 2008]
Ain�T No Snitichin (Songs) Ain't No Snitchin is my reaction to the street code that suggest silence is synonymous with valor. [382 words]
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I Don�T Know What To Say (Songs) I don�t know what to say But I want you in the worst way/ And though I may not have the right I think about you day and night/ And even when I�m with her You�re still the one who I prefer/ To spend my... [379 words]
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If I Look� (Songs) If I Look... is a song about love gone arie. [192 words]
If You Can't Comment (Songs) IF YOU CAN'T COMMENT is my reaction to those of you who read my lyrics and fail to express an opinion pro or con. I can't grow as a writer if I'm only keeping my own counsel. [206 words]
If You Knew (Songs) If You Knew poses the question - I wonder if you knew/ That you can be blessed too/ Would you continue to/ Do the things you do [291 words]
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What Does That Make You? (Songs) What Does That Make You is written in a female's voice and is a response to the female perjorative title "ho," which is too loosely thrown about by certain men. [252 words]
When You're In The World (Songs) When You're In The World makes the contrast between the secular and the holy. [174 words]
Wide Awake (Songs) - [325 words]
Wish You Knew (Songs) Wish You Knew is a spiritual song, that's addressed to those who are resistant to change. [252 words]
Yeah I Miss You (Songs) Yeah I Miss You is an answer to Neo's Do You Ever Think About Me Anymore?" [398 words]
You Got Me Sprung (Songs) You Got Me Sprung is inspired by true facts. [212 words]
...Like You Do (Songs) I look at you and get turned on/ Cos what I feel for you/ Is that strong [229 words]
�She Ain�T About To Let It Go� (Songs) She Ain't About To Let It Go is an answer from a male perspective to Keshia Cole's song Let It Go. [357 words]
Espeically At Easter Time
Cedric McClester

Crucified and speared, he bled,
On a cross, thorns in his head,
Yet, three days later. he arose they said,
Resurrected from the dead,
And, they say that Jesus Christ
Chose to make that sacrifice,
And in so doing, paid the price,
For a world engulfed in sin,
The world that he was living in,
And because he died for us
We are reminded of the trust
That he placed in human kind
Especially at Easter time


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April 2007

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