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Empty Closets
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Empty Closets
A poem which no doubt, is controversial. I'm sure many will consider it homophobic, (a stupid word) but if liberals are sincere in their belief that everyone is entitled to free speech and opinions, then they (liberals) should embrace this work as the view of a member of another generation who grew up believing in right and wrong, good and bad, moral and immoral. Even though we were wrong, bad, or immoral at times, we always knew the difference.
[223 words]
Richard Koss
Richard Koss, other titles
[November 2001]
[email protected]
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Empty Closets
Richard Koss

Remember how they hid from us before the gay rights boom?
You�d see them , lurking, hanging out in some old smelly room.

They stood in line with silly grins, as boys and men unzipped their flies.
We knew their mission, saw their quest, concealed within their furtive eyes.

Year by year, they gathered strength, their forces soon were multiplied.
And by the sixties, it was clear, they could no longer be denied.

They came from every walk of life to spread their aberration.
And those of us who chastised them soon felt their indignation.

Encouraged and embraced by a hedonistic culture,
they wallowed in decay, ever preying like a vulture.
But with the eighties came along, a curse upon these proud gay blades.
Was there compassion? Yes, but why? It wasn�t us who brought them AIDS.

Determined not to change their style, They merely found a safer way.
But someday they will realize there�s still a final price to pay.

Their goal is to convert the young. Every day some new recruits.
They think they�re really special. But to me, they�re still just fruits.

Why not empty every closet, let them all fly free as birds.
Please, just empty all the closets. Cover up their sins with words.

And when their final closet�s bare, you�ll hear them as they proudly yell.
�We�ve done it all, there�s nothing left, so now we�re on our way to Hell!�



"Richard, I must admit I like the flow of the poem but I hate the words. You are so filled with hate for something you apparently know nothing about. Perhaps you should research what you don't understand rather then judge it. Going to hell? "Let he that is without sin cast the first stone." It offends me as a "Straight" person to read this. I can only think of how a member of the Gay community would feel." -- Jennifer, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
"Not only was the rhyme forced and rhythm nonexistent, but the irrational anger of the author and the blandness of the message did little to redeem the poem from its sub-fecal state. Things I found most enjoyable/amusing--Your portrayal as homosexuals as a growing "army." The "fruit/recruit" rhyme. The "blades/AIDs" rhyme. The final couplet. They really cracked a smile." -- Bennett.
"This is the biggest load of crap I have ever read. A three year old could have written a better poem. The rhymes are incredibly stupid. "Hanging out in some old smelly room" what is that? Are you 12? Maybe someone else in your cult should publish the poems. By the way, I believe that people with hate in their hearts, such as yourself, are the ones going to hell. Didn't you ever read the first comandment? "Love your neighbor as yourself"" -- Heather.
"I didn't find this poem to be "filled with hate", as some of the previous reviewers have. The poem, while not a masterpiece, was, I think, written for the same reason most people write poetry. To get their feelings and opinions across. I happen to agree with this poem for the most part, and can only say that Richard seems to have gotten his feelings across, as witnessed by the previous three reviews. I also got his message, but found it refreshingly honest, which is in today's society a rare thing indeed. " -- Tiffany and TJ.
"To Bennett, as always, an objective critique on the mechanics of the work. As far as the author's emotions - exaggeration rather than irrationality and frustration more than anger. To Jennifer and Heather, I can only say that you both sound like young, brainwashed products of an educational system designed by liberals to rationalize aberrant lifestyles as perfectly acceptable alternatives. This is only an illusion, for a sizable majority of people in this world recognize, but don't approve of the homosexual lifestyle as a normal or acceptable alternative. Many people don't express their disapproval openly because they are intimidated by the politically correct environment enshrined by the media and our federal government. I quote the definition of tolerance from the dictionary. "To permit, recognize, and respect the beliefs and practices of others without sharing them." This is the best I can offer, but it is apparent to me that the homosexual community wants a lot more; total acceptance, and even admiration from all. I resent watching the increasing trend of movies and television programs which exploit the homosexual experience as something to be accepted and revered, maybe even envious of. It's especially hip for young women to be bi-sexual today. It is also commercially rewarding to promote this and it is certainly no secret that the entertainment industry in general, is inluenced by many successful gay writers and producers. Over the years,I've talked with gay men about the many theories of the root causes of homosexualism - genetics, environment, personal rejection by females, sexual abuse, etc. Like so many others, I reached no firm conclusion. I can only say that I know of no species of animal other than homo-sapiens, who engage in homosexual activity. It is unnatural behavior, whether one believes in a Creator or not. The last line of the poem merely emphasizes this. Like a wake up call. " -- Richard.
"Exaggeration? Certainly. With portraying gays as a growing army, you made them look as the legion - now if that isn't exaggeration, I don't know what is. I admit I don't really understand people who jump at your throat, though - you never said anything like "Burn all homosexuals!!!", and some of them (homosexuals) are really boring, trying to make everyone see them as gods. As for animals, I know for certain that both cats and dogs do engage in homosexual activity. " -- Ivana.
"I must say, I don't agree with a word of what you said. But I do agree you're entitled to your own opinion. You've got guts, but people have feelings." -- Alison.
"I see Alison, so we should never, ever, express any opinion that might hurt someone's feelings. Sensitivy training, that's what I need." -- Richard .
"I hope I didn't offend anyone by the spelling typo. SENSITIVITY training. I'm going to enroll in a class with John Rocker, now that he's in Cleveland. " -- Richard.
"Wow, maybe I should write something that will piss everyone off so I can get some reviews. Since everyone else that reviewed this poem I from the standpoint of personal politics, I won't. I would have liked to see some more images in this poem, images that would express the emotions that you are trying to convey. I hate to sound like a highschool creative writing teacher, but there is something to be said for showing and not telling. You touched on a few though. I like the sound of the line ...these proud gay blades. Now there is a strong immage that speaks... ...now for the politics (I just couldn't help myself) When you speak of homosexuals as an army, wallowing in decay, preying like vultures on the young, I see fear. But what is there to fear from homosexuals? God will be their final judge, not some misinterpreted line from the bible. God gave us free will to chose good or evil, right or wrong, but homosexuals do not choose to be homosexual. God loves all of his children, shouldn't we love them too?" -- John amos.
"Richard - don`t try to suppress your feelings. It`s OK for you want to be with men. Lovely poem. Very funny, could only have been written by a gay man - such insight and humour." -- Gaylord.
"Gaylord,C'mon now! On the contrary, only a gay man could make such a feeble attempt to mock my poem." -- Richard.
"OK, your rhymes are simplistic, with you having to find meanings for the sake of rhyme eg: "gay rights boom" and "smelly room"; and your argument is objectionable and ignorant, particularly your views on AIDS, which is now a global epidemic, and which the gay community, as one of the first victims of this terrible disease, has done most to address and raise awareness of; also your ridiculous and yet oft held opinion that gay people are "recruited", and seek to recruit others." -- Gaylord.
"Gaylord,I've heard all the clicheted gay hype many times over and your not the first fop to consider me homophobic and ignorant. I'll just leave you with a simple analogy to dwell upon. "The gay community is like a social club of physically grotesque members who are doomed to continuously delude themselves and the rest of the world into believing that they are beautiful. " -- RICHARD.
"Could you offer any more proof of your homophobia and ignorance? No, I don`t think so." -- Gaylord.
"Gaylord, Don't you know any words with more then two syllables besides homophobia and ignorance. You guys are sooo! defensive that you end up labeling everyone who disapproves of your life style as homophobic and ignorant. A phobia is a fear of something, which is why the fabricated word, homophobia, is illegitimate, as any English scholar can tell you. I have no fear of homosexuals or their behavior. I merely find them repulsive, freakish, and without a doubt, abnormal. Despite all your attempts to camouflage your lifestyle as just another "alternative" way of life, you are doomed to wallow in your own rancor. Don't waste my time any more. " -- Richard.
"I was wrong... You were able to offer more proof. Incidentally, rancor is your problem not mine. Perhaps you could get an English scholar to explain the meaning to you. There is a word that rhymes with rancor that also seems appropriate." -- Gaylord.
"There's also an old word, still much better suited to describe your lifestyle than the word (gay) you've stolen. It rhymes with beer." -- Richard.
"Queer is an excellent word. The word "gay" has been associated with homosexuality since the 17th Century at least. Ain`t nothing new under the sun." -- Gaylord.
"Okay,I'll be nice and sign-off by saying, "East is East and West is West and never the twain shall meet." You are what you are and I am what I am. " -- Richard.
"The traditional or classical definition of the word "gay" in the English language describes such behavior as keenly alive and exuberant, happily excited, merry, bright, colorful, etc. All definitions without sexual connotation. The homosexual community has used the word licentiously,(implying disregard for sexual norms and accepted behavior), hence the use of gay to describe homosexual behavior, with the intent to elevate such behavior, but actually succeeding only in camouflaging that which is aberrant to most of society, in a delightful word, like a nice pretty package, so to speak, with a ribbon around it. Gaylord is right when he says mis-use of the word has existed as far back as the 17th century. " -- Prof. Charles England.
"I am just visiting this country while a friend led me to this site called storymania. I found this poem and noticed how much attention it brought. Those unfamiliar with the problems regarding homosexuals in my country and other African nations have never witnessed activists who come here to convert our young people into a homosexual lifestyle. This is the primary reason Uganda is now going to pass strict laws punishing homosexual behavior, which has increased HIV cases to epidemic proportions in our country and other African nations. If people in the USA want to allow these devils to corrupt your country, that is your business, but we will do everything in our power to keep them out of ours. They are an abomination and an insult to God our creator and everyone who believes in Him. No matter the author's intention, this poem contains much truth. " -- Nabute' Mabatta, Uganda.


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