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Don't Make A Sound
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Don't Make A Sound
[308 words]
Annabelle Elizabeth Rae Summers
Firey, romantic and passionate :)
[March 2009]
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Don't Make A Sound
Annabelle Elizabeth Rae Summers

My Name Is Sasha
My Sister Is Leigh
I am six
And she is three

Our dads always mad
He screams and he yells
I don’t think he likes us
It's Easy to tell

Mums only kind
When dads not around
And when he is home
She hardly makes a sound

Mums always out,
Never home
Dads always drunk,
And always alone

As soon as we hear
Those jingly keys
We run and hide
We run and plea

We find a place
And curl up tight
I hold her hand
And she holds mine

And soon enough
Dad then walks in
Don’t make a sound, don’t say a word
I pray inside, deep within

But Leigh, she cannot help herself
For the pain is just too much
"O-God" she yells
"Why are you so mean?"

He doesn't like what she has said
And beats her even more
And with one last hit
Hard and strong, he pulls away and watches

She takes one last Gasp of air
Our hands still holding
Then falls to the ground where I sat
And doesn't move a muscle

I stare at him
My eyes so blue
He looks at me
And yells "O you!"

"How dare you
Make me so mad
This is all your fault
Go cry be sad!"

My name is Sasha
My sister is Leigh
I am six
And my beautiful sister was only three

That day my Daddy
Murdered her
My best friend
She was my world

We stuck together
Through thick and thin
But now she’s gone
I’m lost within

When I was six my sister three
My Daddy murdered Leigh
Since that day I have not spoke
For it's speaking that made her die.
I made this Because of personal reasons. But I love this poem and would touch many peoples hearts. I fight against child abuse!


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March 2009

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