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Diwali Surprise
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Diwali Surprise
Its about how a middle class family who could not afford much had a surprise diwali celebration.
[1,165 words]
[August 2005]
[email protected]
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Diwali Surprise

Gopal stared at the various attractive window displays as he walked past the huge shopping mall on his way back home from office. He looked envyingly at the busy shoppers carrying not just one but many goodies along with them. Gopal was from a lower middle class family. He worked as a clerk in one of the local bank. His monthly income was not more than 5000 per month. His wife Geetha always nagged about their hand to mouth existence, she kept comparing their status with other families in their neighborhood and cursed her fate for her misfortune. His two children aged 7 and 9 respectively often pleaded him for toys and sweets. But Gopal was hardly in any position to fulfill their desires. Whatever he earned was just sufficient to run the family on day-to-day basis. Moreover he was an extremely humble person and defied borrowing money from others.

Diwali, the festival of lights was fast approaching and as expected Gopal's wife and children had already put forth their demands before him. As he lay awake on the bed, the old ceiling fan was running vigorously breaking the silence of the otherwise quite night. "I wonder why we have so many festivals to celebrate, its ok if we have enough money to afford them otherwise how poor people like me should bear these situations and pacify my family", he moaned. "Oh God, as usual even this time I cant please my family. How I wish some miracle happens by your grace and even I like others can celebrate the festival joyously" sighed Gopal and went asleep.

Surely enough God heard Gopal's prayer. Next day he had to go to a textile showroom to collect his boss's belongings and pay the balance amount. As he waited at the bill counter for the settlement with his one hand in his trouser pocket he felt something hard. He took it out at once without knowing what it was. It was just a "Credit Card". In Gopal's Bank salesmen from various MNC Banks often marketed their credit cards. They were ready to give it for free of cost, especially for employees who were in higher positions. This gained good sales and commission for them. Gopal's manager had recommended for his card since he was in a lower position. Gopal was very excited when he had received his card and had proudly flaunted it before his friends. But Gopal being a very cautious man in terms of money and expenditure had never utilised his card, as he was aware that at the end of it he himself would have to repay the amount spent using the card. While Gopal stood fidgeting with his card, a well-dignified gentleman was making payment for his purchase beside him. The person who was billing this gentleman asked for his credit card without lifting his head. At the same time another person billing Gopal asked for the cash to be paid for the purchase. Gopal immediately put his card down and started to count the cash to be given. At that moment the person dealing with the gentleman by mistake took the card left by Gopal and processed the transaction. Without paying much attention to the change in the card the gentleman signed the bill and confirmed the payment. When the card was returned back did the gentleman realize that it was not his card. At the same moment Gopal also found the mistake that took place. He saw that the amount billed was around 20,000. Gopal exclaimed in shock, "Oh God! What have you done? I’am a poor man. How will I pay back this big amount? You cheater!!!" Both the shopkeeper and the gentleman were taken aback by this sudden outburst. They tried to calm Gopal down, "I’am very sorry Sir. It was my entire fault. I should have been more attentive,” pleaded the shopkeeper. After some arguments the gentleman agreed to pay Gopal the required amount through cash.

Gopal returned to office with a beaming smile. His one hand was rested on his trouser pocket all through the way from shop to the office. He had never possessed so much money ever in his life before. Though that money did not belong to him he still felt very excited thinking about the unexpected turn of events. Once he reached his office he just sat in his seat in trance. Some of his colleagues wondered what had happened to him. He neither could stop smiling nor concentrate on his work. He imagined the reaction of his wife when she would see the money. He thought the numerous things he could buy with this amount. In the same mood he returned home but decided not to reveal anything about the days happenings to his wife as he felt that returning back such a big amount later on sometime was not in his reach incase he spent this money. His wife too wondered the reason for his strange behaviour but was too busy with her chores to question him about it.

Next day Gopal decided to repay back the credit card money to the bank lest he would be tempted to spend it. As he was leaving to office his wife screamed from the kitchen "only 2 days is left for Diwali and I don’t see any sign of you getting us gifts. Children are demanding for sweets and crackers. What shall I answer them? At least this time borrow some money from your friends. After all once in a year we get this occasion". Gopal walked out shaking his head without replying back. On his way to office he thought, "She is right. At least this time I’ve an opportunity to buy gifts for my family. Maybe I will just keep around 2000 rupees from this amount and pay back the rest. In installments I can repay this amount slowly. This way I wont be troubling my friends also by asking them to lend me some money".

As he sat sipping coffee and reading the newspaper in the office his eye suddenly caught an advertisement given at the bottom right corner of the paper. Printed in bold it read "As a special Diwali offer purchase made 20,000 and above using the credit card qualify for free holiday package for 2 days and 3 nights", this advertisement was for the same credit card, which Gopal was having. He suddenly sat upright, grabbed the phone nearby and called the customer care service of the credit card retailer. He gave details of the purchase made using his card to the customer care executive. After verifying certain personal details and bill particulars the executive confirmed Gopal's holiday package for his entire family free of cost. Gopal's joy knew no bounds. He thanked god profusely for this unforeseen Diwali surprise. He immediately picked up his bag and rushed home to share this special Diwali gift with his family. Hence Gopal and his family had an unforgettable Diwali celebration.


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