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Descent To Hell
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Descent To Hell
This is actually a song I wrote for a novel.
[233 words]
Judith Goff
Dark imagination, things that slither in the night, the dark side of existence ... Fascinating. I imagine, I write, I dream ...
[February 2003]
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Descent To Hell
Judith Goff

                    Life is short, there is no meaning
                      Take it all while you are here
                        There is no sweet everafter
                      This is all we have it's clear.
                     Angels fly with wings of darkness
                      Heaven weeps to see the sight.
                    All life brings is pain and sadness
                      Darkness reigns, endless night.

                        Keep your souls locked away
                    I'm on the prowl for souls to sell.
                       I wanna be where demons dwell
                      Oh, Oh, Oh ... descent to hell.

                      Darkness gathers all around you
                       Madness is your only friend.
                 You're lost to God and Satan's found you
                      He'll be with you 'til the end.
                    Nothing on this earth can save you,
                      Might as well accept your fate.
                    Your last act will surely damn you
                   You'll never see those pearly gates.

                        Keep your souls locked away
                    I'm on the prowl for souls to sell.
                       I wanna be where demons dwell
                      Oh, Oh, Oh ... descent to hell.

                   All your friends are waiting for you
                    Life is cheap it ain't worth much.
                     Take this razor, end it quickly
                      Do it now, it won't hurt much.
                        I am one of Satan's minions
                       I can make the pain subside.
                     All it takes is one quick action
                       Then in hell you will abide.

                        Keep your souls locked away
                    I'm on the prowl for souls to sell
                      I wanna be where demons dwell.
                      Oh, Oh, Oh ... descent to hell.



"Wow Judith! This is pretty wicked stuff, while well written it could lead young one's too far astray, lyrics like this would be hard to market because of the liability factor!" -- Monte.
"Monte, keep in mind this was written for a vampire book I've been working on, never planned to market it, just wanted some reactions here ... guess I got what I wished for, huh? Actually, it seems more of a cautionary message to me; suicide damns you forever, no? ... Thanks for the review, as always it is much appreciated !!" -- Judith.
"All you need now is to get the band Disturbed to record it for you." -- R. Bennett Okerstrom.
"Very, very dark but I like it! Great idea too R. Bennett. I love Disturbed! Go figure." -- JM.
"Wouldn't that be nice, R Bennett" -- Judith.
"Thanks, JM. Have you started on Amarantos yet??? Just curious !" -- Judith.
"I am starting on it tonight as a matter of fact. I'm sorry I didn't get to it sooner. " -- JM.
"this is excellent!" -- Rae.
"Rae, I'm happy you are enjoying my work, you may want to check out some of the others!!!" -- Judith.
"I have been reading your other works lately... it's all very impressive, you've got a lot of talent! :)" -- Rae.
"Thank you, Rae ... it's great to get a fresh perspective on my work!!" -- Judith.
"Im really into your work be it songs or poetry,you have that deep edge which i try to put into pieces of my own . I have only started putting pen to paper last year and have no past of writing im just trying to put across a message,of the real side to life from what ive experienced and seen.Thanks ,your writing is big inspiration (plus i gotta sort out my spelling)C ya.Stuuuu." -- Stuart Eric Longridge.
"Thank you so very much, Stuart ... It's nice to be someone's inspiration! Keep writing and working to accomplish your goals. As for the spelling thing, I use Word to create my work, then use spell-check before I copy and paste to the site, we all make mistakes; just a hint!" -- Judith.
"hi Judith. Ave been trying to get in touch for ages. How are you. Tolu Ogunlesi [email protected] " -- tolu ogunlesi, nigeria.
"His guts and actions are uncommon in this part of the sea, I mean the poetry circle. His own guts emerge like the stones thrown at the chains of reactions. A threnody sung only in the public, flashes light on the wall gecko as it transcends the beauty of the poetry. Structures and embodiments of knowledge fill the trends of this Nigerian poet’s collection of poetry which cripples the legs of the reader. This poet whose eyes seem to get deepened into the blood of Geoffrey Chaucer is unmistakably, an acknowledged reality. When you look at his placid and serene face that glazes with laughter, you’d know that he is really a wicked poet: I mean that he is that poet who doesn’t give poetry a puny chance to choose a poet. Tolulope Gbenga Ogunlesi has crumbled on the spirit and dance of poetry as he is taken to the 3 Paradoxist Manifesto, that “I am not a poet, that’s why I write poetry”. The Nigerian young poet, who writes in English, has found a centrality in the development of modern poetry in the world. He is really an engaging light for the poetry society. This wicked poet landed on the lagoon of poetry with a collection which bridles the mind, by savouring the reading public with nearly 90 poems in a first collection, which shows that he has gone to the depth of poetry journey, but I wonder why he was never lost in a romantic journey as he sojourns in his wonderful collection of poetry. He comes out with another overflowing method as he rumbles on the pattern of passionate poets, who do not write out of the boundaries of poetry. It can also be said that the Scottish born-never-ending Nigerian based writer grapples the reflections of human knowledge to the fact he wonders in I KEEP WONDERING, where He’s like those black ants That crawl looking for a way Into your soul. That is how he tickles Me and at the same time Gets on my unsteady nerves… He annoys the reader, as he shivers on his ‘wall’ and its ‘unsure’ matters, which could make the reader smoothly scratch a head as to its complexity, but the beauty of the poetry comes out in the realms as he falls on the soliloquy: How long my walls’ll stand is what I’m unsure of. They told me I’m A wall, not a gate or a door The blood of romantic poetry comes to flow in his veins as he captures the geckos that ‘trapped’ the cover page of the book. It spills more of the romantic words into my eyes as She and me share the space On the balcony, eyeing the world from outside Like baby geckos trapped in a busy bathtub He avoids being lost in a romantic journey, and touches the mind of the reader as he stumbles on BUSHFIRES. Tolu is a rare torch of light and inspiration to poetry in general. In a few words, Judith R. Goff said that she believes that the poet has a bright future ahead of him…and that is unequivocal, then with him following his muse, that she believes he must, because rejecting such a gift could anger the gods… but who could tell him that He is a bushfire Racing through surrendered territory He comes up again with his bright-eyed part of poetry and creates impression of pigeon-hole taxonomy, that POETRY IS NEVER HELPLESS, when he crosses the vicarious experiences of poetry, as the cherubic shadows smoothly glowed through that A poetic infidel is better than one Who couldn’t draw circles with The bottom of a Coca-Cola bottle Hopefully, he escaped the wondering on writing with great passion about subjects, but fell into the object part which has no socially-redeeming qualities… but I can tell you with no promise-fail that this generation of poets are blooming and shall never fall like Idi Dada Amin, who is now wandering in the mirage of the shores of hell. Tolulope Gbenga Ogunlesi, has really delivered his world of poetry from a torrential beat from the international audience. " -- Onyeka George Nwelue, Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria.


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