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Dear Valentine
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Dear Valentine
Valentines Day poem to a girl I like.
[171 words]
Patrick Fell
[February 2009]
[email protected]
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Dear Valentine
Patrick Fell

Here is your Valentine poem.
I'm not really sure how to start.
Roses are red and violets are blue.
Won't sound like it comes from the heart.
Goldfish are orange and grapefruits aren't grapes,
No.....thats not the way to begin.
How 'bout, I think your pretty
And I think your smart,
And you seem to have very nice skin.
Your friendly and funny.
You seem awfully kind.
Your really quite sexy,
(I hope you dont mind.)
Your eyes are beyond my discription.
I've admired your nose more than twice.
I've never been one who's attracted to ears.
But yours really are rather nice.
Your body, I'll speak of just briefly.
It would bring me right down to my knees.
It's exceptionally nice,
I wouldn't think twice.
About giving it gently a squezze.
Your smile is much more than just beautiful.
Your lips so much more than divine.
If I had my way,
I'd spend most the day.
With them squashed softly up against mine.
I know that I dont have the right.
To most of the things that I say.
But I hope the words bring you a smile.
And your happy, this Valentines Day.
P.S. You smell good too!



"haha....6th line from the bottom..."them" ...not very subtle." -- km.


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January 2009

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