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Daydream Once A Year
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Daydream Once A Year
About a woman I see once a yr and can't help it but be in-like with her.
[110 words]
Roberto J Moreno
[July 2003]
[email protected]
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Daydream Once A Year
Roberto J Moreno

I don't comprehend the sleepless nights,
the mental picture of your smile,
Once a year I get to see your beauty,
and with no warning and disposition I get sucked in by your gaze,
your beauty,
I'm dazed.

For days I talk about you...
between points...
to daydream about the thought of you,
and which toppings you'd select on your ice cream,
How it would feel to kiss your lips in the middle of the desert heat.
Then again it's just a thought,
breakfast in bed,
morning cartoons,
kisses all over your athletic frame,
and the sound of your laughter,
It's something to aspire.

A penny for your thoughts they say,
and gladly I'd go bankrupt for this poem to become groundhog day over and over again.


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