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Tacoma by E Rocco Caldwell A poem about the city I love and believe has potential. [111 words]
Cascading by E Rocco Caldwell - [57 words]
Electric H2o by Stuart Eric Longridge A revival of a sticking point. [577 words]
The Darkest Show On Earth by Stuart Eric Longridge Dark! Dark! [257 words]
Just A Little Bit Of History Repeating. by Stuart Eric Longridge Time travel must be possible.Or something very mad is happening now ,i ... [382 words]
B.E.T.R.A.Y.A.L.(Revised) by Laura Mae Oldham-Brownell An Acrostic Poem that seeks to describe the emotional state of a betrayed woman. [30 words]
A Midnight Journey by Eric Richards I wrote this poem after getting lost in the woods while camping. It ended up kinda as an all... [131 words]
The Gambler by Eric Richards Not sure why I wrote about this... I don't gamble much. [132 words]
You Think Your Special by D Donely Just about people who seem to think that they're special, and better than everyone else. [66 words]
We See Things.... by D Donely Just r/r. Oh, and for some reason my author's description never changes... even when I try to... [67 words]
Wake-Up by D Donely - [23 words]
Untitled (For Now) by D Donely This remains untitles for now, but I'm open for suggested titles. reviews are, as always, ap... [64 words]
Unresolved And Used by Roberto J Moreno - [142 words]
Tore My Heart Out by Mike Axe This is scary and kinda weird. I wrote it about a year ago. Going with the theme "ripped my h... [84 words]
Time Lies by Roberto J Moreno - [128 words]
The Squiggle by Desdemonda A sweet little poem about a poem :) [61 words]
The Quintessence Of Death by E Rocco Caldwell - [96 words]
Stupid Girl (So Unfocused) by D Donely This is about a friend of mine who... well... doesn't exactly make the best of choic... [68 words]
Stranded Like A Picture Frame by Roberto J Moreno - [316 words]
Standing On A Monterey Pier by E Rocco Caldwell - [59 words]
Stains by E Rocco Caldwell - [120 words]
Soul Mates by Laura Mae Oldham-Brownell A short poem about finding true love. This is dedicated to Edwin with love. [31 words]
Smiling Cross The Walk by Roberto J Moreno Please write feedback. [188 words]
Small Town by D Donely Poem about my "lovely" home town. [54 words]
Silent Rain by D Donely A light little piece about my favorite type of weather. [31 words]
Silence & I by Branson Storm Discovery of who's in control in absolute solitude. [20 words]
Shield The Human Heart by Sara Roggy Then you'll see what lies can do.. [83 words]
September Dusk by Branson Storm Reaction to desert sunset. [122 words]
Senseless by D Donely Come up w/your own interpretation. [31 words]
Searching For You by Mike Axe - [89 words]
Scattered by D Donely Just a poem, see for yourself. Reviews are realllly appreciated!!!! [35 words]
Rutapottamus by D G Williford I think I saw a Rutapottamus... [114 words]
Regrets by D Donely A friend of mine wanted me to write her a poem about how she regretted leaving a guy she loved. This w... [80 words]
Reaching by D Donely Just read/review, that'd make the author very happy :) [38 words]
Pueblo by Branson Storm Passing through a small West Texas town. [68 words]
On Broken Wing by M Q Walters Finding by accident that one can love again, and learn something about ones self, though it ends... [103 words]
Not Like You by D Donely I'm not quite sure what I was trying to say... just read/reviews, and come up with your own interp... [42 words]
My Heart by Roberto J Moreno - [183 words]
My Dear by Stuart Eric Longridge Only time will tell. [122 words]
Midnight by Mike Axe Written for someone special.... Makes me cry. My own work makes ME cry. Reviews are appreciated! :) [121 words]
Looking At The Moon by D G Williford Waiting for my lover...I wrote this about 12 years ago and I gave it to my husband for Vale... [149 words]
Liz by Roberto J Moreno It's about a girl I met this summer. I like her ways and her fun personality. However, I don't know anymore... [455 words]
Lawrence by Rae The [brief] story of a man. [95 words]
Kirby & I by Branson Storm A late night walk in the desert with my cat, Kirby. [117 words]
Killer Of Love by Angel Silver - [83 words]
Idee Fixe by Branson Storm She's caught in my head. [37 words]
I Left You by D Donely My friend wanted me to write her a poem about how she felt... so here it is. It's hard though, since... [74 words]
I Hate Bittersweet Chocolate by Freedom Fries Awkwardly written. [247 words]
Human Nature by Hanan Al Kindi - [270 words]
How Big Everything Seems by Hanan Al Kindi It's about the world - today. [336 words]
Hope This Day Never Ends. by Roberto J Moreno Please write feedback. [214 words]
Hear My Shouts by Sara Roggy Someday someone will hear my shouts. [93 words]
He Said... by Angel Silver - [68 words]
G.R.A.N.D.C.H.I.L.D. by Laura Mae Oldham-Brownell An Acrostic poem dedicated to my grandchildren both present and as yet unborn. [22 words]
Grand Slam by Desdemonda Open to interpretation ;) [35 words]
Gone And Forgotten by Branson Storm Death can only kill the memory. [115 words]
Geometrical Re-Birth by Stuart Eric Longridge The fields are a great cosmic canvas. [176 words]
Freedom Cries. by Bg Ryan - [50 words]
For-You by Desdemonda For someone very close to me... you know who you are, one of the hardest things I've had to say, and th... [44 words]
Forsaken by Laura Mae Oldham-Brownell This poem seeks to describe the despairity, hopelessness, and wrenching pain endured by women when the... [211 words]
Fistful Of Sand by M Q Walters - [90 words]
Final Thoughts by Roberto J Moreno It's a poem about placing your life in perspective, but too lateto make changes. Please offer fe... [184 words]
Final Moment by Desdemonda Tempus fugit... [30 words]
Fierce Waves by D Donely Not much to say... [52 words]
Elizabeth Liz by Roberto J Moreno This is another poem about Liz. I had written 2 of them cause I wanted a creative contrast, but c... [196 words]
During A Nursing Home Visit by E Rocco Caldwell A poem of reflection. [92 words]
Diamonds On Morning Dew by M Q Walters - [78 words]
Dance Floor by Desdemonda Fiesty little poem ;) [26 words]
Crimson Sky
Buy More Life by Roberto J Moreno - [117 words]
Black Bird by Angel Silver - [74 words]
Behind The Mirror by Gene O'div - [966 words]
At Church With Amy by Branson Storm Visiting Amy's lonesome grave in the desert. [84 words]
Are You Deaf? by D Donely About people who don't seem to notice... who don't seem to see... who don't seem to hear.. [65 words]
Angel-Like Devil by Hanan Al Kindi Never judge someone by their looks. [152 words]
A Heart Growing Tired by Roberto J Moreno - [291 words]

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Crimson Sky
One more night to see the crimson sky...
[89 words]
Sara Roggy
I'm 13 years old and I've been writing poetry for about 3 years. All of it comes for life experiences
[June 2003]
[email protected]
Afraid And Alone (Songs) - [152 words] [Teenage]
Always Have God (Poetry) No matter what happens, or who I becomes, I will always have God to care about me. [108 words] [Teenage]
Chipmunks And Cats (Poetry) About getting ready for winter. [37 words] [Teenage]
Don't Say It (Poetry) Don't say you don't love someone until you give it a try... [207 words] [Relationships]
Dreams Come True (Poetry) Dreams will come true, if only you'd try. [76 words] [Teenage]
Elusive (Poetry) It's always elusive... [82 words] [Teenage]
Equality (Poetry) Doesn't matter what people say, all people will never be treated the same. [156 words] [Teenage]
Forget It (Poetry) About a friend who used to be my best friend but has now pretty much abandoned me. [138 words]
Friends Forever? (Poetry) About how people say they are your best friend but then really hate you. [213 words] [Teenage]
Genuine (Poetry) A true friend... genuinely cares. [64 words] [Teenage]
Hear My Shouts (Poetry) Someday someone will hear my shouts. [93 words] [Teenage]
I Belived In Me (Poetry) When I was with you, I believed in me too... [118 words] [Teenage]
I Know You Love Me (Poetry) About a friend who I know really loved me, but couldn't say it. [171 words]
I Will Wait (Poetry) I will wait for you... I'll always be by your side. [87 words] [Teenage]
Is This Real? (Poetry) Is this feeling real? [87 words] [Teenage]
Life's A Soap Opera (Poetry) About my life being a soap opera with not enough love and too much drama. [118 words] [Teenage]
Lost And Lonely (Poetry) This is the poem for the lost and lonely. [165 words] [Teenage]
Loved Him (Bad Day) (Poetry) I loved him, I can honestly say I did. [86 words] [Teenage]
My Life (For Now I Don't Care) (Poetry) My life is bashed to pieces, but for now, I don't really care. [116 words] [Teenage]
No Matter What (Poetry) No matter what, you'll always be in my heart. [99 words] [Teenage]
Not Gonna Change (Songs) I'm not gonna change for a boy. [297 words] [Teenage]
One More Time (Songs) I hope he will come back to me... one more time. [146 words] [Relationships]
Rare (Poetry) Now I feel bad... cause you are rarely there. [54 words] [Teenage]
Running Down My Face (Poetry) This is about how someone erased my tears, but then brought them back. [115 words] [Teenage]
School's Out (Poetry) It's the end of school and the start of summer... why can't this day come sooner? [76 words] [Teenage]
See The Stars (Songs) You made me see the stars the day I met you. [187 words] [Teenage]
Shield The Human Heart (Poetry) Then you'll see what lies can do.. [83 words] [Teenage]
Simply Want To Scream (Poetry) I just wanna scream... [69 words] [Teenage]
So Alone (Poetry) I won't look my fears in the face. [26 words] [Teenage]
Tell Me Why (Poetry) Tell me why things are so hard. [111 words] [Teenage]
The Heart Behind The Shield (Short Stories) There's a heart behind every lie, every temper, and every shield. [770 words] [Relationships]
The Jump (Poetry) This is about a dream I had when I jumped into a river, wanting to die. [160 words]
The Pressure (Poetry) This poem is about peer pressure, and things it can make people do. [223 words] [Teenage]
Time To Fly (Poetry) A dream I had about being an angel... [122 words] [Teenage]
Tiny Shining Stars (Poetry) To me, the smallest stars shine brightest of all. [70 words] [Teenage]
Walking Alone (Poetry) About how much of an impact someone had on my life. [135 words] [Teenage]
Wasting (Done) (Songs) I've been wasting my time, and I'm done. [175 words] [Teenage]
Watch Life Make Sense (Poetry) Just take things slow... and you'll see [110 words] [Teenage]
When Your Friends Are Gone (Poetry) When you lose some friends, you'll always have others. [106 words] [Teenage]
You Can Think What You Want (Poetry) Anything you have to say does not bother me. [159 words] [Teenage]
Crimson Sky
Sara Roggy

I cut myself
and watch it bleed
I cannot see,
I don't want to breath
I want to be alone
and yes,
I can stand on my own.

I don't need help.
I don't need love.
I need one night
to drown in my flood.

My flood of tears
my flood of blood
in this flood is my life.
I've dirtied my hands
all in one night.

All I can see
is the red of the sky.
All I can feel
is the pain in my heart
pulling me down.

One more day
another lie
another time to watch
the crimson sky.

I feel alone
but I'll never be
I've got my heart
and I've got me.


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June 2003

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