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Collector Of The Dead
Children Of The Damned by Hugozhor - [140 words]
Bastard by Cedric McClester Bastard was inspired by singer Tom Jones' 24 year old love child and it was written in his voice. [215 words]
Angel Of My Dream by Hugozhor - [137 words]

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Collector Of The Dead
[209 words]
[April 2013]
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Collector Of The Dead

Now it seems to me
On the edge of the world
On the edge I cry�I cry

Unawares it is
Now my world has a frame
I�m a butterfly�just a butterfly

Fortune has come to give me a chance
To make my dreams come alive
She�s the one I love and idolize
Forever will be only mine!

I am living in
See through glass prison
Beating with my wings�my wings

Get all I want here
In icy golden walls
But no setting free�set me free!

PreChorus 2:
Nothing I got for free in this world
It would last forevermore
Now I will take tight all my chances
Even if I would break the law

He: The most beatiful one
In my collection shrine
She: I�m the last alive
Among your butterflies

He: I�ll teach you to love me
And nothing can stop me
She: You want see me pinned
Making no move no screams

He: One day you�ll be mine
She: I�ll never be you�re mad
He: Dead or alive
�cos I�m collector
Collector of the dead

She: I�m sick call a doctor
I�m sick call a doctor please
He: He�s coming
She: You liar!
He: He�s coming
She: I don�t wanna die!
He: You�ll be ok
She: I don�t wanna die
Don�t wanna
Don�t wanna�

She�s in my collection now
Dead as the others
But her beauty is fading away
I can�t have her forever�no!

Now I remember�remember a picture
Of a girl passed before me
When I was driving�driving for a doctor
She�ll be better in loving me


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