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You've Got Male:-) by Dri Just being silly myself. A satire to a darling movie. [268 words]
You Make Me Smile. by Bobby Golden A SMILE SAYS SO MUCH. [171 words]
With You I Feel Complete by Dri Another one that I wanted to become lyrics for a song. [140 words]
Whoops... by Wanderer Bass A silly poem about a guy whos' life sucks at the very end. [124 words]
White Hawk by Desi Williams What does my white hawk mean to me? I can't finish it until the bird flies here and lets me know he ... [37 words]
Untitled-Freestyle by Jay Little Straight from the flow of feelings to the computer [198 words]
Untitled 1 by Chloe L Batey I went through a stage where I was depressed constantly and this was one of the peices that came out... [53 words]
Unfairness by Dri - [148 words]
Uncle D by Katherine Smith My uncle recently commited suicide and this is a way to be at peace with myself and to move on. [502 words]
To You I Give, For You I Would by Dri - [195 words]
Time With Me by Roberto J Moreno Just a transient thought. [42 words]
This Is My Love For You by Dri This is for when I meet him...one day, hopefully! [239 words]
This Is Me... by Chloe L Batey I wrote it as a sort of hint to my friends (I never showed them though) I was just out growing th... [83 words]
The World Joys Our Love by Roberto J Moreno - [218 words]
The Stalker (It's A Different One!) by Aamanrah SOMETHING is following him... [137 words]
The Sea by Wanderer Bass - [51 words]
The Search by Jimmy Mason Humanity through my eyes. How lost are we? [102 words]
The Rose - By Jasmine Batey by Jasmine P Batey A story of love, a rose, and in a way, a story about love. [62 words]
The Rend In My Back by Devin Salinger Pure silliness... [143 words]
The Manchurian Mandrake by French - [19 words]
The Love Of God Within You by Amarjit Bhambra - [80 words]
The Longing Of You by Andrews - [39 words]
The Hell Monkey’S Revenge by Jimmy Mason Evil, Twisted, Lewd, Crude, Don't read unless you like to be disgusted. I was in a od... [233 words]
The Fool by Roberto J Moreno This a poem about a person who is in love with someone who chooses to ignore them and play with their ... [259 words]
The Destroyer Of Love by Amarjit Bhambra What destroys Love.... [57 words]
The Darkness Never Leave's by Crowley This one was just something i wrote one day when i wasnt feeling well. [89 words]
The After Life & Beyond by Jimmy Mason You decide [94 words]
That Very Long Night by Jae Rae It's kind of creepy, sad kind of thing. [315 words]
Teenaged Love by Roberto J Moreno - [206 words]
Summer Memories by Nicky C Carlson This poem is about looking back on all the summers I've had and rememboring everything about th... [80 words]
Stupified by Elise Simmonds Its about not living the way you really want to, falling victim to strange and sometimes pointless ru... [53 words]
Structures by Emilymadge Finding yourself through your experiences, coming to terms with reality verse you fantsies, what it ... [136 words]
Story About A Happy Family by Davin Brooks The way it goes in my hometown [224 words]
Stormy Weather by Dri - [200 words]
Stay With Me (I Feel Alone) by Roberto J Moreno - [167 words]
Sleepwalk 9 by Paul B Kramer A traipse through the spongy convoluted street. [126 words]
She Saw It All by Liilia Morrison Statue of Liberty Saw 9-11 [190 words]
Separated by Elise Simmonds To hard to explain, and a little crazy. Think of it what you will. [68 words]
Quiet In Love by French - [13 words]
Ode To Wayne Dyer by Liilia Morrison A light roast of self-help books [262 words]
Not Real by Elise Simmonds Wrote this in work. Its from personal experience like much of my writing is. About the truth being hid... [66 words]
No Se Como Cantar Esta Cancion by Roberto J Moreno - [172 words]
Nighttime Wondering by Andrews - [121 words]
My Own Thought On The New Airport T5 by Amarjit Bhambra My own thoughts about the New Runaway, Terminal 5 [133 words]
My Life Without Me by French - [28 words]
My First Love by Dri - [114 words]
Mend The Wounds That Set The Wolves by Roberto J Moreno - [97 words]
Memoirs To Keep by Jasmine Boucher Tells about how people may be or become in certain times. Just to remember how jealoyus you wer... [123 words]
Love Letters And Mysteries by Roberto J Moreno It's about waking up one day and knowing how a relationship ship is all based on new... [135 words]
Locked Away by Jimmy Mason A poem I wrote in the days before I was in love. [124 words]
Later That Night by Jae Rae It's what happens later during the very long night. [337 words]
Its Hurting Me by Crowley This poem is about a guy who i am waiting to be with [202 words]
In Memory by Devin Salinger I was having a pretty bad day.... [150 words]
I Wish You Loved Me by Jaymie N Dillon - [286 words]
I Dont Know Where You Are Dad by Neil Southern Some thoughts for Father's Day [145 words]
Hummingbird by Desi Williams I wrote this right after seeing the guy I like... it's also just about a hummingbird, my fave bird,... [59 words]
Gravity X 4 by Jimmy Mason - [93 words]
Grampalapalopolas by Neil Southern Who could this be? [110 words]
Friend Without A Face by Dri A dedication to my fellow poets [115 words]
Fitting In by Jack Primer I wrote this poem because I feel I have to change my self to fit in. [16 words]
Finding Myself by Dri I'd love to put this one into lyrics for a song. [159 words]
Endangered by Liilia Morrison A love goes bad [45 words]
Do It Better by Desi Williams Rants to my parents. Again. [212 words]
Dark Love by Wanderer Bass - [54 words]
Cookie Or Cake? by Devin Salinger Silliness... [256 words]
Consciousness Stream 1 by Gregory Novak A relatively lengthy piece I simply spit out one day whilst feeling inexplicably intoxic... [300 words]
Collected Poems
Coffee & Ciggarettes by Emilymadge OH what it's like to notice trends in your love life [124 words]
Can't Begin The Start To The End. by Roberto J Moreno - [141 words]
Bliss In Sleep by Elise Simmonds It says it all. We all want freedom, we can't deny that. [68 words]
Being Me by Jaymie N Dillon - [60 words]
Before And After by Devin Salinger A wordy bunch of sentences. [59 words]
Beauty In This World by Nicky C Carlson - [164 words]
Bach Heartbeats And Don't Be Afraid To Love by Michael Potter Two short poems [83 words]
Attaché by Jhn A {relatively} short poem on the dangers of attachment... [289 words]
Amerika by Wuzan Raa Raping song [88 words]
Ageing Is Psychosomatic by Jimmy Mason - [66 words]
A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed by Dri A very special dedication to a special friend that I don't even know if he ... [191 words]

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Collected Poems
A collection of some of the poetry I've written over the years; most of it follows the same or similar rhyming scheme and cadence (yes, most of it rhymes... sorry folks), but the material covered varies enough to keep it interesting (I hope!) Also, I employ the frequent use of apostrophes as conjunctions where I intend for the letter replaced (most often an e) to remain silent, as opposed to enunciating it as a soft e (ie. bath'd versus bathED).
[1,331 words]
Gregory Novak
A twenty-something jack-of-all-trades that has simple been exploring the craft of writing for longer than he can remember. Whilst humour is a fickle mistress that comes and goes, he must admit that tragedy and romance consume the bulk of his creative efforts.
[January 2008]
[email protected]
Alexandria (Poetry) Just a quick little verse I scribbled down one day on a whim celebrating the destruction of knowledge. [24 words] [History]
Ballad Of The Opiate King (Poetry) - [151 words]
Birds (Poetry) Oh, the things we do... [159 words] [Romance]
Consciousness Stream 1 (Poetry) A relatively lengthy piece I simply spit out one day whilst feeling inexplicably intoxicated (for I was under no influence). [300 words] [Mind]
How She Stirs Not At All (Short Stories) - [319 words]
I Should Think It Like A Fist (Non-Fiction) A semi-conscious rant on language, love and whatever else I found offensive that day. [493 words] [Psychology]
I Think You'd Like Her (Short Stories) A soliloquy of sorts, we find a young man reflecting on a love now lost. [1,440 words] [Romance]
Mere Life Less Love (Non-Fiction) A short projection of private thoughts regarding love and life. [276 words]
Moments, A Lamentation (Non-Fiction) - [500 words] [Romance]
Of Art, Pt. 1 (Non-Fiction) An undulating rant on Art and its relevance to civilized life. [489 words] [Psychology]
Princes And Lesser (Poetry) An exercise in entendre. [117 words] [Literary Fiction]
Reflections On A Sunrise (Short Stories) A very old fable I stumbled across that I had written some years ago. I still reading it from time to time, I like what I was trying to do here, inspirational and all of that. [1,037 words] [Fable]
Stranded At Dusk (Short Stories) I've labeled this as a short story, although my original intent was to develop this into a longer work, possibly a novella or full-length novel. [1,690 words] [Thriller]
Sunday Morning (Short Stories) Memories. Just... memories. [458 words] [Literary Fiction]
The Mad Diarist (Short Stories) The first fragments of a diary have been discovered buried beneath the dust of an old condemned building. The author's identity remains a mystery. [347 words] [Horror]
The Opiate King (Poetry) In Memorium of a Great Man. [151 words] [Mystical]
Worlds Apart (Short Stories) A series of piggybacking streams of consciousness, effectively stages of one man's reflection on the woman he's left for reasons (and duration) unknown. [1,595 words] [Relationships]
Collected Poems
Gregory Novak

"A Dream Ungiv'n"

And so it was I cry’d myself
unto the cobbl’d floor,
spilt my tears ‘tween granite cracks
I swear were dry b’fore;
Soft do I lament the endless
bearings ‘gainst my heart,
and yearn the day at everlast
dreams end and love should start;
I gaze out on the moon and all
the land it does inspire,
and wish my dreams out to the stars
and watch as they expire;
At last I lay my head ere down
and whisper to your ring,
what ‘morrow never gave to us
and yesterday can’t bring.


Slow I watch’d the sun go down
it sinking with my heart,
a breeze twin’d through your empty gown
my world fallen apart;
The wilted love we shar’d last night
still echo’s in my soul,
and haunts me now through eve’s twilight
with taunts of what you’ve stole;
Softly still the night creeps in
just as I knew it would,
I lie and feel the dreams begin
though scarcely as they should;
I dream about the days just pass’d
and wonder if you knew,
along that we would never last
and kept your heart untrue;
The daggerfall that bades me spar’d
and bridges clos’d my fears,
is thinking that you never car’d
yet still I fight the tears;
Moonlight breaks the bedroom sill
and silver lies my face,
I look where once you lay so still
and shrink from the dis-grace

"A Brok'n Tide"

I pray’d with you ‘til tides were high
and sunlight beat the waves;
I laid with you ‘til stars were nigh
and moonlight lit the caves;
I dreamt with you ‘til winds were hush’d
and echoes hung your breath;
and listen’d as your heart resign’d
and gave itself to death.
I held you still as morning broke
and daylight swept your eyes;
and watch’d as ‘morrow took your soul
and cast it to the skies;
the look you left upon your face
will never leave my mind;
forever will your mem’ry burn
the love you left behind.
I still can feel the warmth of you
held true against my skin;
recalling what you fill’d amidst
the emptiness within;
I lie awake on linen now
where once u laid to sleep;
eternally enchanted
though your spectre bid me weep.

"Forest Of The Mind"

Quiet are the voices that abound within my head,
they whisper soft and sweetly with the cherubs ‘round my bed,
I say my prayers as I lay down much weari’d from the day,
and sleep in silence, pleading my companions not to stray;
I slip from earth into a wakeful world held fast with dreams,
and travel through such land where scarcely little’s as it seems,
I lose myself in wilders as my steps betray their path,
and forage for a trail to lead me out from wilders’ wrath;
Encroach’d by fear I steal away from daemons at my heel,
and cast aside as much I can, this fear that feeds their zeal,
echo’d on the whispers of the forest’s thick and thin,
I strain to hear the voices that resound above the din;
And on it steeps this midnight rain,
I draw and drive from out this maze,
‘fore my port I stand again,
to resume this game o’ days.

"Chivalry's Lament"

My body lies awake at night
conversing with my soul,
my mind sits idle, watching might
a peasant from a knoll;
Dreams are shar’d and mem’ries air’d
of days long now forgotten,
when love spurr’d on the things it dar’d
for things since misbegotten;
Chivalry and plagued hearts
the stuff of legends told,
fad’s away as hist’ry starts
these new days for the old;
I cry no tears for love I’ve cost
nor for the heart I’ve spent,
I cry because ‘tis you I’ve lost
to arms that I resent.

"The Fallen And The Fell'd"

Come now this most wicked night
that bears itself before us,
the drums of mortal men stand taught
with Hades’ mighty chorus;
League on rank of dark phalanx
approach from damned soil,
a battle wag’d on earthen banks
no victor go this spoil;
Arms are taken, lives are laid
as blood does wash the land,
legion are the prices paid
for holding back this hand;
All lies fallow, martyr’d with
the fallen and the fell’d,
spar’d countrymen to write the myth
of Sanctuary held.

"Charge O' The Dead"

For every whisper’d noise you hear
furrow’d in the night;
For every shadow’d figure cast
upon a darken’d light;
For every damned earthbound soul
wand’ring through this land;
I pray thee, speak with hallow’d tongue
and head their words forthright.
The lore ‘chis preach’d of learned souls
that carries on the wind;
Brings with it prices paid by those,
‘neath granite talons pinn’d;
Sure and steady thou shalt walk
through bowers thick and thin;
Turn thy heel at Sodom’s knock
lest peace be found in sin.

"Stormclouds On The Rise"

Clouds of thunder, steep’d with rain,
do roll on hills enfus’d with pain,
so sleeps inn’cence of ages gone,
through war which proves no mortal bane.
Light’ning strikes and torches flare,
arrows loose and trumpets blare,
arms are heard to crash and fall
a fury forg’d in Neverwhere.
Temprous winds ride from the North,
and carry troops that issue forth,
the masses of the foe’s brigade
stand taught with their own worth.
Blood is spilt and bodies torn,
comrades fall, no time to mourn,
swift and brutal be thy blow
that finds us victors to be born.

"Senses On A Necronomic"

Into the night Death steal my soul,
‘mark unto me “Doth know thine role,
Thou canst spare neither life nor vengeance,
Lay thy crypt for what thou stole!”
Breath now shallow, tightly taught,
Rasping quickly, overwrought,
Ripp’d from me my ‘cessant loathing
Fear this sentence I have bought.
Toss me now spun through and through,
Cast from this world to breathe anew,
Ne’er akin to unearth’d Styx,
So mark mine eyes upon this view.
Immers’d I lie in ethereal sleep,
No longer life do mine eyes keep,
Sleepless in this waking dream,
Lifeless eyes do scarcely weep.

"Truth And Lies"

The truth be known and lies be shown,
I harbour not a doubt;
'Tis held in fragile minds alone,
the strength they’re said to tout.
I’ve seen the rise and fall of men
of lesser breadth than thee;
The fool is only foolish when
the arrogant roam free.
Tempests brew inside a man
his credence and his King;
He does whate’er his conscience can
to bring himself to bring.
It seems as though one’s strength is held
within one’s clenched fist;
Such strength is often deftly fell’d
with temper’s siren kiss.

"What Sorrow Would Bring"

When worlds collide, and dreams are tried
‘tis only time ‘twill tell,
what dreams may come and where they’re from
from Heaven or from Hell.
There lies a hole in each man’s soul
that burrows very deep,
it fills with sorrow ‘till tomorrow
releas’d to make men weep.
Tears may fall with Cupid’s call
this I know too well,
despite the pains, 'tis Love remains
the lone foe I did fell.
The price is paid and lives are laid
and tears do fill thine eyes,
the end my dear, the Heart I fear
shall free Truth from the Lies.

"Eyeless Tears"

Who’d have thought the world a lie?
Who’d have thought that blind men cry?
That hollow holes where eyes should be,
are fill’d with tears so easily?
Who’d have thought the world sincere?
Who’d have thought that deaf men hear?
That drumless flesh where ears should be,
are pierc’d with song so easily?
Who’d have thought the world so grey?
Who’d have thought that damned men prey?
That darkness where a soul should be,
is lit with light so easily?
Who’d have thought the world could scream?
Who’d have thought that dead men dream?
That tatter’d threads where veins should be,
may course with life so easily?


To tread the soils of a time yet to come,
is to leave to eternity the prints of the present.
Swirl’d in the zephyrs of a past long forebar’d
shall the solemarks of history perish.
A past long forgotten, a future yet to come,
a present that lies betwixt knowledge and ignorance.
Held in the braces of balance and sway
shall the visions of yet-to-come falter.
Heed not the words of a generation gone,
forcefeed not the minds of those still to born.
Sow down the seeds of intrigue and faith
and instill the endeavour to reap the yields of time.


I weave neither tale of legend nor fable,
I shan't tell a lie, though there live men doth able;
I hide not my pride in a vast sea words
and I fear neither truth nor its counter.
I strike not a blow 'gainst cherub nor foe,
I challenge not peace yet succumb not to woe;
I hold fast my ground upon dead fields of doubt
and breathe no breath that does not draw strength.
I climb not a mountain nor scale any cliff,
I walk not a path that lies level and swift;
I travel no road weather’d down and high-stepped
and I seek neither home nor fair harbour.
I know not the wishes of men and their souls,
I dwell not on dreams and their dis-tractive roles;
I look to the north, the south, east and west
ne’er a soul save my own left to handle the rest.


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June 2007

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