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A Century Of Love ( Eurovision 2008) by Vica Demici - [208 words]
Will You Be My Valentine by Mark Barrett This is a swing song about a guy who finds a perfect girl and wants to ask her out. [69 words]
We’Re Gonna Have A Baby by Cedric McClester We;re Gonna Have A Baby, is another song in the series of songs for the musical The Leg... [261 words]
We Are Therefore I Am by Cedric McClester We Are Therefore I Am is another in the series of songs being written for the original mu... [235 words]
Unblessed by Cedric McClester Unblessed is from the as yet unwritten musical The Legend of Nia Umoja. [216 words]
Typical American Family by Sean Libbey All the trivialities of life and how most of it is not that important [230 words]
This Is The Legend Of Nia Umoja by Cedric McClester This Is The Legend of Nia Umoja is the opening song in the soon to be written m... [297 words]
There’S Strength In Unity by Cedric McClester There's Strength In Unity is another in the series of songs that are being written fo... [356 words]
There’S Gotta Be A Better Way by Cedric McClester There's Gotta Be A Better Way is inspired by the daily headlines. Some young peo... [236 words]
Tell The World by Cedric McClester Tell The World is yet another in the series of song lyrics for the musical play, The Legend of N... [146 words]
Slants And Rants by Sean Libbey Prime time Fox ,MSNBC & CNN..all that needst to be said. This is fast rocker.spit the words ou... [128 words]
She’S Like A Drug by Cedric McClester She's Like A Drug was inspired by a John Mayer interview. It was written in his voice. [264 words]
She Has No Worth by Cedric McClester She Has No Worth is one more in the series of song lyrics being written for the musical play, ... [208 words]
Ready For The Kill by Matthew Mark Death [188 words]
Raise My Voice by Milani L Turner This song was written about a woman who found strength to stand on her own and raise her voice. [130 words]
Praise The Lord by Milani L Turner This song came to me in a turning point in my life. I've gone through a lot and lost my faith i... [176 words]
Pop Jam by Dream Rinsed That crap! (catchy pop music) [111 words]
One More Time (Eurovision 2010) by Vica Demici "Akord" entry for the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest [216 words]
Omen by Cedric McClester Omen is another in the series of song lyrics being written for the soon to be completed musical play based... [313 words]
Oh..Just Walk Away by Sean Libbey This song is about love and the how bad we can be treated by the people we love [140 words]
Long Ago And Far Away by Cedric McClester Long Ago And Far Away is another in the series of songs being written for the musical pla... [240 words]
It's Always Darkest... by Cedric McClester It's Always Darkest is another in the series of song lyrics being written for the soon t... [341 words]
It Could All Go Up In Smoke by Cedric McClester It Could All Go Up In Smoke is a song about depression and overcoming that depressi... [295 words]
In The Free And Clear by Sean Libbey Love is hard ,even harder when you lock everone out [207 words]
I Plead Guilty by Cedric McClester I Plead Guilty is another song that was inspired by a recent John Mayer interview in Playboy. I... [333 words]
How To Fall In Love by Mark Barrett This is a slow swing song. [96 words]
Harambee, Harambee by Cedric McClester HARAMBEE, HARAMBEE is inspired by my children's book, The Legend of Nia Umoja. It is part o... [329 words]
Goodbye Sarah by Lexi Claire Lannerty Song about proving things to people. [142 words]
Fond Of Me by Lashawn I Church It's about you being in love with someone, but they don't see you in that way [207 words]
Dance It Off by Rrebecca S Brookman its just a song, its meant to have alot of effects and stuff, in my head it sounds really cool [250 words]
Brand Loyalty by Cedric McClester Brand Loyalty is inspired by the problems that Toyota is experiencing with their cars. [269 words]
Believe It Can Happen by Cedric McClester Believe is one of a series of song lyrics for a yet to be written musical play, The Legen... [277 words]
Ass's And Elephants by Sean Libbey This is a song about Washington and the BS that both sides play [382 words]
America's Hyme by Milani L Turner This song was written about 9/11 The memory of that day still is engraved in everyones mind. H... [144 words]
All Is Fair by Cedric McClester All Is Fair was inspired by British singer Sade. It's the kind of song she would sing. [236 words]
Before You Go (Eurovision 2010) by Vica Demici "Millenium" entry for 2010 Eurovision song contest [193 words]
A Sad, Sad, Sad Situation by Cedric McClester A Sad Sad Situation is a song about child molestation [277 words]
The Unseen Around Me by Vica Demici - [111 words]
Find Me by Vica Demici - [105 words]
Couple by Vica Demici - [92 words]
A Kind Of Freedom by Vica Demici - [81 words]
Fairy-Tale by Vica Demici - [92 words]
To The Light ( Eurovision 2009) by Vica Demici -Alexa entry to the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest [171 words]
How Far Is Eternity by Kreo something different [101 words]
Younggoldie- Head Of My Class Ft. Chris Brown by Younggoldie Younggoldie younggoldie [446 words]
Wit Ya Boy by Avias Seay avias "wit ya boy" yeah yo. sumpthing new for 2010. this for all my broken hearted friends. yeah yo!... [2 words]
When Love Does by Devin McDermott - [135 words]
We’Re Still Standing (Through It All) by Cedric McClester We're Still Standing was inspired by recent natural disasters. [212 words]
Waiting For Love by Kayla Obrienl song about love [192 words]
They Could Get It by Cedric McClester They Could Get It is a song about a man's fantasy [347 words]
The Longest Night Will End by Cedric McClester The Longest Night Will End is a spiritual song of encouragement even in dire circums... [242 words]
Tearless by Tiny Wills A song I wrote whilst my parents where going through divorce. [88 words]
Stuck On Stupid by Cedric McClester Stuck On Stupid is my commentary on our current political situation. [224 words]
Strong Enough by Arianna Shuler I wrote this one to make myself realize how strong I have become and how past pains have made me ... [292 words]
Someone In Need by Gemmol Lewis - [240 words]
Slips Away by Amy Ressler This is a song about a man i uses to love and will always love. [184 words]
Set Afire by Arianna Shuler This is a song that was inspire by a boy i liked. I mixed my emotions, my experiences, and my love of... [351 words]
Lie To Me by Cj Johnson A Song written by me about how lying is just like a drug...addicting [218 words]
Just Becuz, Just Becuz by Cedric McClester Just Becuz, Just Becuz is a contemporary gospel song, that suggests despite our trials a... [262 words]
John Song Lyrics by Avias Seay avias seay 2010 "john" mm hmm that right its avias on the mic haha and the john said and the... [7 words]
It Should Be Me (When You Think Bed) by Cedric McClester It Should Be Me (When You Think Bed) was inspired by an alleged altercatio... [335 words]
I’M Just Living For Today by Cedric McClester - [240 words]
I'm Better Off Today by Cedric McClester I'm Better Off Today was inspired by an interview singer Melanie Fiona gave concerning an ... [274 words]
I'll Wait For Him by Arianna Shuler This song is about how a girl feels alone and trapped, just like the story of Rapunzel, she d... [289 words]
He’S Cheating On Me Maury by Cedric McClester He's Chearing On Me Maury was inspired by the Maury Povitch show. [251 words]
Hater Nation by Avias Seay Avias produced a new rap song "Hater Nation" also found on youtube if searched by: Avias Hater nat... [7 words]
Get It Passed Ya by Avias Seay (im the best) get it passed ya! avias lyrics yo yo yo i dont think the world hearing me. so um... [4 words]
Get Down by Avias Seay avias seay featuring kookee "get down" first verse: kookee make it rain. just like a hurricane daddy c... [7 words]
Freedom (To Live Life As I Please) by Cedric McClester Freedom was inspired by the movie Out In The Wild, which was based on true e... [346 words]
Fly & Wit Da Swagger by Avias Seay avias 2010 "Fly & Wit Da Swagger" intro: niggas yall cant touch me niggaz yall dont want ... [2 words]
Cliché by Cedric McClester Cliche is the story of a love affair that has become cliche. [339 words]
Bring It Back Up by Avias Seay avias "bring it back up" avias productiionz im in this club girl, doing what i do, know the sc... [2 words]
Bad by Avias Seay LYRICSCLICK THIS TO WATCH ON YOUTUBE Avias feat: JaZ HarDy "Bad" avias. jaz hardy. 2010 yo dis a movement i... [5 words]
At The Heart Of The Matter by Cedric McClester At The Heart Of The Matter is a song about the ecology. [191 words]
All Of This Land by Sahiya Luthien Kelsick I'm going bankrupt buying all of this land I'm going bankrupt buying all of this land Got my c... [185 words]
Aint No Game by Avias Seay avias new song exclusive hip hop youtubeAvias " Aint No Game" lyrics -introduction- beat drop "a... [2 words]
A Few Good Men by Cedric McClester A Few Good Men speaks of the predicament many women find themselves in. [240 words]
A Beautiful Relationship by Tyler A Wood A song I wrote for a girl I once thought I loved [181 words]

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