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Bosstwon, Massojoos-Hits.
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I Remember by Kishore Daswani This poem is pretty much how I felt around the first girl I fell in love to. [68 words]
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Inwardly by Lizzy Bryan Just read it. [124 words]
I Could Tell U by Lizzy Bryan I love him,but apparently I'm involved with someone else. Complicated :( [170 words]
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Defeated by Rita A. Wheeler - [56 words]
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Dismay by Sarah Levine Sahara It's about my school...won an award for most oppressive school in America [133 words]
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The First With My Last by Richard Lynch A man's first time with the last woman he'll ever be with. [138 words]
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And That's The Going by Jennifer Marie Hendy To a "true" friend. [76 words]

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Bosstwon, Massojoos-Hits.
My first chapbook. Looking for a publisher.
[1,163 words]
Olef Ransom Saulles
[November 2004]
[email protected]
Americas Burning, Excerpt. (Poetry) From a longer, unfinished poem. [239 words]
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Sonnet (Poetry) - [81 words]
Bosstwon, Massojoos-Hits.
Olef Ransom Saulles

It took me a long time to learn how to say fuck you and mean it.

I am my own greatest enemy.
I suffer the laggards.
I weed through the static.
I milk fat tits.

you are somewhere in the space; and not silent
(though I am not hearing and seeing you in yesterday’s sun)
I could always pick you out in the crowd, the paint in your head dazzling
you have struck the splint against time, sparking loud and vibrantly
with quiet demeanor and modest ways.

She my love if I am a gentile hero.
The woman lay calm at the lapping waters. Her thighs running into the hills of hipbones. I looked at no one else. The fool was somewhere.
I saw her anew. She turned her head, from the sun, the same shadowy eyes without the congestion of misery I had known. She mouthed ‘ Hello’.
Inside I crumbled into the dead boy, raised my crumpled fingers slowly like a child, and smiled.
The angry fire extinguished I felt, finally, my age and hers.
Curiosity replaced with manner and reason. I looked at her saying, ‘I want to return to youth, to the burn.’
The smile was resolution, not gladness, knowing that all those bad decisions, all the destructiveness, anger, hatred, ruined lives, were sensible, historically, but I knew the fallacy of memory, the real anguish.
It didn’t matter; I would have taken her again.
I want to rectify the good byes, make them into the stories I was told my life would be. The more the earth spun the greater chance of me disappearing.

God damn them, they punch tiresome words.
I hate you - I want to tear the world apart.
I am the depiction of a soul unraveled
- Still, listing too quiet.
Friend, I haven't forgotten you.
We're dead to the world.
Separated by miles of waste at the front.
Hearing of myth but dying silent, obscure in the swirl of dusk with sleepy, dreaming eyes.

I am waiting for you to step from the train, to see you,
I am squinting like greeting the sun.
Wide eyed with quick meter
lunging, you are my one chance -
the towering moment.
I am impotent,
needing to lay on you a pioneers kiss.
Remove myself from this slow boil; span the world, limbs washed and clean.
The front quiet like the invisible sea.
I am a deserter.
Not from fear of death but from
fear of death.
I do not run but shout toward passive interpreters,
"Let me go. To feel her breath stutter in the morning. I bake the bread at dawn."
Early, with empty stomach, the air confronts -
I am confrontational.
Your picture hangs near me as a keepsake, meaning nothing.
I am desperate, too awake and
aware while the smell of decay urges, near and demanding.

On the Water’s Skin
Cold, too often to be fair in life
or broiling
when today wants.
Today: "I just want to confirm receipt."

Don't be sad, be happy, because, don't you know?
Happy is good.
Well, if happy good, what, in turn, good?
Probably just a chain of words to keep you searching for greater confirmation that good is right.
Oh! Here I go!
Right is proper is good is correct is punctual is exact is efficient is . . . working!
So be happy cause your working and that’s good!

I follow words?
I mean, I don’t lead them, do I?
I hear the angry boss tiring of me.
Frankly, I’m tired of him.
So we’ll snub each other before helping ourselves.
I keep thinking, ‘if I had a decent vehicle I might go farther.’
Meanwhile the motor rusts out back, long grass distorts and the neighbor hates having her dream interrupted – or corrupted.
‘Same fucking thing!’ I shout at her.
‘Stop cursing! You belittle yourself’ her response to me.
I recognize the distinction but is it relevant for me.

dedicated to
We the People,
A SEXtilLION jaws gnawed the bone.
When the scraps were pitched the people cooed.
I fold hands over crossed knee, sitting possessively alone before the monitor.
The phone abruptly rings, soon ringing again.

"Hello. May I speak with Fritz Winnegan."
"He’s not available."
"Well, may I speak to his wife?"
"He isn’t married. Who is this?"
"This is a business call. We’ll call back."
"He doesn’t ‘do’ business. He has a job. Who is this?"
"Well, I am with Sprint-MCI and we had hoped to offer -"
"Goddammit – you’re already his telephone company. He’s already a customer!"
"Sorry for the interruption."
"For fucks sake, leave us alone."

Mountains of ideas pile up.
I hear we are awash in newness,
that liberty bathes us in fine scents.
I think I’ll enjoy a bath today; the stink is all over me.
I try and read before dipping my hands in the temperate water.
Yellow tile, sun-dulled, and blue fluorescence of shower curtain reflect affectations from the waters skin.
My eyes repeat the last line read, the sentence spun as a log stuck by the prideful logger.
- stalemate -
I place the book on the toilet’s lid and join my hands to the bathwater.
The relaxed liquid absorbs me, gravity cedes and I ease –
forgetting to be a man destroyed by the earth’s mass.

I tried again to light the sky with glory.
As before (indistinguishable from the earth).
Only more lethargy coming.
Laid heavy in the suicide chair but could not find absence attracting.
I play my records over and over.

I wish I could be trivial with you, laughing as if we were friends.

The non-smoker vomited and struck a chord
One not unfamiliar with the clarinet
A funny look shook the stars from their harnesses and an empty voice chuckled

Long lines defeat the spirit (and traffic blunts your edge).
I’m driving, an American pragmatic; defiant, appeasing and accommodating,
over and under paved roads, bouncing on the unprepared.
Cutting barren paths in lush desire,

Like an infant suckling
I shift my glance toward you
Raise my tongue with heightened cries
Fierce melee’
Sincere repentance
A barrel of words
Empty, dry
Split wood bound in creaking pain
I cannot take your stifling rhetoric, youthful cliches
I need nourishment,
A bathing of limbs
To feel fresh faced
To smell good

Angel’s harp struck the neon glare mad on sheeted paths.
Greeting me like good friends traveling through turbulent nights.
Then through rustic gates, anticipation thickens like country gravy.
The humble gather spared a warm deliverance.
Sweat functions like compressed steam; labors to escape.
Drink – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 - . . .
Taut fibers unbound.
Pupils focus on brass fixture, depicted mahogany.
A sliver between the frame and door offers a glance at the pedestrian traffic:
Glamorous bands sharing blood and soil.
I focus on a hard woman, with cherry burning.
She rises, the image ground and sinking.
Blaring refrain.
Glass grinds into sand.
Black is flesh beaten.
White is flesh neglected.
I hate the street,
hate congestion.
These spoils of gold in the blood remain communal.
So now I am burnt.
But warm to the touch, remembering my father’s rebuke:
Everybody’s shit stinks.

Standing at that point
between the yard and the field
I see a silhouette dancing.
Her metaphysical self embracing the linen,
the shadows of her hands tickling.
I am laughing.

These moments a man should never have:
Riding passenger at 31 years, thinking ‘I am past the nothing more.’
My core unravels bound by cheap glue.
Even my breath smells of obscurity, or

Fuck you.



"Interesting choice of style. You never cease to amaze me. Later Algie." -- R. Bennett Okerstrom.
" 'I wish I could be trivial with you, laughing as if we were friends.' That pretty much sums it up for me." -- M. Ruffian.
"Olef... hi. Been a while, since I've read your work. It seems your style has altered a little. I am wondering if you're still that "...starving artist..."? I am still blown away by your mind, here, as in past works." -- Kimberly.
"Thanks Kimberly. I stopped posting for a bit because of school work and lack of replies but I through some revisions up after the semester. I noticed you had vanished from here as well. Its nice to hear from you." -- olef.
"Kimberly: If you come around again have a go at 'An American Summer'. Its raw and just a first draft but it gives a taste of my personal life. Hope to hear something from you again. Send me an email, let me know what you're up to." -- olef.


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