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Air Force One, Part One
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Air Force One, Part One
"Air Force One" is a science fiction novel that will be issued in four or five parts. Its predecessor novella, "Johnny Reb", is also available through StoryMania.

It has been two years since the slightly deranged Mark III-A Bolo Unit JNY-013, Johnny, showed up on the doorstep of the Wolverine Truck Stop and Motor Lodge -- the finest little truck stop in all of post-holocaust America.
And it's been two years since the Wolverine's proprietor finally let his daughter go north to Traverse City and the new University there -- with his hundred and fifty ton durachrome friend as her bodyguard.

Now, times are getting worse.

The gangs that have arisen as the regular government continues to fall apart are growing in strength and territory. It's getting harder for an honest trucker to find a load of freight to haul, or to get it where its going if he does find it.

That means the old Wolverine has fewer customers, and that only adds fuel to a little difference of opinion that the innkeeper and his wife are having.

Anne feels that it's time to cash in the chips, pack the bags, and head north. And that is the last thing that Mick wants to hear.

Gangs and family disputes are bad enough, but the owners and customers of the Wolverine are beginning to realize that they may have a little more trouble on the way.

There are other tensions gathering around the old truckstop, and their source is something very far outside the experience of even the most widely-traveled trucker, or the most experienced innkeeper.

[13,704 words]
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Michael Goulish
Michael Goulish is not a fictional character. He is a science fiction writer living in the Republic of Ann Arbor, masquerading as a programmer and sometime machine vision researcher. He does, in fact, live near a graveyard which also happens to be the highest bit of land for miles around.
[November 1999]
Air Force One, Conclusion (Novels) This is the final installment of the novel. (The download includes the complete novel in five parts.) [24,271 words]
Air Force One, Part Four (Novels) Fourth in a series. [14,872 words]
Air Force One, Part Three (Novels) Sequel to Air Force One, Part Two. [18,375 words]
Air Force One, Part Two (Novels) Sequel to Air Force One. Also published with Storymania. [14,045 words]
Johnny Reb (Novels) There isn't much of a country left after the Wars. But this is America, right? There are still highways! And there are still trucks, and there is still the Wolverine Truck Stop and Motor Lodge. The Wo... [28,007 words]

" Mr. Goulish does two things I like in this and his previous story - he paints a convincing and interesting future, and he creates and fleshes out characters you care what happens to (be they human or machine). I look forward to more..." -- Lee K. Gleason, Houston, Texas, USA.
"Securing a future in post-Apocalypse America isn't easy. But when Mick Goulish send his daughter off to University with an endowment in gold and a VERY lethal bodyguard, he thought he'd done pretty well. Problem is, he didn't count on resurgance of the Detroit gangs. He didn't count on his wife wanting to follow their daughter Up North and starting a new life in a "better neighborhood." And he didn't count on the stories circulating about him, and a giant robot tank, and a treasure trove of gold. Stories that are attracting unwanted attention -- attention that may drive Mick back into a past he thought he had managed to escape forever..." -- David McMillan, Capac, MI, USA.
"Not so much a bolo story as a story of post post-apocaliptic survival and life. A true page scroller fast passed not because it is stuffed with blood and battle but because you connect with the caracters quickly and care about what happens next. READ... NOW... ^__^ BLUE" -- BOLO mk XXIX unit BLU-135 "BLUE" of the line, FT HOOD, TEXAS, USA.


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