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A Good Vision Demands Keen Insight
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A Good Vision Demands Keen Insight
This is a part of a larger work entitled the New Union Standard.
[1,302 words]
E Rocco Caldwell

[April 2005]
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A Good Vision Demands Keen Insight
E Rocco Caldwell

The view from here is completely different than the view from over there! Always is and always will be! Perceptions can and do change depending on the lack of ignorance or the increase of stupidity (which is probably the same thing)! Senator Lott is perhaps experiencing this firsthand after recent racial statements concerning Storm Thurmond. Lott found he revisiting views held during a time when those views moved one up the ladder of politics now those same views might ruin his entire career. Critical thinking has taught me one thing fallacy is the center of human existence! It is the idyllic situation for complete nonsense. Yet it is after all the views, opinions we have that compel us through life. Looking outside the living room window at my immaculate green lawn, two cars and a clean and conservative neighbor it's difficult to identify with anything beyond it. A sly enculturation has shut my eyes to labor laws fought over the last one hundred years which placed me in that sunny afternoon locale filled with children riding bikes or playing kick ball. I can seep down into the fallacy that all has been well and all will continue to be well. It is the American Way!
There is a danger in having no struggle� the struggle within the person can die. There aren't really any complex reasons as to why the American worker exhibits a nonchalant attitude towards the importance of labor unions I won't pretend to know what they all are but one I do know seeing it with my own eyes and hearing it with my own ears as a union steward for over ten years. The complete ignorance to how workers' rights/wages/benefits came into existence. This occurs because of a lack of labor history in the public school system (I won't try to critique the public school system). Many in America are oblivious to the consistent watering down of labor laws that protect them in the workplace and protect their jobs from leaving American shores. Abe Lincoln was an isolationist specifically because of the belief that unrestricted trade stole American jobs. Of course in a global economy dear Mister Lincoln would never win the Republican presidency nomination with such as negative view on WTO and NAFTA. It's about polarization of wealth not just domestically but internationally. But wealth is an American right isn't it? I've heard Christian ministers on television say that wealth was a Godly right! Interesting!
American workers are lured to the stock market where the straps of some grand meal are tossed out to want-a-be elitists like opium to subdue the masses. It is the elitists' way of getting us to support free enterprise and so that they can have the rights to make as much money as humanly possible regardless of the ramifications. They achieve this by telling the American public it will create more jobs and like a Chinese finger puzzle we stick both index fingers in only to discover later we're caught and have been fleeced.
How in God's wonderful name can American workers close their eyes to the steady depletion of good paying jobs among the "middle-class" without crying out in complete venomous descry? I guess I really don't quite know. Is it an issue of paradigm or perhaps one of fraudulent euphoria fed to us from childhood through precise enculturation? Things will get better because they always do in America! I see my mother's face as I write these words and in the past she was proven correct. The problem is that things aren't getting better they are getting worst! The golden age of the American workers had come, unfortunately, to an end but millions still haven't wakened up to smell the coffee. You are at war for your jobs�for your way of life! Let's get one thing clearly established before I continue two types of people exist in the world those who have it all and those like the rest of us! The elite minority has ruled this country since its inception by using a very simple tacit called "divide and conquer" and the more divided the greater the control. When you lose your focus, which is, take care of the workers than you lose true democracy. When it's about how many straps you can get instead of how many rights you maintain the elitists win. You no longer live in a republic but some sick sort of timocracy. The average American wouldn't stand for such an outright invasion on his/her rights so of course the elitists keep a low profile and on occasion toss a little more straps from the table than normal. I get a kick out of the people working around me intrigued with the stock market as their stocks go up or down and if they happen into a windfall how quick they are to boast of the few thousands of dollars they made. But the money was nothing more than a magician's trick of smoke and mirrors where now you see it now you don't is as common as mold on aged cheese. This became painfully evident when the market collapsed in 2001. Financial analysts told us free trade would have tremendous impact on this stock and that stock but ignore the reality of jobs losses and the American worker's buying power diminishing. The numbers don't lie over the last decade the earning power of the average American have decreased while the revenues of the elitists have increased astronomically. The atmosphere of downsizing is thicker than ever in the history of this country following on the heels of many free trade agreements.
Another strap from the table and that'll quell their complaining.
I'm a realist, which made me a unionist. I have two daughters who'll have to survive in this world long after I'm dead. I see American wages being lowered to that of some global standard far below what Americans are used to while the elitists sit down and rake in all of the remaining wealth. The average American won't be able to invest in the stock market due to other needs like food, shelter and transportation sucking up their dollars. The elitists would have come full circle, which began at the start of the labor movement when the rich outright ruled this country back to them ruling it overtly once again. I know the only thing that is keeping our children from looking out their windows and seeing slums, despair and servitude of the future the rich wants for them is the union standard of an injury to one is an injury to all. We must stand up against our very government if need be and demand that labor laws stay intact which keeps the fat cats from destroying the America our parents and grandparents fought to give us. The ultimate trap of poverty is the lure of riches at the cost of one's dignity.
My hopes are what I write will penetrate the working person's clouds of deception blown there by elite capitalists to keep the worker in miasma and hide the truth. It is my sincere wish that once you finish reading this you will at least have another perspective on things to challenge what you have always believed and bring you to question every thoughts enculturation inserted into your mind. I further hope that rank-in-file union members will stop letting a small group of people control their union and get involved at the grassroots levels so they can for the first time experience true democracy. So they can be introduced to what is really happening instead of listening to elitist controlled newspapers and television newscasts. Understand, time's running out on all of us workers, and the world of the future can very easy but the world of the past.




"I think you cover pretty much everything that I believe in to, as far as a handfull of elitists control America, if not Britain, where Im from. I also believe in Religious elitists. I heard that there is enough money in the vatican to solve all world hunger and poverty, whether this is true is another story but if it is, then why don't they? They would rather spread the word of a mythical saviour, Im an aethiest by the way. And profit from the earnings of the people they help starve, and go into debt, where's the logic in that? I don't know much about the workers union, but I know that we are being shielded from the truth... the truth being, we are the drones that collect the honey for the queen bees. And what annoys me the most, is there aint a thing we can do, because at the day, elitist power will always win!! Good job!" -- Buxton.
"Thanks, Buxton. I agree with much you said but I am a Christian and yes, the religious elite controls us through enculturation I believe in the spirit of God! I also believe that unionism is the key to working people taking back what is theirs. We live in democracies so let's use them to benefit us! Thanks for the review." -- e. rocco caldwell.
"I would love to now more about these topics, especially Encultration. And I would also like to know more about what we can do as a democracy to get back what is ours?? Thanks." -- Buxton.
"Then you must read the larger work this portion is taken from: here are some points: 1. form a political party just for working people not controlled by elitists democrat or republican 2. stop dividing ourselves on superfacial issues that are only designed to divide our strength! 3. At every workplace in England America where ever form unions because there strength in numbers 4. fight against all free trade (demand restrictions so that other workers in other countries and even workers in your own country are manipulated by corporations and governments) " -- e. rocco caldwell.
"I worked for twenty five years in texitile mills in the north and south working 50 to 60 hours a week six days a week. At the end of the week the money was spent on the bills of existance. Each year it seemed that the even though I was making more money I was not moving up. I hated the people with money for it was they who were keeping me down, I finally asked myself why was I at the bottom, why me, why do I have to be the one who works hard and busts ass for a tiny fraction of what others were making doing nothing? I finally realized that maybe it was not because someone else had too much ambition, but maybe it was because I did not have enough. I started looking into ways that I might be able to earn a living without having to go in and give my labor for others to make profits while feeding me a little scrap off the massive profits. With twenty five years experiance in the textile trade I had much knowledge of it. Many times I had built accessories to machines to make them work better, what I got was my regular $10.00 per hour. Instead of doing this why not go around the company and sell these things myself rather than give them away for next to nothing. I made a choice. Now instead of being a poor worker, I have all the money in the world I will ever need and I work perhaps five days a month. I know several old friends much more talented than me who remain in the factory working for next to nothing. They chose to stay and work for those corporate giants ripping them off, I chose to go around them. I am rich, they are poor. The school systems in this country teach kids that you need do good in school so you can get a JOB. There is absolutely nothing in the way of teaching kids that you need to do good in school so you will be able to own your own business so you won't have to have a JOB. Everyone in this country can start their own business and be successful if they choose. It may take time, and it may take years. I believe anyone with any small fraction of intelligence can do it if they choose to. The keyword here is choose. It you choose to make a business and let someone else work for you, you can, if you choose to be poor and work for someone else you can do that too. You can sit around all night pissing and moaning writing essays about how unfair the world is because you have to work for someone else, or you can spend that time finding a way to make by yourself. " -- BH.
"BH, I think you miss the point...true, a person can move up in the system in place but for the most part...there is just some much capital in the world and not everyone is going to be rich! I just believe that those who work for someone else...and believe me there will always be more working for someone else then working on their own should be paid accordingly to the labor they provide...Those with money are mvoing to cheaoer labor markets in order to amass more money instead of paying someone what they are worth! Fair is fair is my point and no other point should be taken from this piece." -- e. rocco caldwell.
"Mr. Caldwell, as a retired CEO from a medium sized manufacturing company in Ohio, I have many problems with your essay. First of all, you have several false premises upon which you plead your case against the "eliist capitalists" you refer to. To begin with, publicly traded companies have a myriad of stockholders who hold the directors and management responsible for giving them a comptetitive rate of return on their investments. Two major institutions have forced companies to relocate their operations to survive. They are labor unions and the U.S. government ( primarily the EPA) Union corruption and coersion to lower productivity standards combined with unrealistic environmental standards, with their penalties and costly compliance requirements, have done more to force companies into cheaper labor markets and geographical areas with less stringent environmental restrictions. I ran a privately owned company for twenty-five years. The first eighteen without a union. When the employees were infiltrated with union organizers, a union was voted in. soon after, deflated motion studies were implemented under threat of work stoppage. (strikes) This resulted in piece work productivity falling off dramatically while the cost of wages and employee benefits increased. The EPA also increased its anti-pollution standards to the point where we could no longer operate the company profitably. We were forced to sell the company and the new ownership promply relocated down south to an area offering non-union cheaper labor. The productivity remained relatively the same, but their costs were reduced substantially, allowing them to once again, become profitable. You are attacking the wrong people when you blame greedy capitalists. Under free enterprise and competition, many companies can co-exist. Government interference and labor unions who love to intimidate management, stifle free enterprise and competition. It's as simple as that. My father once told me something which coincides with the warped mentality of labor unions and their corrupt leadership. All employees think they're making you rich and eventually they expect to be paid like ownership without the investment and risk of ownership. How would you like to have a small busines doing well and suddenly discover one day that your employees want you to make them partners or they'll quit. What would you do? Fire them and hire new employees or let them share in your profits. " -- ARTHUR BRIAN CEO.


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