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A Blessing And A Curse

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A Blessing And A Curse
Poem about speaking my feelings to another who didn't feel the same.
[75 words]
Joseph Albrecht
I am a Senior Nutrition Student, poet, who is passionate about people and planet. Check out my book. "My World in Words: A Collection of Passionate Poetry." www.joe-in-the-know.blogspot.com. Twitter:@JoeAlbrecht6
[March 2017]
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A Blessing And A Curse
Joseph Albrecht

There were feelings inside me that had to be let out
When I did it finally I felt the pain I was without
I told her nothing but the entire honest truth
Yet somehow she learned to cut me the whole way through
I guess it was a blessing and a curse
I felt good at confessing it at first
But that�s not what she wanted and so the story goes
If only for this thorn I could find a pretty rose


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