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Vbv by Scotty Cleary bb [3 words]
If She Could Die by Fred Hardy Depression, suicide theme. [229 words]
Japanese Girls by Fred Hardy Alternative sound fast pace. [256 words]
Lonely Nights Revised by Fred Hardy - [311 words]
Somewhere Part 3 by Fred Hardy The conclusion, three part song with same chorus trough out, the best lyrics I have ever writt... [315 words]
Somewhere (Part 2) by Fred Hardy The 2nd of three. [206 words]
This Is Your Life by Fred Hardy A complete change of direction from previous title(if she could die)but same depression theme... [300 words]
Learning To Fly (Revised) by Fred Hardy - [205 words]
Rise by Fred Hardy Song about addiction. [227 words]
California Gold by Fred Hardy - [218 words]
Where Did You Find That Girl (Revised) by Fred Hardy re write with final ajustments [399 words]
X Mas Day by Fred Hardy a song about acceptance and understanding. [280 words]
Turn Away by Fred Hardy - [191 words]
Don't Waste My Time by Fred Hardy - [279 words]
The Days I Feel Alive by Fred Hardy A song I wrote about the colorado river has some river slang but I overall it's still eas... [298 words]
We All Just Fade Away by Fred Hardy - [205 words]
Can't Let You Go by Fred Hardy I've tried to write this several times but I can't find the right mix so I've tried to make th... [251 words]
Eric (Extended) by Fred Hardy Additional lyrics added more detail who is Eric? [264 words]
Fire-Lite by Fred Hardy Blues rock slow tempo. [205 words]
Jesse by Fred Hardy - [287 words]
A Country Road by Fred Hardy Song more like folk or country [251 words]
Revealing Secrets by Amarjit Bhambra How difficult could it be to get into ones heart. to know ones feelings..... [111 words]
Can't Let You Go (Revised) by Fred Hardy -sometimes love is hard . [242 words]
Walked Around Town by Carla Thomson - [115 words]
(It Dosent Have One) by Cheryl MacLean It was just a song that I thought of when I was listening to music and I cant think of a t... [202 words]
You�Re My Everlasting Drug by Alexander Petrov For real! [96 words]
You Drive Me Out Of My Mind by Jonathon Brannon - [228 words]
Why Should I Love One Who�S Not Even There? by Mariah Hudson This song is about loosing someone you loved and thought you new bu... [180 words]
Why Do I by Tyler K Osbourne This song is dedicated to all the young people who has felt left out.. [201 words]
Whatcha Doin'? by Desi Williams It's sorta Emcee, sorta punk rock. Those don't really coincide, do they? Oh WELL!!! [149 words]
Voices In My Head by Amy Anderson Well I gess the title says a fair bit... and they're driving me crazy :s [157 words]
Unnamed by Kasey Ann Miller About a boy thats cheatin on his gf!! [228 words]
Unmasked by Michelle-Lynn Hill - [145 words]
Two Hearts by Cj Johnson - [168 words]
Turn-Row by Billy Wayne Schrock This is a country song about the difference between cities and small farm towns. [119 words]
Throw Me Away (Like You Did Before) by Desi Williams It's about a guy I never had. :) [158 words]
This Is Your Heart On Abby by Matt R Kellaher A collection of song lyrics that mirror different parts of my "relationship" with a ... [653 words]
The Way by Mariah Hudson This song is yet again about someone who has lost someone they had loved. [160 words]
The Thought That Counts by Tom Bomb - [167 words]
The First Days (Of The Rest Of Your Life) by Jonathon Brannon This is a song about an alcoholic and his strong woman who inspires h... [271 words]
That's All by Jonathon Brannon Love Song. [187 words]
Taste My Blood by Alexander Petrov Feel free to dedicate this to all your ex and future girlfriends! [94 words]
Sitting Alone by Carla Thomson A country song. well its just something I came up with thinking of other peoples' lives. it has n... [146 words]
Sitting All Alone By Myself by Desi Williams Just something I thought up... Inspired by my life, my friend Carla's song, and Diz... [163 words]
R.I.P by Corey J McCormick This song is about a boy who lives in a bad area. one night he happens to get shot. he is carrying a gun ... [325 words]
Pause (Let Me In) by Desi Williams It is bout mah mudder and fodder controllin mah life. [148 words]
Nightcap by NelsonC Basically, About a man and woman sharing a nightcap, then he realizes she might be the one. So, he e... [166 words]
Never Had Reason by Nash - [186 words]
My Hero (I've Waited All My Life) by Jonathon Brannon - [143 words]
My Dilemma by Jonathon Brannon - [146 words]
Modern Concrete Cowboy by John Roberts Potential Country and Western Lyric? [535 words]
Meant To Be by Alec Moore Its a song I wrote for a girl and how I feel about her. [182 words]
Make It by Amy Anderson Hmm... about the pressures parents place on kids to be all they want instead of letting them live their... [207 words]
Make It Through by Jordan Holetzky It's about a break up, which all of us go through once or more times in a lifetime. [110 words]
Lost Within by C M S Sharpe Just about feeling so helpless and used, I guess........Think about Linkin Park.. I guess. [77 words]
Last Time by Steph Kidd Well...this song is about being afraid to get really close to someone cuz youre afraid youll get hurt... [183 words]
Last Days by Pete Atkinson Same type of thing as "empty cries the soul" [169 words]
Just Hold Me by Carla Thomson - [156 words]
It's Either Love....Or Smallpox
It's Always Been Ok by Nash - [122 words]
I'm Not Losing by R B Wellman This song really means a lot to me, it really don't have a meaning to my life but I can picture ... [151 words]
Im Here by Tyler K Osbourne This song is dedicated to my best friend who has had a hard life... I hope you like it. [104 words]
Im Beggin You by Alec Moore Its about me trying to get a girls attention and tell her I like her. [195 words]
I'm An Independent Woman by John Roberts Potential song lyric for the modern lady! [268 words]
I Dont Know How by Alec Moore Its a song about me tellin my girlfriend that I want her back. [208 words]
I Believe In You by Jonathon Brannon - [217 words]
He Talks To Angels by Jonathon Brannon I saw a video today for a song from 15 years ago titled "She Talks To Angels" by The Black C... [169 words]
Friends Are There by Tyler K Osbourne This song is for ppl who don't think they have friends.. it was sort of about me when I was y... [142 words]
Forget by E P Forget. [117 words]
Fly Away by Cheryl MacLean It was really just something I thought of. [157 words]
Flag Woman by Nathifa A St Louis Soca song with catchy Caribbean beat and subtle double meaning undertones. [194 words]
Empty Lies And Final Goodbyes by Amy Anderson Umm... someone is heartbroken and the guy doesnt realise that he's still in love ... [255 words]
Empty Cries The Soul by Pete Atkinson Well... this was basically the night after a break up. Writing songs is a way for me to r... [181 words]
Dream On by Cara R Chandler This song is about not being able to get someone out of your head & wishing that you'd be able to stop... [161 words]
Draw Me Peace by E P Can you drwa me peace. [67 words]
Disappearing Beneath Myself by Desi Williams It is like "Going Under" by Evanescence. Same tone, anyways. [114 words]
December 26th No Titles by C M S Sharpe Read it and figure it out... I'm really not good on giving descriptions on songs.... Th... [99 words]
Conflict Of Interests by David Ilks A guys girlfriend cheat on him with a friend of his, he want's to end the relationship, b... [498 words]
Choice Of Death Or Departure by Nash Some about people's constant anger over things that they need to change but blame ... [165 words]
Can You Take Me To Heaven by Jason Murphy A country song about a young boy growing up under the influence of his grandpa. He ta... [398 words]
Black Oblivion by Pete Atkinson Depressed time in life. [98 words]
Beyond A Thought by Raychil Willow-Light Sandoval Withoos This is a sad song. It is about pain of a girl in this world. [239 words]
Beauty Of Suicide by Amy Anderson This one isn't written about myself... [238 words]
April 12th No Titles by C M S Sharpe I guess the best way to sum this up is that its bout feeling all mixed up inside. You can ... [155 words]
All That I Never Knew by Lisa Marie I wrote this in about half an hour, its about my parents telling me they're divorcing and... [62 words]
Ill Stay Till You Go by Steph Kidd I wrote it the other day...hope u like it. [79 words]
Where Will I Go From Here by Jaseyboi Sutters Another Basic song..... [239 words]
When I Need You Most by Desi Williams I wrote this on an especially depressed day. A little suicidal, though I'm not, thank God... [188 words]
We're Broken by Amy Anderson Kind of a tortured love song... just made some changes to it then. [214 words]
The State That I'm In by Tracy Anderson I basically wrote this because I just had to vent everything out on how I was feeling. Ba... [136 words]
The Aftermath Of The Night Before by Karen Miller --- [137 words]
Tears Or Rain by Jaseyboi Sutters This song I wrote while listning to another song called "Tears and Rain" its not a direct rip off... [189 words]
Stolen And Torn by Amy Anderson A song about a fair few stuff... take a look and tell me what you think. [221 words]
Puppets Of The Press And Pawns Of The Government by Jadon A Crain - [134 words]
Not Original by Only Jennifer Well People say that im weird n stuff so heres a song about it. [199 words]
Miles Away by Melissa Allen This song was made because I miss my dad that moved away to o.k. And I live in ny. [39 words]
Miles And Miles Away by Morgan R Allen I really miss my dad and I want him too come home. [39 words]
Invisible Scars by Amy Anderson How it all feels... tell me wat u think. [209 words]
In Your Awesome Presence by Desi Williams It's a work in process... I believe in a Goddess too... but I wrote about the God... t... [183 words]
I Wont Lie by Jaseyboi Sutters Song that took me 5 mins to write while I was on my 12hr nightshift... Grammar and spelling leave a... [156 words]
For A Moment by Desi Williams I want someone to hold me close and tell me I'm special. That's what this is about. [136 words]
Find My Way by Amy Anderson This isn't really about anything in particular... just another song. tell me what you think, ta. [178 words]
Chant by Leah Russell A great camp/outdoors song. [69 words]
Beauty In The Form Of A Knife by Karen Miller Inspired by one of my bestfriends. [142 words]
Ballad Of A Pipeliner by Billy Wayne Schrock Lyrics about having to work somewhere far away from home. [230 words]
Ain't Got Time by Jessica L Young This song is about a trial that I recently went through. [108 words]
Age Of Absolute Hatred, A Collection by Jack A collection of songs. [1,139 words]

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It's Either Love....Or Smallpox
The follow up to --This is your Heart On Abby-- which was about love, lost, and hope. This collection of lyrics is more so about lust, pain, and above all spite.

[1,142 words]
Matt R Kellaher
I'm 19 years old and live in Florida.
[July 2006]
[email protected]
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This Is Your Heart On Abby (Songs) A collection of song lyrics that mirror different parts of my "relationship" with a certain girl. In the spirit of love, lost, and above all....hope. [653 words] [Relationships]
This Romance (Songs) This is my favorite, and most rescent song I've written, its also in the 'Nine circles of chemical romance' lyrical story that I have floating around here some where. [711 words] [Relationships]
Your Window (Songs) New song, its kind of sad, inspired by leaving the town I lived in and leaving past "girl friends" along with it. Its also about being able to look back on all the good, and the bad, and just smile. B... [358 words] [Relationships]
It's Either Love....Or Smallpox
Matt R Kellaher


�Love is a females explanation for lust.
They'll love you and leave you, much like us guys do.
And the flame in your heart is only to burn it to dust.

�Our only hope is to break them first,
its an age-old story with only one ending.
And it all started when that bitch took a bite outa that damn apple.

Mid-night Snack

�Burning out like a cigarette,
the flames in my heart of past regrets.
You're my new favorite past-time and I don't even have to move.
I hope you're keeping in mind I'm not in love with you.

--Read these lines and learn the truth,
you're just my late night something to do.
A midnight snack never felt so good, so good, as the way you move.--

�Wishful thinking and hardcore drinking only leads to girls like you.
The key to my heart, the giration of your hips.
A carousele of tension released with finger tips.
I love you, or at least thats what I said.
I'm deeper under your skin than love has ever been.

--Read these lines and learn the truth,
you're just my late night something to do.
A midnight snack never felt so good, so good, as the way you move.--

�You're dancing for the devil and you don't even know it.
Keep your head in the game, if you love me don't show it.

�Read these lines and learn the truth

(I keep my heart in tune with a pen)

�You're just my late-night something to do

(verbal assault is my best friend).

�A midnight snack never felt so good, so good, so good as the way you move.

�Lying is just a figure of speech

(You said you were 18, she said she was 18)

�Thats what I'll say

(Its only illegal if you go all the way).

��It's either Love....Or Smallpox

�Hey girl, you were born to dance....in the flames of this city.
You'll both soon lie in ruin and look just as pretty.
You're so fucking hopeless, and I hope that you know this.

I'm litting a match on my way out, empty the rum, and burn you both down.
Futue te ipsum, who's laughing now.

--The boose on my breath and the smoke in my chest are only just symptoms of you.
The drunk man's words are the sober man's thoughts,
and friends are just enemies with much more to loose.--

�I'm so miserable without you....it's almost like having you here.

Love, like this town, is a slow moving poison and you're nothing more than a sheep dressed in wolf-skin.
You are what you are, and you're nothing at all. I'm only still here to make damn sure you fall.

--The boose on my breath and the smoke in my chest are only just symptoms of you.
The drunk man's words are the sober man's thoughts,
and friends are just enemies with much more to loose.--

�I'll leave you one more note, etched in stone, from the rubble of this city that made you its own.

Names and hearts should be handled with care, both can be broken, but only hearts can be repaired.

��I'll give you something to Drink about

�Don't let this go to your head. This is as much a gift as a razor is to a suicidal.
Don't think: you win, your fate's decided by my hand and written with this pen.

�After all that we had, and what you just said,
well I guess I was wrong; it was all in my head. Call it what you will, if nothing was true.
That's how you think of me, well this is how I think of you.

�We were never friends, eat these words that you've washed from your hands.
We were never friends and thats how it still stands.

�Open wounds can only bleed so long, still won't admit you were wrong.
I can fall and let my heart spill out, and let my ghosts be read.
I've got nothing left to fear, you can't kill whats already dead.

�So go ahead and break my name, as if my heart wasn't enough.
You try so hard to hold your own, but kid you're not that tough.

�In the bright light of the end, your eyes don't seem to sparkle now,
and I don't see how, I ever wished to lose myself in them.

�Any last words, or bagagge to unpack. A lovers quarrel has gone too far, when there's a dagger in your back.

�And if you were to fall apart, I'd come to catch you and mend your heart.
After what I've been through, I'd still catch you. I'd still catch you.

Well if that's not love....

�Listen to the tears in my voice, and your fatal choice, of assuming that its over.
It's not over....

'til I say, when ash from burnt down hearts, and hell's trumpets play.

Its the things that people fear to say, that they love to read and I could write all day.

��Reprobated Beauty Queen

�With no more to hold, and nothing to lose,
I'm always forgetting that I've lost you.

--Can't keep a hold on myself, can't keep hold of anyone else.
I'm losing my grip, and I've let it all slip. I'm losing touch, and I've lost so much.
And I can't, can't, can't keep hold of you--

�With no more to hold, and no more to lose, I'm always forgetting that I never had you.

And would you save me, from a world thats so, so, so fucking mean.

�I know you can here me, In fact I'm sure of it.
I don't know where we're going, but thats the beauty of it.

--Can't keep a hold on myself, can't keep hold of anyone else.
I'm losing my grip, and I've let it all slip. I'm losing touch, and I've lost so much.
And I can't, can't, can't keep hold of you--

�My sympathy for you left when you walked away.
You're getting harder to keep down, and harder to break.

�I'm in denial, of a long-shot that'll never go through.
Been in denial for awhile cause I'm supposed to be over you.

(But I'm just over myself, being over myself)

�We're the most vunerable when we've just told the truth.

�I think I almost loved you.

(I think I almost loved you)

�You'd kill me in a second, if not for something else.
You're a marter in your own right, you'd die for yourself.

--Can't keep a hold on myself, can't keep hold of anyone else.
I'm losing my grip, and I've let it all slip. I'm losing touch, and I've lost so much.

�And I've lost so much.

�And I've lost so much.

�And I can't keep losing, because I've lost so much. And I've got nothing left to lose, cause I've lost so much.


�After writing about you, and draining my,(dare I say It),
Heart of you, well....nothing else seems important.



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