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Song Rhapsody
Song Rhapsody is a collection of songs cutting across popular musical genres
[1,444 words]
Chimezie Bi Mr Ben
Writer, poet, playwright, author
[February 2019]
[email protected]
Song Rhapsody
Chimezie Bi Mr Ben

Song Title: Take The First Step

Genre: Pop


Take the first step (2ce)

And see what comes out of it (3ce)

Verse 1

They say ‘the journey of a thousand mile begins with a step’

Yea, taking a step could be very herculean

Fear of failure would suffice as the rationale

However, taking the risk is worth it

Afterall, failing forward is better than not stepping out

The journey of success begins with taking the first step

So, take the giant stride

Take the first step!


Take the first step (2ce)

And see what comes out of it (2ce)

Verse 2

Discouragement is a part of success

Success is a journey, not a terminus

Determination without conception is like reaching a destination
without intention

Consistency is inevitably important

Life is what you make of it

Walk your talk to see your worth

You learn those only if you take the first step

Now, take the first step!


Take the first step (2ce)

And see what comes out of it (3ce)

Verse 3

The first step in life is uneasy;

It’s like you taking the bull by the horn

It’s similar to how tasking it would be putting the crown on your head

The first step is a lesson that would give room for further learning;

It’s like getting past the hurdles of life

It’s similar to taking away life’s road blocks

The first step marks the road to your freedom

A great feat it would be when you take the first step!


Take the first step (2ce)

And see what comes out of it (3ce)

The End

Song Title: Sands of Time

Genre: Reggae


Sand of Time (4ce)

Verse 1

As I examined what’s happening around me,

I’m left with no choice than to re-evaluate my thinking

Oh yea, Oh Yea (4ce)

The truth staring angrily at me

Staggering situations my eyes can’t bear

Excruciations my heart has endured

Frustrations becoming a part of me

My cold treatments to people around me

The failure that I’ve become

The losses I’ve encountered

My hopes being dashed

I began to ask to ask myself:

Would you leave those vices in the

Sands of Time (4ce)

Verse 2

I expressed my dissatisfaction through my reggae music

Oh yea, Oh yea (4ce)

My left and right side brain made active

Feeling no pain but sweet sensation

Melodies pure and flowing

Sounds of courage being heard

Ray of hope arising

The healing power manifesting

The love that’s assuring

The brightness of freedom

Peace that’s bounding

Make me see the possibility of leaving the positive vibes in the

Sands of Time (4ce)

Verse 3

The world is witnessing catastrophes

Oh yea Oh yea (4ce)

People dying

Diseases and starvation abounding

Rights denied with no justice

Truths fast becoming myths

The yearning for materialism on the rise

Leaders clueless about the future

But through my music,

Sharing the optimism of hope

Illuminating humanity rightly

Seeing the right to posterity

Are what I will leave in the:

Sands of Time (4ce)

 Song Title: Made in heaven

Genre: R N B

Verse 1

On a Friday night,

 as I got the club,

I met this damsel

She was too real to be true

She was so fresh n green

That I couldn’t help grin

Her sexy face

Made me to dance

As I looked through her body,

I knew she was worthy

As I danced towards her,

I saaaaaaawwwww….that she was:


Made in heaven

Made in Heaven (yea)

Made in Heaven

Verse 2

I told her ‘’you’re my meat that I want to eat’’

She smiled and said, ‘’You’re got some wits’’

‘’Alright’’ as I smiled passionately

I also said to her, ‘’though I’m meeting first time, you make comfortable’’

‘’Are you sure? How could this be possible?’’

I went on to say ‘’I simply want to know you better. My name is Peter.’’

‘’hmmm Peter!’’ She exclaimed, giving me a warm shoulder

‘’I’m for real…’’ those were assuring words

‘’I see your will’’ her words replied me with

I heralded, ‘’You were…


Made in heaven

Made in Heaven (yea)

Made in Heaven’’

Verse 3

I asked her, ‘’what’s your name, damsel?’’

‘’Cristabel’’ she replied, looking seductively

Right there at the club,

I got a drink for both of us

We drank to the point we couldn’t drink no more

We got so high

We started talking dirty

And the rest became history

One thing led to the other

We were unclothed, holding each other

The morning bright

I looked at the body I admired

And I said to myself: ‘’This is…


Made in heaven

Made in Heaven (yea)

Made in Heaven’’

Song Title: See Life In Your Own Way

Genre: HIP-Hop


I see life my own way

Never disturbed by what happens

But dictates what goes on around me

Lalala (3CE)

Verse 1

Started out in consonance with the elements of the earth

 I'm at the summit, peeps!

Punching hard in all-weather like the Mayweather

 The fire of my wordings so serious that my flows run faster than one
seriously pressed from the inside.

 Dominating the world from the fourth dimension

I'm bullet-proof from the deceptions of cynics

Politically immune from all ulterior motives of the elite

Economically free from pseudo statics and extrapolations

Financially more hydro-plane than Wall Street

Yeah, y'all can say what you like

 Afterall, you entitled to your views

 Check it; My words carry the waters of neutrality

But highly inflammable when y'all come with the fires of opposition

They carry the gas of subtle influence that the earth can only
recognize them at the fifth dimension... Catch me if you can like the
Ginger Red Man

'Coz I’m super-human teleporting in all realms interchangeably like
the speed of light, my words hit your sub-conscious magnet at a pace
it can't even imagine...


I see life my own way

Never disturbed by what happens

But dictates what goes on around me

Lalala (3CE)

Verse 2

Deceptions try permeating my subconscious like a virus

Ugly events want to make me dance circus

I chose to see myself as the citrus

Growing in the fields of Peace

Never caught by the weeds of disease

I’m hooked with my creativity through my ability

To express my service to humanity

I see life my own way

Decided not to be in social disarray

Because it doesn’t matter the name

Whose distraction is giving him the fame

For I know that’s his game


I see life my own way

Never disturbed by what happens

But dictates what goes on around me

Lalala (3CE)

Verse 3

I’m all out for the money

But not down with the honeys

Because they are actually monkeys

Pretending to be like honeys

I’m ahead of my time like time

That’s why you don’t see me all the time

That’s the way I chose to see life

My Own Way

So see life in your own way!


I see life my own way

Never disturbed by what happens

But dictates what goes on around me

Lalala (3CE)

Title: Move On



Move on (6CE)

Move on

Drive in

Get right here

Hit the Bull’s eye

Get on it

Don’t Give Up

Keep trying

Start moving

Study hard

Strive more

Be straight

Be Positive

See the result

Then Move On (6ce)

Be grateful

Expect problems

Fail forward

Don’t be afraid

Falter not

Keep to your words

Be hopeful

Don’t be discouraged

Refused to be depressed

Be patient

Keep the right friends

Then move on (6ce)

Verse 3

Keep learning

Study hard

Make sacrifices

Pay the price

Be attentive

Try new things

Be adventurous

Seek inspiration

Be creative

Stand out

Be yourself

Then Move on (6ce)

Title: Where am I headed

Genre: Pop (Spoken word)

Verse 1

I was lost in myself; I hardly could figure out why

But when I tried asking ‘’why?’’

It became very blurry the answer

Could it be what I thought I knew

Or what is happening around me?

I looked at the completeness of my world

Only to realize how vague it has become

My perception , I thought, would guide me

But the contradiction, compared to what I’m encountering, is something else

Am I just becoming ignorant or in a conundrum?

Then, I’d say, ‘’time would tell’’

However, time, I realized, was my foe

So, I have to really figure out where am I headed?

Verse 2

Come to think of it, I was educated

Educated?! Okay, I was taught in school what’s right from what’s wrong

On second thought, recognizing the anomalies in my life and the world as a whole

I’m observing that everything is so wrong that what’s left isn’t right!

What I was taught was ‘’the good’’ seem to be the bad

And vice-versa

Can this really be?

Hmmm…Trying to think through

But wait, can provide an answer to what I don’t know?

Well, perhaps, the wrong answer!

To the issue at hand, did I learn the right thing?

Can I change the situation around me?

I believed in the world of possibility

But my perception is fighting against what is around me!

Oh yea! Something isn’t right

So, It’s time I looked at the mirror and ask

Where am I headed?

Verse 3

Can anything worth learning ever be taught?

A question I was forced to ask myself

I have to re-evaluate what my thoughts are about everything

A friend really challenged when she asked

‘’what if all you knew about everything and what you are being told
and taught about everything were all false, what you goinna do?’’

Till this day, i have no concrete answer

Yet, I’m poised to challenge myself and move in this light

‘’How?’’ I asked, looking to the heavens for answers

After lengthy years of thinking and asking people questions,

I came to the realization:

Unlearn the inconsistent to relearn what ought to be ingrained in
mindset of my formative years for a proper learning

That, I knew, would help me change what I encountered

‘’Afterall, a change in my thought-process, better yet, my perception,
would change my circumstances, my world, that is.’’, I thought. ‘’And
make the world at large a better place’’

‘’How do you want to go about it?’’ someone asked me, as I talked to
him about my situation

It’s going to be a long path to illumination

Then, I would know where I am headed


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