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These Walls
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Hunny I'm Here To Stay by Diana Angela Chang This is a testament to loyalty. She is indeed in love, always has been and promises to a... [264 words]
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Get From The Place You Are by Cedric McClester - [217 words]
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Forced To Pray by Irishguy Samurai A song about my life in Christian brothers school in Ireland in the early eighties. [270 words]
Crying My Eyes Out by Cedric McClester - [121 words]
Ambiguous by Cedric McClester Ambiguous was written in my feminine voice and was inspire by singer Kehlani who served as my muse. [129 words]
All Good Things... by Cedric McClester - [116 words]
Akoko by Blessing Ogbor Evy Akoko is song which seeks to encourage as many that feel like giving up on a situation. Weeping may endur... [167 words]
A Monster And A Masterpiece by Diana Angela Chang A song dedicated to all those girls who were sexually abused by their dad or a fami... [555 words]
A Familiar Magnet by Diana Angela Chang For those who are mutually attracted to those you are not supposed to be I suppose. Maybe it'... [167 words]
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Do You Remember Then? by Ellie Townsley One of my new songs, hope you like it. :) Sing song twice. :) [58 words]
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Tj Benz- I'm From A Beautiful Place by Tj Benz Positive Message Rap Song [1 words]
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One, Two by Adam Moore Rap lyrics I wrote to an instrumental. May be too vulgar for some. [229 words]
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I Love You, True Feelings by Terrell Pinto This is a song that goes to the beat of GARNiDELiA Mirai. [257 words]
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Burayidi by Dennis Burayidi Song about adventurous lifestyle [265 words]
Breakin' News by Cedric McClester - [205 words]

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These Walls
When the reasons for your partners distance is unknown and you feel all alone.
[92 words]
Diana Angela Chang
I am a happily married mother of two beautiful intelligent children who is focusing on writing lyrical poetry to compose a book that inspires readers to overcome any circumstance in their life. I have a criminal justice education and 9 years experience in the field. I am a voluntary life coach to youth and addicts with mental illness and am currently pursuing that degree to become a professional in the field.
[October 2017]
[email protected]
A Familiar Magnet (Songs) For those who are mutually attracted to those you are not supposed to be I suppose. Maybe it's familiarity is in reality a past life duality. [167 words] [Romance]
A Feather Of Your Wing (Poetry) This is a poem for a few of my professors Jonathan Nery, Brent Kagawa, Lee Shelko, and John P. Contini the program director. I came from a crooked mile with only 8th grade education straight to your c... [179 words] [Motivational]
A Monster And A Masterpiece (Songs) A song dedicated to all those girls who were sexually abused by their dad or a family member. It entails a long journey of forgiveness and learning to love one's self. [555 words] [Motivational]
A Turtle, An Introvert (Poetry) My therapist encourages me to write my lyrics and poetry by giving me assignments. This assignment was based on a photo card she had given to me. On it two turtles in the sand and two red sailboats ou... [260 words] [Animal]
An Undying Love (Poetry) This is a poem about two people who fell in love, had a baby and when all was good, suddenly the whole world came crashing down on them. They managed and stayed together but it changed the whole tone ... [440 words] [Relationships]
Asphault (Poetry) A young woman is brutally attacked by 5 men and was almost sexually assaulted when an off duty officer came and saved her life. But since that night she is unsure of her life and who she is and everyt... [184 words] [Drama]
Black And Blue Legislative Body (Poetry) This is a poem for all of Hawaii's political leaders and those of great influence. This poem is about the need for a stand your ground law in one of the highest statistics of domestic violence states.... [243 words] [Crime]
B.O.B- Beyond Our Beings (Poetry) For anyone who has a higher functioning brain and extra sensory abilities which can be instead called a mental disability. We silently know better that it exists, our scans show it so but they like to... [292 words] [Mind]
Crooked Mile (Poetry) A troubled teen comes from a broken family , living in the ghetto where her skin color makes her a target. So she begins criminal behavior when she is bullied at school and forced to fight led her to ... [332 words] [Drama]
Help Me Help You (Poetry) This lyric depicts a couple that has been through so much together that it stole them away from each other. Here one spouse is reaching out to the other to open up and reunite their love so they can s... [280 words] [Relationships]
Hunny I'm Here To Stay (Songs) This is a testament to loyalty. She is indeed in love, always has been and promises to always be. [264 words] [Romance]
I Need Someone Like You (Songs) Two best friends who grew up together separated at 18 when one left Hawaii and got married moving to Oregon. They have been letting years go by hardly trying to keep a consistent connection because it... [202 words] [Relationships]
I'll Be Right Back (Poetry) A poem for those who live with a critical, negative person who is relentlessly pushing your buttons for personal entertainment. Walk away, don't stay. [214 words] [Drama]
Invisible Battles (Poetry) This is a lyrical poem that refers to depression, mental illness and addiction as a daily battle while others do not see these battles as personal accomplishments. [313 words] [Motivational]
Keep Your Light On (Poetry) This is an inspirational message to those in troubled times to remember their light and its ability to spread like a wildfire when used properly and consistently. [167 words] [Motivational]
Messiah (Poetry) This poem was composed after years of self discovering and researching science, religion and culture. It is amazing what you can find when you dig a little deeper and pay attention to the small detail... [525 words] [History]
Meth Cases- A Yes Or No Basis (Poetry) Do not turn your back on this tragic epidemic that needs our attention and added some divine intervention. Here is a bit of what I know about them, they that are outcasts, that are forsaken. Meth abus... [480 words] [Psychology]
Preconceived Notions (Poetry) For those trying to overcome anger, there may be a few people who purposefully continue to give you this label despite your growth and we anger monkeys know, that can itself make us angry. Keep your h... [154 words] [Motivational]
Science Compliments God (Poetry) This poem is about science and how it compliments religion. Some people are led to believe you have to believe it is either or. This poem says why we shouldn't have to choose. [382 words] [Scientific]
Soles For The Soul (Poetry) This is for an addition to your gift of giving therapeutic shoes to someone or for a marketer to pick up to help build their brand! But everyone can relate, so enjoy the read :) [227 words] [Business]
Somethings You Need To Know (Poetry) For my two beautiful children! Just a few things you should always remember. [113 words] [Self-Help]
The Dripping Water (Poetry) This is a poem for anyone who can relate to disassociation or feeling like arson to the establishment of your trauma is the answer. Like when Jenny in Forest Gump when she throws rocks at the house sh... [394 words] [Mind]
The One That Got A Way (Songs) It's about that one person that could have been but time or circumstance would not let it be. [234 words] [Romance]
Twice Abandoned (Poetry) For all those daughters who had absentee dads or just disappointing ones. This poem is about a girl who never had a good father figure despite having two dads. [330 words] [Drama]
What Is Missing? (Poetry) Feeling a hole in your life, a void? Maybe the answer for you is God. [183 words] [Spiritual]
Who Is Who To You? (Poetry) This is a poem that defines what a real friend means and to inspire those who like myself, lacked having such a special person to call a friend in their lives. [393 words] [Relationships]
Witnesses Of The Light (Poetry) For all photographers and those who are called to witness sunrises and sunsets. How lucky we are. #luckyIliveHawaii808# [144 words] [Art]
These Walls
Diana Angela Chang

How did we get here?
How can this be?
Once we were laughing
Twice we scream
How did we get here?
How can this be?
Once you were happy
Thrice to be free
How did we get here?
Tell me baby how can this be?

I was writing on the walls
But they were laughing at me
Because only they can clearly see
What is wrong with you and me

The reasons unknown
Am I just something youíve outgrown?
Because your love is not shown
But these walls know the tone
They know that I am alone
And they tell me so
Just tell me if you want to go


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October 2017

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