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No End In Sight by Richard Evans me and my baby- [118 words]
Wont Hold It Against You by Illy Hameed . . . . . [280 words]
Who�Ll Take Heed? by Cedric McClester - [214 words]
Twisted Professions by Illy Hameed Star Crossed Lovers! [199 words]
Turn To Him In Joy Turn To Him In Pain by Cedric McClester Turn To Him In Joy Turn To Him In Pain should be a contemporary gospel s... [238 words]
They Have To Be Insane by Cedric McClester - [284 words]
Standing In The Rain by Eric White How long do you wait in the rain to see a rainbow? [247 words]
She Is Real by Shreya Shukla its about the girl who gets bullied but has a kind heart [207 words]
Safe by Reem Mishal Algryib Hello. this can be a poetry or a song. its totally free. thank you [145 words]
Prayer Can Take You Higher by Cedric McClester Prayer Can Take You Higher should be a contemporary gospel song. [215 words]
One Year To The Day by Cedric McClester - [233 words]
My Place(Odi Don Don) by Kool Jayrex - [304 words]
Long Story Short by Illy Hameed A mother telling her daughter/son about his/her father for the first time. [172 words]
I Am Not The Problem by Illy Hameed Discoveries :) [259 words]
Freestyle By Dmytie by Dmytie Drapper - [112 words]
Voice Of The Protected Population by Zoe McClelland Song about the younger population and how parents protect/isolate their kids ... [168 words]
They Want Their Country Back by Cedric McClester They Want Their Country Back was inspired by Sarah Palin, the right wing political... [224 words]
There�S Never Been A Place Like Home by Cedric McClester There's Never Been A Place Like Home was inspired by basketball star Le Br... [306 words]
Stone Cold Killa by Jeremiah J Greer A random rap that i came up with a while back [381 words]
Still Thinking Of You by Shahram Shahidi "Still Thinking of You" is a Romantic lyrics of a bitter, mature and yet sentimental natu... [67 words]
Light Without A Flame. by Free Lyrics - [140 words]
It's Ova by Jeremiah J Greer A point in time where I was heart broken. My thoughts at the time... ...well you'll know if you read t... [667 words]
I Have To Let Go by Cedric McClester - [248 words]
Huddled Masses by Cedric McClester The first verse and outro were written by poet Emma Lazurus and her immortal words can be found ... [270 words]
He's The Crack by Cedric McClester He's The Crack was inspired by a comment I overheard on the street between and crack addict and ... [163 words]
Hearts That Fear by Annacat - [208 words]
Do You Really Wanna Know It by Jessica Jezza - [60 words]
A Man Ain�T Supposed To Cry by Cedric McClester A Man Ain't Supposed To Cry was inspired by a radio interview Robin Thicke gave con... [311 words]
Wanting To Be Saved by An Ashamed Celestial A very bleak song that is modelled on Linkin Park's 2014 song 'Final Masquerade' on the alb... [212 words]
The Love Of My Life by Cedric McClester The Love Of My Life was inspired by dreams I occasionally have of someone from my past. [251 words]
Seven Dead by Cedric McClester Seven Dead was inspired by true facts. [189 words]
No One Can Compare by Cedric McClester - [337 words]
Marry For Money by Illy Hameed Every girl's hidden wish ;) [285 words]
I've Tried My Best by Illy Hameed The Ultimate Bipolar Song :) Stay Strong! [189 words]
If It's Not Our Call by Illy Hameed Lyrics for couples in one of those 'Complicated Relationships' [179 words]
I Talk To My Reflection by Illy Hameed Your Own Pep Talk to Yourself [255 words]
I Ain't No Good Girl by Illy Hameed Being you and just you :) [289 words]
Help Me Forget by Illy Hameed Potential Break up song :/ [192 words]
Hear Me Cry by Swaris Emashes This is a rap song dedicated to my love !!!! Its full of emotions and you need to be sensational to... [1,145 words]
Falling Into The Blue by Illy Hameed An Encouraging Song [207 words]
Fadin' Away by Richard Evans here I go again- [77 words]
Big Problem by Illy Hameed Biggest problem in a relationship [224 words]
Angel Behind Lonely Eyes by Richard Evans love in an unusual place- [122 words]
The Love We Had by Cedric McClester - [231 words]
Thanks For All The Pain by Cedric McClester - [236 words]
Talking Points (John Mccain) by Cedric McClester - [253 words]
Perugia by Cedric McClester - [226 words]
One People by Christian Aguolu A SONG ABOUT UNITY OF THE COUNTRY [83 words]
My Heart Dont Lie by Melodie Lori Loving someone so much that you would do anything to make them happy an when your apart your ... [261 words]
Me And The Blues by Richard Evans sittin' and sippin' [137 words]
Loyal Remix
Listen by Paula E Noble I wrote this song for the daughters that were kidnapped [167 words]
Lindsey by Cedric McClester Lindsey was inspired by the behavior of Lindsey Lohan on the OWN television documentary Lindsey. [189 words]
Life After This by Hank Runkle - [180 words]
Jay Random - Xo Clouds Lyrics by John T Thomas Jay Random's XO Clouds Song Lyrics An Inspiring Yet Chilling And Romantic Lyrics.... [335 words]
It's Time To Go by Illy Hameed Song about a suicidal girl [146 words]
I Need You To Say by William Watkins - [189 words]
I Hate The Way by Danielle Kov [134 words]
Government For Sale by Cedric McClester - [176 words]
Coffee And Cigarettes by Illy Hameed [233 words]
Before The Sweat Is Dry by Cedric McClester - [232 words]
I'm By Your Side by Mattia Castorino - [173 words]
Your Wake Up Call by Illy Hameed A song for all the dumb guys, for leaving the perfect girl behind. [207 words]
You Can't Know (If You Haven't Been) by Cedric McClester - [246 words]
When We Used To Be Friends by Luis A Choc It is based on true stories between my friend and I. She is leaving pretty soon, and... [461 words]
Usual Suspects (Somebody�S Looking Through Our Window) by Cedric McClester - [191 words]
Top Or Bottom by Cedric McClester - [146 words]
To Be Okay by Illy Hameed This song is about being treated wrong and suffering because your partner doesn't give a sh*t. [114 words]
Rain Of Emptiness by Mrpurple - [96 words]
My Theory by Cedric McClester - [177 words]
Lightening's Gonna Strike Again by Illy Hameed One sided Hope in a relationship that can no longer proceed. [135 words]
It's Over by Mattia Castorino Short song about love [102 words]
I'm Drowning by Mattia Castorino Song about the pain of love of a man who loves a girl that is so far from him [148 words]
I Made It Through by Cedric McClester - [308 words]
House Without A Heart by Cedric McClester - [254 words]
Feeling Good by Cedric McClester - [137 words]
Falling Down by Mattia Castorino A song about love and its bitter sides [164 words]
Don't Stop (Believing) by Illy Hameed It's a dedication to those who lost their self esteem within their breakdown. [178 words]
Anxious Love by Illy Hameed Based on restoring faith in love to couples who reunites after breaking up. [240 words]
After All The Words Are Said by Cedric McClester - [248 words]

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Loyal Remix
[378 words]
Mojalefa Reddy Veejay Knoxman
[May 2014]
[email protected]
Loyal Remix
Mojalefa Reddy Veejay Knoxman

KnoxMan Loyal Remix


I Wasn't Born Last Night,
Gake Ngwana wa Mabane..
And This B*#$% Ain't Loyal,
I Have Been Trying To Figure out Kante Ke Bona Ba Ntoyang...
(Hey Check)Banyana Ba di Playa,
From Weav to Dress Code-Bona Ba Tla go Stapler,
Di JEEPS & X4's Mobone Dia Rotater,
Atleast Ain't Got Love This Hoes Ain't Loyal...
KnoxMan O buile Banyana Don't Rush,
Y'all Summer Hoes Tryna Be Winter Wives..
Beauty Ke Zero-Le Moi Van Verr,
O Ipatlela Zaka-Wa Tsenwa Ftseeeeeek(Echo)


Its Your Boy M Slesh D Double
E,Some Are Asking Ke Tsene Yang on This Beat Like Thiss..
This Chicks Aint Loyal,
They Busy Following Me Ga Kitsi Ba Mpatlang...
You Might Think Ka Spita,
Aint Lying Dawg You Can Check My Followers On Twitter,
Maloba Le Mabane Ne Ba Lwanela Peter.....


First Thing First This Hoes Ain't Loyal,
Ama Vat en Sit Ba zon'Droya,
Too Affraid To see Lenyora Ha Le Popa,
N'sayo Phanda Babe Ndizao Bona,
Ke Mo-Life Wa le Can't Get,
Wanna Hala Back-Babe Skatla ka di Call Back,
You wana Doubt That?-Buzi P Square,
I'll deal With You Personally Keo Jinde O le Speechless,
Don't Get it Twisted,
This Is Pure Madness,
This Is The Return-The Young And The Swaggless,
Askies(Mommy)Im Sorry(He eh Maan)
You Ain't Loyal Ska Ntlela Ka ditori


She Bossy From Hair To Toe,
But Shes A Hoe,
Beautyful Chick Hella of A Figure,
U'Tydo Be se o'Uyafika,
Angithi Uya Ngi'Feela,
Drop That Booty Lower Than Your Self Esteem,
Turn Me On Like You******System,
Banqekile,ulale e mini,
Active'bsuku,Ukzwizu ub'Hlungu,Loko Akuwenze Umehluko
(KnoxMan�This Chicks Ain't Loyal)


Nigger How Long Can You Go,For Your Hoe,When I Know,That You Don't Know,That Your Hoe,with A Hoe,When Know..
This Bunch Of B*#% Ain't Loyal,***************;*,
Im A King Im a rule everything Go Streight,She *$#&* You Up Sittin Alone on a Date,And Next Moment You Decide To Leave Appears Later Being******* From Another Man Sh*t,*******************,
Cut The B*#%,Maybe You Cut Sh*t And If You Cut Sh*t Thats Means You Cut The B*#% And If You Cut The B*#% Thats Means You Cut Sh*t..B*#%(Echo)...


Chitsi Le Majita Le Banyana Ba Mapotjwaa,
Though We All Know This Girls Ain't Loyal,
It Doesn't even Matter Cos Rona Re Tlo Ba Jola,
The Part Of Plan Here Is That Re tlo Ba Gaola,
And After That Walk Away Cos Ba Tlo Re Boraa,
Besides-We Don't Wanna Hear Them Haba Balabala,
And If I Said I Love You Babe Girl It Was A Lie,
The Only Thing I Wanted was To Get Between Your Thighs..Yep


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