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Hear Me Cry
This is a rap song dedicated to my love !!!! Its full of emotions and you need to be sensational to understand it :-)
[1,145 words]
Swaris Emashes
Imma rapper inspired from Eminem and his life. I just try to spit and wool stuffs like him and that only makes me better when i come up with every next song.
[June 2014]
[email protected]
Hear Me Cry
Swaris Emashes


You know what�
In the beginning the hero of the movie dosen�t win..
The only part where it rules over is the end..
Anyway.. just take this shit as an error of my pen

{VERSE 1:}
This is the first masterpiece I ever wrote
And the worst disaster tease I ever quote
Pls. cast her in this song�s video dudes
Imma pain centipede or the senty kid
As life proceed. I receive only deceive .. it goes.. and I again retrieve it
Being a sheep .. the more I weep more she treat me like a street born kid
I straighten up.. strengthen up
But sorrows hit me straight enough
Straight down the ground to see only ceiling up..
But man I just don�t give a fuck..
Im 60 pounds and my grief is double this weight
When I speak it.. I know its bitter this way..
But I see starlight there to redo it
Im happy single.. fuck cowards.. say fuck to duet
Pricked me pins.. hammered .. now no more excuses
Please excuse me.. im not big enough me to forgive you.. forget it.. now no more bruises
But all this induces more realistic music
Where Emashes is illest like he is sue sick.
I love you coz you were an ideal person for me
I idealize you so that world idolize me
Perform idolatry .. coz you are a vital part of me
All my idioms on you.. seems so crazy
You won�t get it that�s all my part of idiosyncrasy
I know you�ll miss me when I am gone
And ask these fucking morons. �Where is he� ???
Oh love.. there was or there ever will be�. ???

Your real eyes will see the rain
You will realize my pain when you too get drained
Or once you hear me cry .. !! �this is what says my pen�
You have tear me inside .
Small eyes and tears inside�
So baby you hear me cry..

{VERSE 2:}
Well planned conspiracy with me� you are a Charlatan
When that angel converted into a Satan
The shy kid had to become a spartan..
Now for you I speak latin.. coz you don�t understand me �Miss Manhattan�
You Manhattan then I am all the way Texas
 You are as vex as a fucking Sensex
Sense that when im tensed im equal to ten shreks
 I know you said me NO.. then what this buzz all about ??
I know you said me GO.. then what this fuss all about ???
Even I don�t have any idea how this all is coming out..
But I wrote it for ya� even I search for you in my concert�s crowd..
People don�t appreciate me, coz I�m no Shakespeare
M emcee�s shit� now I don�t deserve even shakes here ??
All are wild mongooses and you expect me to be saint here ..
Im going. Bid farewell to me.. bring a cake dear�
But first See my pillows they bathed at night with my tears.
But who cares ??? and you mere talk flares
As I look back a year back..
My memories get my tears back.
What words to use ????
Emashes and versus who ???
Who curses who ????
No.. not even those beautiful nurses manicures me dude ..
I gotta murder someone so as to feel good..
You know when life is on a last ride..
Its when cries and lies tries to rise like a price hike
Pain is on a fi- fight..and tears flow like a high tide
I lock myself in a plane�s cockpit
You said I talk shit??? Ok.. Imma dogshit.. and frog freak
I�ll set fire to the plane and say Bye with Fuck it ../..
I�ll fold this paper beneath seat 234 and lock it
If you ever got a thing for me..
Just open it crying and close it saying..
�What the fuck this dog did� ????

Your real eyes will see the rain
You will realize my pain when you too get drained
Or once you hear me cry .. !! �this is what says my pen�
You have tear me inside .
Small eyes and tears inside�
So baby you hear me cry..

{VERSE 3:}
I know she got a lover..
Then why I still love her.
Here you got my semen man, take a little sip of this
Rap is hopping now like Imma hip of this
My words are like ganges water.. take a holy dip of this
Im not fuckin around� please have a look at the tip of this
Just the way fish can�t hiss and snake can�t piss
I can�t bear my grandeur baby�s ditch
Oh dear.. Im getting really sick of this
Stop pretending u understand me..
Coz you ain�t get head tail or fucking dick of this
I step and the ladder slips
I wipe myself and stand to slip again
To hit again the wall of wits..
Amidst I fall on the ball of pits
Call that bitch.. the pitch�s ready throw her down and pinch her fist
Hinge her wrist to my wrist �
Yeah thank you Jesus Christ
The diary note.. bitch I wrote..
Read it.. I wrote it in our secret code
Now those old words. Those old verse
Choke my throat.. bring coke to dope.. stop my growth
I gotta go. The ship�s waiting in the port .
To leave behind me all this dope
I hope we never get to see each other.. whenever I open any window or any door
At any place, at any moor�. Coz I don�t love you anymore.
Atleast this is what u think whore.. life is getting a hardcore
And Im getting bored .. now I know .. how all this shit fits in pores
Fuck no� I can sing for you.. Listen� � Do re me fa so la te do�

{VERSE 4:}
This is the last shit, I ever send to your ass
She�s from squad of paranoid bitches, I�ll send this message to mass
I vow that this song will play forever in my stereo bass
Stab me.. or cock a gun . shot me .. I�ll love to die like biggie tu-pac and Nas
Coz my life is now 4 verses, a chorus and dash..
And Emashes a piece of trash..
But for his pieces you need to be extravagant in terms of cash ..
 Like it or not . it was all your lyrics
Sorry I can�t put my best before critics
But it�s better for now.. it�s her mimics
I�ll make it better next time.. Yeah I guess remix ..
Im going now.. but baby I�ll be back soon
In case u memorize me.. take 1 look at the moon
I got one room in it .. so dark even in the noon
Even in the month of fucking June..
You ruined me.. now its time for boon
And Just as I took a last walk away from your home
I glanced at your window. And took 1 last look at the door..
But you weren�t there anymore..
Next moment I saw my head facing floor
Almost as if to say ���������������������.

Your real eyes will see the rain
You will realize my pain when you too get drained
Or once you hear me cry .. !! �this is what says my pen�
You have tear me inside .
Small eyes and tears inside�
So baby you hear me cry..

This shit is really hard
Your home is merely 20 yards
But miles away when it comes to heart <3 <3


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June 2014

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