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Why Must I Still Be In Love With You?
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Why Must I Still Be In Love With You?
[331 words]
[December 2013]
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Why Must I Still Be In Love With You?

CM7 Dm9 CM7 Gsus
All my friends say she's on the game
CM7 Dm9 CM7 Ab7#11
on and off and on ag-ain
Gm7 C7 Gm7 C7susb9
they say that they've seen her with a lot of men - There's
Gm7 C7 Gm9/GbM7b5/Eb7
nothing wrong with liking ex-pen/sive/things

    E9 Gb7#11
(I) saw you on the
Fm9 Bm9
Bou-le-vard/parked up
F#9 G#7#11
in his car
        Gm9 Bb13 Eb7
Sitting arm - in - arm

    Em9 A7sus DM7 B7b13
And every time I ask you, you say it wasn't you
      Em9 A7sus DM7 B7b13
I'm a fool to believe you, but what else can I do?
    Fm9 Bbsus EbM7 A7
And when you say you love me I know it can't be true, but baby
Fm7 Gm7 AbM7 Adim Bbsusb9
Why must I still be - in - love

       EbM7b5 E7/Db Gm7 AbM7
(with) you - oh
           EbM7b5 E7/Db Gm7 AbM7
Ee you wee you - oh
          EbM7b5 E7/Db Gm7 AbM7
oooo weee youu - oh
           EbM7b5 E7/Db Csus9 Gb13
Ee you wee you - oh

CM7 Dm9 CM7 Gsus
They all say that I'm crazy - they all say I'm mad
       CM7 Dm9 CM7 Ab7#11
(talk) fuck you man, you couldn't even remember her name
Gm7 C7 Gm7 C7susb9
nice girls simply just don't act that way
Gm7 C7 Eb7
It's a fair statement to say she literally gets paid to stay in bed all day

    E9 Gb7#11
And by the way,
             Fm9 Bm9
since you're so `Au Fait`
         F#9 g#7#11
with the bougoisie/why can't you ever dress
    Gm9 Bb13 Eb7

    Em9 A7sus DM7 B7b13
And everytime I ask you, you tell me something new
    Em9 A7sus DM7 B7b13
And everytime I believe you, or tell you that I do
    Fm9 Bbsus EbM7 A7
And when you say you love me I know that's just not true, and baby
Fm7 Gm7 AbM7 Adim Bbsusb9
Why must I still be in love

       EbM7b5 E7/Db Gm7 AbM7
(with) you - oh
           EbM7b5 E7/Db Gm7 AbM7
Ee you wee you - oh
          EbM7b5 E7/Db Gm7 AbM7
oooo weee youu - oh
           EbM7b5 E7/Db Csus9 Gb13
Ee you wee you - oh


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