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Dream On By Airick C.
Can't Do It Anymore by Cedric McClester Can't Do It Anymore was inspired by r&b singer Toni Braxton, who was poised to give up musi... [292 words]
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Dream On By Airick C.
Never give up on your dreams. Keep dreaming and fighting to be the person you want to be, not the person the world wants you to be.
[700 words]
Airick Airick C
[November 2013]
Dream On By Airick C.
Airick Airick C


So dream on, Sing On! Let your voice be heard sing your melody!
I said dream on! Baby Sing On! Keep on fighting for a victory!

Baby sing out loud for the trials in your past
Sing out loud for the memories but dont look back
Because life is all about the moments that is a fact
Just take a second to reflect and then get back on track
Now Iím writing my biography being who i oughta be
But your chance of getting signed is like winning the lottery
Struck by a lightening bolt and getting out of poverty
Learn to solve problems til you live your life scholarly
Dont wait for doors that get slammed in your face,
Just pick yourself up and keep on walking to the gate
Let love into your heart and never give up on faith
Add a purpose and direction now youíre on your way
To the person you were meant to be, Written in the prophecy
Maybe foretold by the destiny that set you free
To the life made for you, paved by the things you do
open up the door for people who stayed true
Cuz its not about the number of friends on your page
Itís the number of your friends that wanna see you on the stage
The ones that understand this how you get paid
Cuz they can feel your strength when you let rage out of the cage
Feel peace in the storm whirling out of control
Find solace is you life when you save your soul
Take hold of your dreams till you get on a roll
If you donít play the cards then the winning hand folds
so dream little child find the sweet side of life
Find beauty all around like a man and a wife
Put together they will fight just to overcome strife
Just waiting for the dawn through the dark of the night
Shine bright like the light where the tunnel is done
Make darkness flea like the morning sun
When they see you in the sky they yell hope has come
Cuz the twinkle in your eye makes evil runs!

So dream on, Sing On! Let your voice be heard sing your melody!
I said dream on! Baby Sing On! Keep on fighting for a victory!

I feel Iím standing for my city and my cityís solid ground
But all over my city I can hear the sound
Of these people getting tied down gagged and bound
By the Government today so letís throw them out!
So put your fist in the air and letís take a vow
Thereís a place and time to act called hear and now
Use your words as a weapon like click, clack, pow!
If you shoot him enough times the the man has to bow.
My promise to my fans is go to the top and never stop
And im gonna keep this fire burnin use a bic to set it off
But use caution when you smoke my words because they burn hot
Well I guess I learned to talk with fire when the devil and I fought
So let me tell you how your perfect in every way
You let love into your life each and every day
You bring joy into the world with a beautiful face!
Smiling so bright I wonder will it ever fade!
But what happens on the day when life doesnít go your way
When the blessings from above seem so far away
Look at the dreams that are made in the US of A
When I say we are one its United We Stay!!!
Tell Republicans and Democrats America is Back
And weíre tired of your lies and youíre full of crap!
Its time to get the politics back on track!
Maybe I should be the President the one who rapped!
So let me say a little prayer for everyone gone
How much more do we have lose before we are done
Sacrificing lifes of our duaghters and sons
Put to sleep over wars and from a reckless bum!
Itís time to take the reines and restore the peace
Cuz my brother from west is like my brother from the east
Share one love brudda one family tree
Rastafari C'est la vie

So dream on, Sing On! Let your voice be heard sing your melody!
I said dream on! Baby Sing On! Keep on fighting for a victory!

So dream on, Sing On! Let your voice be heard sing your melody!
I said dream on! Baby Sing On! Keep on fighting for a victory!



"Very powerful word usage and a solid message. I enjoy being able to see the story line as I read the words off the page. Beautiful!" -- Mike, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA.


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November 2013

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