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This Old Guitar by David Simmons This is a song I wrote one night thinking about all the people and places me and my guitar have... [421 words]
More Than I Can Give by William Watkins - [174 words]
Your Songbook Diary by Cedric McClester Your Songbook Diary was written in the voice of one of Taylor Swift's ex-boyfriends. [275 words]
You Put Me Down by Cedric McClester You Put Me Down was written in the voice of country singer Kelly Clarkson, in response to a rat... [284 words]
You Make Me Fly by G Burke A love that makes you feel a sense of flying. [106 words]
Would You Leave If It Meant Never Coming Back. by Jet Hanley - [153 words]
Wild And Free by G Burke Reflection on love lost. [145 words]
Waiting On You by David Simmons I wrote this song After one night leaving the most beautiful woman in the worlds home. She is al... [372 words]
Under Age And Abused by Cedric McClester - [331 words]
Truth Contorter by Hugozhor - [162 words]
Tongue-Tied by Cedric McClester - [229 words]
The Enemy Within by Hugozhor - [150 words]
The Curse Wolf by Hugozhor - [263 words]
That Classic Look by Cedric McClester That Classic Look was inspired by the Kanye West created controversy surrounding the Justin T... [223 words]
Tennessee Angel by David Simmons I have a good friend of mine tha is Beautiful! She plays, sings and lives in Nashville. I went ... [417 words]
Stranger In A Strange Land by Hugozhor - [146 words]
So Much Better Now by David Simmons I wrote this song after a long day. I was lying with the most beautiful woman in the world a... [342 words]
Sedition by Cedric McClester Sedition was inspired in my sleep after viewing a documentary on Hugh Hefner and the Playboy Empire. ... [190 words]
Running Scared by Hugozhor - [105 words]
Resignation by Hugozhor - [141 words]
Remember The Good Times by Emma Jane Rowley My song about having to have the bad or you will never know the good. [238 words]
Reasons To Laugh (Reasons To Hate Part Ii.) by Hugozhor - [143 words]
On The Road Again by Hugozhor - [180 words]
Old Town We Called Home by Beverly A Petrie A song I composed in 2012. Please note there are only lyrics, and as yet no music. [170 words]
Nothing�S Gonna Stop Me (On The Road Again Ii) by Hugozhor - [232 words]
Night Of The Fright by Hugozhor - [191 words]
Molly by Cedric McClester Molly was inspired by the increasing use of Molly an allegedly purer form of the ecstasy pill. [175 words]
Meri Khta by Ursh - [62 words]
Matrix (2) by Hugozhor - [370 words]
Manchanger by Hugozhor - [171 words]
Mama by Cedric McClester - [147 words]
Loving Is Dying by Akshay B Akshay B This Song is the thoughts of a boy who lost his love.. [148 words]
Love (10) by Hugozhor - [195 words]
Like To Fly by Hugozhor - [150 words]
Liber Calvarium (The Book Of Skulls) by Hugozhor - [193 words]
Just A Stranger by William Watkins - [148 words]
J And E by Cedric McClester - [154 words]
I�M Healed by Hugozhor - [127 words]
If (2) by Hugozhor - [140 words]
I Still Think About You by Cedric McClester - [292 words]
I Miss You (I Just Want My Baby Back) Mp3 Link Inside by Gemmol Lewis It is a Hip Hop/ Pop song, about a person missing someone... [504 words]
I Don�T Believe In Love by Hugozhor - [126 words]
I Am Your Empire by Nick Washington Just a rap My first rape :D [116 words]
Heartbreaking Maniac by J Rhiana Summerville This song is about a girl/guy that emotianaly abuses a girl/guy [93 words]
Golden Years by Hugozhor - [120 words]
Fool For You. by Stephanie Smith A song about loving someone who hurt you and doesn't want to be with you. [302 words]
Dreams (Never Satisfied) by Hugozhor - [196 words]
Dracula by Hugozhor - [128 words]
Deadly Mistake by Hugozhor - [237 words]
Crazy In Love by Cedric McClester - [173 words]
Conscience (2) by Hugozhor - [222 words]
Broken Man by Peter Slack - [331 words]
A While In Dreamland by Hugozhor - [182 words]
Who�S Behind The Wire Fence? by Hugozhor - [203 words]
When The Idol Falls by Hugozhor - [277 words]
Unerasing Smile by Hugozhor - [79 words]
Unconditional (My Love Endures) by Cedric McClester Unconditional was composed by songwriter Johannes Ortner, who asked Mr. McCles... [130 words]
To Toast by Seth Gates - [146 words]
This Place (Is The Right Place To Be The Last) by Hugozhor - [111 words]
This Is Our Time by Joe Desanto [76 words]
The Price (You Want Me To Pay) by Hugozhor - [294 words]
Swagger Of A Jaguar
Red Not Dead by Tommy Luca Dedicated to TAYLOR SWIFT [120 words]
Parasite by Hugozhor - [152 words]
October Sky by John Emery Trouble in my relationship. Conveying the hope that I have and faith that it will work itself out. [308 words]
Newberg Raps by Jacob Newberg Ive made verses of my raps. Almost a year ago my friend committed suicide so i rap about the hard ... [113 words]
Never See Me Cry by Hugozhor - [180 words]
Nate's by Jacob Newberg - [163 words]
My One Of A Kind by John Emery Song I wrote while missing my sweetheart in Afghanistan. [441 words]
My Illusions by Cedric McClester - [225 words]
Modern Slavery by Hugozhor - [200 words]
Mirror by Jacob Newberg - [118 words]
Met A Girl by John Emery Inspiration was my chance meeting a Army EOD Girl named sky on the R&R flight back from Afghanistan.... [262 words]
Lord Of Eternity by Hugozhor - [168 words]
Long Distance by John Emery I wrote this to communicate the inner struggle that I'm having with my ex dating her new found b... [532 words]
Like Bathing In The River Ganges by Cedric McClester Like Bathing In The River Ganges was inspired by a television magazine piece o... [218 words]
In A Blink Of An Eye by Hugozhor - [152 words]
I Won't Spend One More Day by Leann M Pawlaczyk A song on moving on [273 words]
How Many? by Cedric McClester How Many? is my response to our seeming propensity for violence. [316 words]
Hit Me by Mark A Welshrocker It's about a guy who was cheated on by his girlfriend and how he feels. If it gets good reviews and what... [121 words]
Here Today Gone Tomorrow by Cedric McClester - [214 words]
Hall Of Frame (Breaking Not Broken) by Tommy Luca DEDICATED TO MY BABY COMING MY WAY... [251 words]
Greener Grass by Cedric McClester - [172 words]
Forgave You by William Watkins - [146 words]
Everybody Wants A Genius by Cedric McClester Everybody Wants A Genius was inspired and adapted from a Johannes Ortner song idea. [122 words]
Different (But Brave) In 3 Parts by Hugozhor - [417 words]
Crack Ho' by Cedric McClester - [166 words]
Careless Mind by Hugozhor - [114 words]
Burka Girl by John Emery Inspiration is a Afghan woman that is very attractive that me and my men have seen several times whi... [273 words]
Behind The Wall Of Freedom - Conceptual Album by Hugozhor - [81 words]
Another Chapter No More Fear by Hugozhor - [159 words]
Alive Again by Jacob Newberg - [141 words]
Afghanistan by John Emery Afghanistan, worst year of my life, hell on earth......enough said. [261 words]
2 Behind The Wall Of Freedom - Concept Album - Storyline (Synopsis) by Hugozhor - [592 words]
10. Where Freedom Lies - Behind The Wall Of Freedom by Hugozhor - [285 words]
09. Return - Behind The Wall Of Freedom by Hugozhor - [242 words]
08. Instant Clarity (Open My Eyes Part Ii.) - Behind The Wall Of by Hugozhor - [280 words]
07. Brave New World - Behind The Wall Of Freedom by Hugozhor - [246 words]
06. Tears For A Dead - Behind The Wall Of Freedom by Hugozhor - [180 words]
05. Escape - Behind The Wall Of Freedom by Hugozhor - [210 words]
04. Decision (Partners In Crime) - Behind The Wall Of Freedom by Hugozhor - [212 words]
03. Open My Eyes - Behind The Wall Of Freedom by Hugozhor - [394 words]
02. Careless - Behind The Wall Of Freedom by Hugozhor - [176 words]
01. Childhood In Innocence - Behind The Wall Of Freedom by Hugozhor - [119 words]

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Swagger Of A Jaguar
[67 words]
Bob Eager
Bob Eager was born between Scottsdale and Phoenix In Arizona. Bob Eager believes there are alluring things we all fall for. He pontificates his disbelief in everything in Rusty Truck, Glass Coin, Static Movement,Exercise Bowler, and Right Hand Pointing.

[February 2013]
Swagger Of A Jaguar
Bob Eager

Struggle through fame quicksand
Self induced personal quagmire

to make it in a cutthroat jugular territory
image laden industry

to be on the cover of a magazine

You must have the
Swagger of a Jaguar

Is there a talent to your beauty
toss away the craft of creativity

re-application of botox in excess
On The runway to entertainment success

stagger from the competitive dagger

A Jaguar swagger

the road to fame you must

acquire an instinct to

develop the
Swagger of a Jaguar


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February 2013

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