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This Old Guitar by David Simmons This is a song I wrote one night thinking about all the people and places me and my guitar have... [421 words]
More Than I Can Give by William Watkins - [174 words]
Your Songbook Diary by Cedric McClester Your Songbook Diary was written in the voice of one of Taylor Swift's ex-boyfriends. [275 words]
You Put Me Down by Cedric McClester You Put Me Down was written in the voice of country singer Kelly Clarkson, in response to a rat... [284 words]
You Make Me Fly by G Burke A love that makes you feel a sense of flying. [106 words]
Would You Leave If It Meant Never Coming Back. by Jet Hanley - [153 words]
Wild And Free by G Burke Reflection on love lost. [145 words]
Waiting On You by David Simmons I wrote this song After one night leaving the most beautiful woman in the worlds home. She is al... [372 words]
Under Age And Abused by Cedric McClester - [331 words]
Truth Contorter by Hugozhor - [162 words]
Tongue-Tied by Cedric McClester - [229 words]
The Enemy Within by Hugozhor - [150 words]
The Curse Wolf by Hugozhor - [263 words]
That Classic Look by Cedric McClester That Classic Look was inspired by the Kanye West created controversy surrounding the Justin T... [223 words]
Tennessee Angel by David Simmons I have a good friend of mine tha is Beautiful! She plays, sings and lives in Nashville. I went ... [417 words]
Stranger In A Strange Land by Hugozhor - [146 words]
So Much Better Now by David Simmons I wrote this song after a long day. I was lying with the most beautiful woman in the world a... [342 words]
Sedition by Cedric McClester Sedition was inspired in my sleep after viewing a documentary on Hugh Hefner and the Playboy Empire. ... [190 words]
Running Scared by Hugozhor - [105 words]
Resignation by Hugozhor - [141 words]
Remember The Good Times by Emma Jane Rowley My song about having to have the bad or you will never know the good. [238 words]
Reasons To Laugh (Reasons To Hate Part Ii.) by Hugozhor - [143 words]
On The Road Again by Hugozhor - [180 words]
Old Town We Called Home by Beverly A Petrie A song I composed in 2012. Please note there are only lyrics, and as yet no music. [170 words]
Nothing´S Gonna Stop Me (On The Road Again Ii) by Hugozhor - [232 words]
Night Of The Fright by Hugozhor - [191 words]
Molly by Cedric McClester Molly was inspired by the increasing use of Molly an allegedly purer form of the ecstasy pill. [175 words]
Meri Khta by Ursh - [62 words]
Matrix (2) by Hugozhor - [370 words]
Manchanger by Hugozhor - [171 words]
Mama by Cedric McClester - [147 words]
Loving Is Dying by Akshay B Akshay B This Song is the thoughts of a boy who lost his love.. [148 words]
Love (10) by Hugozhor - [195 words]
Like To Fly by Hugozhor - [150 words]
Liber Calvarium (The Book Of Skulls) by Hugozhor - [193 words]
Just A Stranger by William Watkins - [148 words]
J And E by Cedric McClester - [154 words]
I´M Healed by Hugozhor - [127 words]
If (2) by Hugozhor - [140 words]
I Still Think About You by Cedric McClester - [292 words]
I Miss You (I Just Want My Baby Back) Mp3 Link Inside by Gemmol Lewis It is a Hip Hop/ Pop song, about a person missing someone... [504 words]
I Don´T Believe In Love by Hugozhor - [126 words]
I Am Your Empire by Nick Washington Just a rap My first rape :D [116 words]
Heartbreaking Maniac by J Rhiana Summerville This song is about a girl/guy that emotianaly abuses a girl/guy [93 words]
Golden Years by Hugozhor - [120 words]
Fool For You. by Stephanie Smith A song about loving someone who hurt you and doesn't want to be with you. [302 words]
Dreams (Never Satisfied) by Hugozhor - [196 words]
Dracula by Hugozhor - [128 words]
Deadly Mistake by Hugozhor - [237 words]
Crazy In Love by Cedric McClester - [173 words]
Conscience (2) by Hugozhor - [222 words]
Broken Man by Peter Slack - [331 words]
A While In Dreamland by Hugozhor - [182 words]
Who´S Behind The Wire Fence? by Hugozhor - [203 words]
When The Idol Falls by Hugozhor - [277 words]
Unerasing Smile by Hugozhor - [79 words]
Unconditional (My Love Endures) by Cedric McClester Unconditional was composed by songwriter Johannes Ortner, who asked Mr. McCles... [130 words]
To Toast by Seth Gates - [146 words]
This Place (Is The Right Place To Be The Last) by Hugozhor - [111 words]
This Is Our Time by Joe Desanto [76 words]
The Price (You Want Me To Pay) by Hugozhor - [294 words]
Swagger Of A Jaguar by Bob Eager - [67 words]
Red Not Dead by Tommy Luca Dedicated to TAYLOR SWIFT [120 words]
Parasite by Hugozhor - [152 words]
October Sky by John Emery Trouble in my relationship. Conveying the hope that I have and faith that it will work itself out. [308 words]
Newberg Raps by Jacob Newberg Ive made verses of my raps. Almost a year ago my friend committed suicide so i rap about the hard ... [113 words]
Never See Me Cry by Hugozhor - [180 words]
Nate's by Jacob Newberg - [163 words]
My One Of A Kind by John Emery Song I wrote while missing my sweetheart in Afghanistan. [441 words]
My Illusions by Cedric McClester - [225 words]
Modern Slavery by Hugozhor - [200 words]
Met A Girl by John Emery Inspiration was my chance meeting a Army EOD Girl named sky on the R&R flight back from Afghanistan.... [262 words]
Lord Of Eternity by Hugozhor - [168 words]
Long Distance by John Emery I wrote this to communicate the inner struggle that I'm having with my ex dating her new found b... [532 words]
Like Bathing In The River Ganges by Cedric McClester Like Bathing In The River Ganges was inspired by a television magazine piece o... [218 words]
In A Blink Of An Eye by Hugozhor - [152 words]
I Won't Spend One More Day by Leann M Pawlaczyk A song on moving on [273 words]
How Many? by Cedric McClester How Many? is my response to our seeming propensity for violence. [316 words]
Hit Me by Mark A Welshrocker It's about a guy who was cheated on by his girlfriend and how he feels. If it gets good reviews and what... [121 words]
Here Today Gone Tomorrow by Cedric McClester - [214 words]
Hall Of Frame (Breaking Not Broken) by Tommy Luca DEDICATED TO MY BABY COMING MY WAY... [251 words]
Greener Grass by Cedric McClester - [172 words]
Forgave You by William Watkins - [146 words]
Everybody Wants A Genius by Cedric McClester Everybody Wants A Genius was inspired and adapted from a Johannes Ortner song idea. [122 words]
Different (But Brave) In 3 Parts by Hugozhor - [417 words]
Crack Ho' by Cedric McClester - [166 words]
Careless Mind by Hugozhor - [114 words]
Burka Girl by John Emery Inspiration is a Afghan woman that is very attractive that me and my men have seen several times whi... [273 words]
Behind The Wall Of Freedom - Conceptual Album by Hugozhor - [81 words]
Another Chapter No More Fear by Hugozhor - [159 words]
Alive Again by Jacob Newberg - [141 words]
Afghanistan by John Emery Afghanistan, worst year of my life, hell on earth......enough said. [261 words]
2 Behind The Wall Of Freedom - Concept Album - Storyline (Synopsis) by Hugozhor - [592 words]
10. Where Freedom Lies - Behind The Wall Of Freedom by Hugozhor - [285 words]
09. Return - Behind The Wall Of Freedom by Hugozhor - [242 words]
08. Instant Clarity (Open My Eyes Part Ii.) - Behind The Wall Of by Hugozhor - [280 words]
07. Brave New World - Behind The Wall Of Freedom by Hugozhor - [246 words]
06. Tears For A Dead - Behind The Wall Of Freedom by Hugozhor - [180 words]
05. Escape - Behind The Wall Of Freedom by Hugozhor - [210 words]
04. Decision (Partners In Crime) - Behind The Wall Of Freedom by Hugozhor - [212 words]
03. Open My Eyes - Behind The Wall Of Freedom by Hugozhor - [394 words]
02. Careless - Behind The Wall Of Freedom by Hugozhor - [176 words]
01. Childhood In Innocence - Behind The Wall Of Freedom by Hugozhor - [119 words]

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[118 words]
Writing Resource
Jacob Newberg
[January 2013]
Alive Again (Songs) - [141 words]
Nate's (Songs) - [163 words]
Jacob Newberg

I'm afraid to look in the mirror and see the demonic
force inside me! Sometimes i turn into a monster, making
me stronger! My head feels like it wants to explode and
unload the load i carry around daily, I can gravely remember
things! Destroying myself with feelings and always thinking,
filling my head with nonsense, with the constant problems
I major in excellence but I keep meeting deference in the
face. I'm tired of being haunted by this evil thought
that has brought out my insanity with the intensity rising!
I cant take anymore all i feel is remorse! I gotta cry myself
to sleep so i can delete this evil thought! I told you
I'm done, see ya while I plunge into deep thought!



"wow this is really good! I hope you continue to write these. keep up the good work!" -- mike, dayton, Ohio, United States.


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January 2013

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