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Northwind Wolves
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Northwind Wolves
[1,214 words]
Northwind Wolves

[January 2013]
Northwind Wolves
Northwind Wolves

Terrestrial Hellworld- SONG 1

INTRO- "Should i Kill Myself, or Kill everyone around me ?"

I have seen , what hell is like , a place so dark that death won't follow.

Have you felt true pain inside? i'm in Endless Pain , withdrawn and Hollow.
Yet, i'll live on another day, til' death descends and i slip away...

My blood's reflections' in my eyes
 , That silver blade, that stays by my side.
But i really died , so long ago ,and what you saw was just for show,
so let it go...

With this Knife , i'll end my life, so bring me face to face with Death !!!

With My last whispers to the wind, i'm Thinking back on all my sins...
so i'll take the chance i have ahead , to leave your hell and join the dead.

Beneath the moon ,and Clouded skies, I take a breath and close my eyes
With no idea what lies ahead, I end my life and join the dead...
To stop the pain within my heart, i'll make this whole world fall apart
And once again i walk alone, and prepare to enter the Unknown.

They'll try to call it suicide, now try to see through all their lies
nothing matters that i ever said, so I leave this world to you instead...

Cold Celestial NorthWinds- SONG 2

It was so dark , so dark of night
there was no hope at all to light
a light at all to help me to see
past the black of night to see before me...

Those howling winds that froze our hearts
The same which tore our worlds apart...

I fulfill the pact that we made before
remember now?,to which you swore...
All those words you said were lies...
Don't matter now , because we both die!

Cold Celestial... NorthWinds Rising to the Skies...
I see your fear from within your eyes...

Cold Celestial... NorthWinds Rising to the skies
On-wards towards my demise...

What we shared had come to pass...
What was so strong, could break like glass...
With that glass , you say goodbye ...
so take my hand and prepare to die...

-Conjuration of the Plague Star- SONG 3

-Intro- "All I've got left is this..., and Suicide..."

I look within those eyes i hate , the eyes that remind me of my pain...
and in hell i awake not from a dream, I never thought we'd meet again...
These wounds that do not heal, breathe in new life when you are near...
Before the daylight falls, you'll wish i never reappeared...

I watch your shadow cast against the moonlit starless skies
I feel the screaming in my heart, when you arrived and we met eyes

So come with me, come towards your death, And I'll drag you straight down into hell
Feel the Pulse of Death , As i release you from this world Tonight.

The way we were has come and gone, and we'll not escape the Spell Of Time...
As i am now you soon will be, pass through this veil of death aligned...
so you pass, beyond the gate beneath this starless, pitch black night...
Let the wings of death descend ,in sacred times before the light...

Conjuration of the Plague Star...
In the shadows, the end draws near
Conjuration of the Plague Star...
I'll show you what true darkness is...
Conjuration of the Plague Star...
Such Evil on a night like this...
Conjuration of the Plague Star...
Can't you look me in the eyes?

Starlit Funeral Forest - SONG 4

-Intro- "When Night falls...My Death is only the Beginning..."

I Hate...
All the things you do , those little things you say...
To Me...
It was all those little things, we always seemed to disagree...

I know,
I said everyday, that you and i would die
all went to hell , wish it didn't have to end
this way.
The way you pull me in, always bring me what...
i Need...
The way you walked away, I'm not gonna take that...

I'd Rather Die ,
Than look into your eyes , another time...
I could Never make you see,
The way you really hated me. cause,
I'd Rather Die ,
Than look into your eyes , another time...
I left you writing on the wall
at my starlit funeral...

You know
The way you lied to me, would get you back
some day
what you did to me, you think i'd let you
run away?
All those things you do, those little things you had
to say...
The way you looked at me, the way i waste away...

-Outro- "I hate you..." "Well i hate you right back"

Astronomy- SONG 5

Far above a star i see, a star that ever stares back at me.
From beyond the skies , From beyond the seas
Look upon our world... , like your disease...

The Stars themselves will fall tonight
make your wish , before you die...

so shall our reign come to an end, from beyond this we shall not ascend
A death that one can-not transcend, into darkness we descend...

Come away with me on a winter's Night...
Beneath the Sea of Stars thereof...
The Mist that reveals the skies despite...
The stars that fall down from above...

Come away with me on a winter's Night...
Beneath a Sea of Stars so Cold...
Everything you know shall die...
Below a Sea of stars... Behold...

Watch The Stars Fall from the skies Tonight...

Watch them fall... Come on...
The Stars will fall... Watch them fall...

Spiritual Darkness... SONG 6
-Intro - "This Second death... it's the Lake of Fire"

A Black heart beating from within my chest...
Everyday that i'm alive , Another day that i detest...

Another day that i detest...
Death take me on this day
just take me now, take me away

I hope tonight mine eyes stay sealed
bring me darkness ,and all will be revealed

I feel a weight that holds me down...
Just Can't Breathe or make a sound...
Feels like I'm 6 Feet Under Ground...

What a Sight this Starless Night...
This Darkness it does suit me well...
Reminds me that i live in hell...

Only in this darkness, Will your spirit come to me?
Only in true Darkness, wont your Spirit Come with me?
Only in this darkness, Will your spirit come to me?
Only in true Darkness, wont your Spirit Come with me?

Black Ritual Stardeath - The Vampire'S Waltz SONG 7

They who Gather round the stones, who chant the spell of death tonight
Beneath the stars and Skies above, The passages that we incite...
Accept this blood from me to you, Your spell come true...

With this Mortal as will a star , Descend to darkness from afar
This ritual Stardeath pact Complete , I've had enough of your deceit
The blood that paints this ancient stone, let me die alone...

Black Ritual Star-death
And i will transgress
Black ritual Star- Death
Die Tonight, come on

The Wind that Passes through the leaves, Beneath a pale moon high above
The way we once were so long ago, can never be like that again
So ill see you on the other side, In the end...

Sea of Storms - SONG 8

-Intro- "Death will Follow you"

Evil on a night like this, We travel forth on barren seas
A dying crew , infested with disease.

sitting in the dark, while trying to not think at all.
Filled with pulsing blood, you hear their final mourning call

Oh Sea of storms we call out to you , take us to hell.

Oh Sea of storms Guide us now toward the gates of hell

With my Last Breath, I stay true
i will never be the same
Now i draw near to the black gates

This journey on this sea of storms , Through the darkness of the night
Reveal to me the flames of hell tonight.

Surrounded by my dying crew, i raise my tired body yet
Ill reach the gates of hell before sunset...


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