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Have You Ever? (Ever) by Cedric McClester - [154 words]
Like A Rock Star by Richard Evans wisdom [114 words]
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder by Cedric McClester Post Traumatic Stress was inspired by rocker Mick Jagger who lost his soul mate ... [238 words]
Feel Free To Love by Anik Hakuoh A song about encouraging a girl to love with no hesitation. [190 words]
Can You Hear The Angels? by William Watkins *** Commended Entry in the UK Song-writing Competition 2012 *** [119 words]
Unicorn Ponies by William Watkins Don't take this seriously. [72 words]
Your Golden Hearts by Matthew Mark Gill Fame Faded Fame Band) [92 words]
When You And I Were We by Cedric McClester When You And I Were We was inspired by I'll See You In My Dreams and should be a melanch... [105 words]
Whatever Come What May by Cedric McClester - [253 words]
What Does He Believe In? by Cedric McClester Need I ask a more relevant question? [203 words]
We've Become New Orleans by Cedric McClester - [199 words]
We Can Change The World by Cedric McClester - [188 words]
Urkel by Cedric McClester - [158 words]
They Long For America... by Cedric McClester - [215 words]
The Country Swing by Cedric McClester The Country Swing is a finished song with music by Johannes Ortner and lyrics by Cedric McCle... [213 words]
Tay Krew I'm Rare Ft Blox by Tay Krew Tay Krew "IM RARE" ft BLOX (prod by P-Midus) 2012 The Young Star Life / YSLA Availabl... [512 words]
Society (May Not Agree) by Cedric McClester - [225 words]
On A Role by William Watkins - [111 words]
My Unborn Child by Georgina Jennifer Godden - [273 words]
Moon-Amber Nights by Charles Turner A passionate song of young love. [149 words]
Love's The Only Reason... by Cedric McClester - [291 words]
Loved Me For Me (Wedding Song) by William Watkins - [95 words]
Lock N' Key (Interlude) by William Watkins - [92 words]
Little Ghosts by Anonymous Battling the difference between sanity and insanity as regrets flood a girl's mind as she's tryin... [215 words]
John K-Ay - Coz I Love You by John K-Ay Ndaishimiye John K-Ay John K-ay From TAO BOIZ bEST HIT [416 words]
It's The Human Condition by Cedric McClester - [345 words]
I Think You Beautiful (My Appreciation 4 The Ladies) by Gemmol Lewis It is story driven, basically meant to make girls smile. M... [568 words]
I Am Your Christ by Lynn Tomoral Christian lyrics in a poem I wrote I think would make a beautiful Contempary Christian Song. [151 words]
How Do I Count The Ways? by Cedric McClester How Do I Count The Ways is a collaboration between Johannes Ortner who wrote the music... [213 words]
How Can We Go On? by Cedric McClester - [193 words]
Goodbye To Twinkies by Cedric McClester - [212 words]
Glenn Davis Doctor G by Glenn Davis Glenn Davis Doctor G [217 words]
Giving Up The Ghost by Sean Fedrau Reflecting on the loss of a close friend [405 words]
Digitally Erased by Anthony D Hernandez Here are lyrics I wrote for people that are feeling empty and alone. For inspiration. With a u... [85 words]
Digitally Erased (Part 4) by Anthony D Hernandez Part 4 of Digitally Erased [75 words]
Digitally Erased (Part 3) by Anthony D Hernandez Part 3 of Digitally Erased [80 words]
Digitally Erased (Part 2) by Anthony D Hernandez Part 2 of Digitally Erased [90 words]
Daisy Plumtree by Charles Turner A woman of the raw frontier. A lady outlaw. [148 words]
Blame Is A Game (Can't Run From) by Annacat - [233 words]
Before The Bullet Flies by Cedric McClester Before The Bullet Flies is my commentary on the high level of violence in American soci... [235 words]
Be Brave by Cedric McClester - [129 words]
Another Lonely Night by Cedric McClester - [208 words]
Annihilist by James Prisby Enemy of Everything. [408 words]
Aberdeen by Matthew Mark Gill About Fame.. [148 words]
A Reactionary Reacts by Cedric McClester - [203 words]
I Can Love You More by Anik Hakuoh It is a love song about a boy trying to show that he can love more than the new boy seen by... [335 words]
You Can't Change My Mind by Cedric McClester - [212 words]
Yele (Don't Ask Wyclef) by Cedric McClester Yele (Don't Ask Wyclef) was inspired by Haitian musician Wyclef Jean's charity Yele, wh... [298 words]
Word To The Wise by Cedric McClester - [359 words]
We All Have A Part To Play by Cedric McClester - [271 words]
Trust Me by William Watkins - [106 words]
Titanic by Cedric McClester - [228 words]
Thrown Stones And Pointed Sticks by Cedric McClester Thrown Stones And Pointed Sticks is a commentary of modern politics in the Uni... [257 words]
This Is For Amanda by Cedric McClester Amanda is a true story that illustrates what the end results of cyber bullying can be. [250 words]
They Tried To Tell Me by Cedric McClester They Tried To Tell Me was written in a female's voice. [184 words]
The Motor City by Cedric McClester - [238 words]
Texas, My Texas by Glenn Boudreau Lyrics I wrote and copyrighted to the song Texas, My Texas [214 words]
Taliban by Cedric McClester Taliban was inspired by those long bearded savages. who profess to be Muslim but whose acts a totally i... [235 words]
Sweet Sandra Smith by Cedric McClester Sweet Sandra Smith is based on a true story. [213 words]
Sumthin' 'bout The Man by Cedric McClester Sumthin' Bout The Man was inspired by the life of Detroit native Sixto Rodriguez. [208 words]
Rodriguez by Cedric McClester Rodriguez was inspired by singer/songwriter Sixto Rodriguez, a Detroit native whose work was largely ... [256 words]
Please Stay ( This Is Only To Make The by Jamie Parker Um, I hope you like it. If you if they allow you to comment on this thin... [160 words]
One-Night Stand by Cedric McClester I channelled my inner Leonard Cohen on this one. [233 words]
New Beginning (2010) by William Watkins - [95 words]
Never Taken by James Kenneth Edwards This is a poem I wrote for my auntie who sadly lost her baby son [89 words]
My Sole Indiscretion by Cedric McClester My Sole Indiscretion was written in the voice of singer/writer Leonard Cohen. It was base... [289 words]
Marianna by Cedric McClester Marianna is inspired by a true story of a reform school in Marianna Florida. [264 words]
Love Will Always Be... by Cedric McClester - [206 words]
Judgement Day by C D Donaldson - [305 words]
Jealousy Got In The Way by Cedric McClester Jealousy Got In The Way is based on true events that unfortunately tend to repeat thems... [187 words]
Ignorance by Cedric McClester - [166 words]
Hunts Point by Cedric McClester - [233 words]
How Do You Measure Success? by Cedric McClester - [258 words]
Goodbye Paige by Ashlee Jae Smith My best friend Paige died of Leukemia and it talks about how im finally going to tell her goodbye [286 words]
Go Tell'em by G-Marl Jamal Song Written By G-Marl Jamal,Lee N and HD Flat Recorded at Gold Dust Construction and Produced by A... [330 words]
Embrace The Light by Cedric McClester - [145 words]
Dreams Comes True by Siddharth Shah - [90 words]
Don't Sing Along With Me by Cedric McClester - [329 words]
Does God Exist? by Cedric McClester - [309 words]
Dead Dreams by Russ Martino contmporary tale of woe [66 words]
Common Sense by Cedric McClester - [232 words]
Come Here My Darlin' by Cedric McClester - [208 words]
All Prayers Are Answered by Cedric McClester - [211 words]

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3 artists from wattville
[406 words]
Makhosini Mbhele

[October 2012]
Makhosini Mbhele


Ah laba bath 'syafosta
Thulan 'bheke I mic isazon'khaba
Ngzon'bonisa ama invincible imfene eshaya I kwasa
Ngapha iy'khothan sya pexa mara ibisi alikho ekhaya
Nsazocwala ngale number izozwakala njenge mvula
[Ah] ng'vele ng'bulale ama bars ng'moshele ukuvulela iy'boshwa
Always aiming high njenge keyt may'khomb 'ijuba
Ngzonfakela I spill e toilet for ukun bonisa ama simba
Nale flow iyagijima ngath wu caster Siminya [ah]
Nginyanga ye hip-hop ng'lahli sgubhu ngya beatboxer
Am a heavy worldin mic let me join no ma strong bars
I've been up da whole day nginga'khathal njenge porn star
Njenge veteran ngyadubula ngiyi soldier
Lomthana uphuz 'I reds that's why adume ngok'phola
Ngik'qeda amandla njenge nyongo manje seng'zok bhodla
Rap ur ladies pussy umhlaba kube yi gift
We'll be rolling e wattville sengath singama vill


Wattville wattville Khura Cas Khosi
Mas attacker ngale number k'phela lonki pozi [X2]
Mow'phuma e west that's your shout out,phume east that's your shout out
Mina ng'phuma e wattville that's why I raise my hands high[X2]


Bathi ng' sweet ngath kuwe I truck yo shukela
Laba ng'sazobafikela ngath yi flu may'khipha ama finyela
I've got this lady shaking me the whole night
Ngath ngiyi dice,basazobalabala ngath babali rice
Yes I do right 'cause am so bright
Ezibhaya zine kwaal ngoba ng'nama bars abhaya ngapha ng'hlale ng'se plugin
Bath ama heavy weight,but abekho es'kalini
njenge phone engabambi kahle bashaye iPalini
[AH!]Bath ng'shelela blind ng'njenge rama
Abom rapper ng'sazob' enzela I drama
Sphush' inumber number ngath ng'driver I trolley yom china
'Cause sesfuna ukuqeda ukulamba lamba
Ngsazobathathela iy'toko ng'bahlanganise ngey nhloko
Ngath ba dealer ney poko
Ntwana asyeke I ringas less yadayada more ching ching
Laba baringa bhaya ngath banama bling bling
Sbadlela abantwana yo ting ting


Wattville wattville Khura Cas Khosi
Mas attacker ngale number k'phela lonki pozi [X2]
Mow'phuma e west that's your shout out,phume east that's your shout out
Mina ng'phuma e wattville that's why I raise my hands high[X2]


Nxa laba baya spita ubheke sizobadla phela ngama cheater
ekini k'hlale k'nomsindo mara akuna speaker
ngiwu X ka professor akekho ozong solver
ngya flower I beat ne mic sfun 'ukung adopter
bath ngyachisa k'le winter kim ngath yi summer
shout out kuma RedSquare nama heart breaker
awuna mfuth thole ama energy booster
ngath ng'ngene cresh ne mvubu ng'shaya abantwana
Ng'shaya ngama gama abhaya more than I bible
ngiyi trouble ng'hlale ng high more than I eagle
ngsazobachaza abantwana abahle bama dimple
izani nonke abey phongo nabama pimple
Vele style senu sise munva njenge sfombo
k'dala basthathela phansi okwe skorobho
manje sfikile sbhali number ngath syodlali lotto
ja ngyachisa ngyachisa ngiyi volcano


Wattville wattville Khura Cas Khosi
Mas attacker ngale number k'phela lonki pozi [X2]
Mow'phuma e west that's your shout out,phume east that's your shout out
Mina ng'phuma e wattville that's why I raise my hands high[X2]


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October 2012

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