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My Love Never Changes
[121 words]
[February 2012]
[email protected]
Rest In Peace(R.I.P) (Songs) this song is dedicated to all the lonely morons who are left to die [142 words]
My Love Never Changes

I love you as you are
you are going too far
I always miss you
you always make my mind
I am only of that kind
because I Love you

I love you
what you were before
I can't recognize you anymore
you have changed the world for me
and you tried to change for me
but i love you as you are
don't try too be too far
I am connect with you
because i love you

Tell me you love me too
our world's are far apart too
but somehow they are connected too

I love you what you were
I thought you are always there
I love you from my each beat
you have taken my heart's seat
When i first saw you
you made me sweat too
all say love is blind
i say its mad too
because i love,i love you


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