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See Ya Never Know by Cedric McClester - [194 words]
In My Life by Charlie Townsley A song I wrote on a rainy day [132 words]
Get Me Out Of This Town by Charlie Townsley - [78 words]
With These Chords by Charlie Townsley An uptempo little song [78 words]
High To Low by Andres Olguin ... [1 words]
You're The Boss by D J could be about an abusive relationship. actually about my best friend [169 words]
Your A Copy Cat by Matthew Mark Talking about my Favorite Rapper Lets Battle. [170 words]
Why You Love Me Like You Do by Charlie Townsley - [95 words]
Why Do You by Charlie Townsley A Country Tune. [127 words]
Why Do I Suffer ? by Richelle Phillips A song about women with abusive husbunds. [188 words]
When I'm A Father by Jonathon Brannon - [223 words]
Whatever Celebrities by Luke Mahossal Yea Yea Yea [149 words]
We Once We're Something by Luke Mahossal Stars That Faded.. [165 words]
We All Gonna Die by Luke Mahossal Leave Your Mark [98 words]
Turn The Heater On by Luke Mahossal Watch them Fry [143 words]
To The Man Who Has Everything by Cedric McClester To The Man Who Has Everything was inspired by the breakup of Kenneth Babyface Edm... [193 words]
The Mark by Matthew Mark Top Notch The Best.. [116 words]
The Letter (2011) by Jonathon Brannon - [178 words]
The Fever Is Gone by Luke Mahossal Country Star and Pop Star Faded Away.. [124 words]
The Choice Is Ours by Cedric McClester - [145 words]
That Don't Make You L.A by Jonathon Brannon - [108 words]
Terrorist? by Cedric McClester Terrorist was inspired by rapper Lupe Fiasco calling President Obama a terrorist. [270 words]
Take It From Me (2011) by Jonathon Brannon - [123 words]
Rainbow Brite by Matthew Mark Lets Rock It 4 Ever, We were made for one Another We all make mistakes I fix mine. [176 words]
Nothin At All by Jonathon Brannon - [126 words]
Neighborhood Sin by Charlie Townsley - [153 words]
Little Bit Of Gone by Jonathon Brannon - [148 words]
Its A Gift by Luke Mahossal YOU SUCK.. [135 words]
I'm Still Here (2011) by Jonathon Brannon Wrote this song for the parents of my favorite artist Nathan Davis who passed away tragic... [132 words]
Im Rich Your Poor by Luke Mahossal Lie Ya Way To Hell Kid. [116 words]
If He Fails, We Fail by Cedric McClester - [211 words]
I Will Love You Always by Charlie Townsley A love song [74 words]
I Have To Pause by Cedric McClester - [225 words]
Hit Or Miss by Cedric McClester Hit Or Miss was inspired by the killing of a 15 year old East Harlem boy, but there are far too man... [174 words]
High Heels & A Cowboy Hat by Tyler A Childs This a song I wrote about Mississippi Women! [378 words]
Harts In Pain by Sean Songslibbey Why do we do it to our selves [176 words]
Happily Divorced by Cedric McClester - [199 words]
Gin And Tonic
Ghosts – Music And Lyrics By: Christian Szabo by Christian Szabo Listen Pop / Rock music of Christian Szabó, a singer, songwriter ... [254 words]
Get Me There by Jonathon Brannon - [133 words]
Forgive Me (Where Do I Begin?) by Jonathon Brannon - [87 words]
Don’T Let ‘Em Come Between Us by Cedric McClester Don't Let 'Em Come Between Us was inspired by a blogged response to an After 7 so... [310 words]
Da Way I Am by Heidi-Jane Perriam it's about me growing up and stuff like that [206 words]
Cracker Jack Prize by Luke Mahassol HMMM Tasty [146 words]
Break It On Down by Jonathon Brannon - [167 words]
Best Of Me (2011) by Jonathon Brannon - [196 words]
Beauty Fades (But Dumb Is Forever) by Cedric McClester Needless to say this song was inspired by Sarah Palin. [281 words]
A Place To Belong by Cedric McClester A Place To Belong celebrates those who feel they don't belong. [178 words]
A Lie Will Die by Cedric McClester A Lie Will Die was inspired about the travails of Bishop Hezekaih Walker. [202 words]
A Fake Career by Luke Mahossal Screw This Fame.. [151 words]
5150 by Jonathon Brannon - [162 words]

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Gin And Tonic
Dirty little song about sex
[106 words]
Sean Libbey
[February 2010]
And They Told Us It Be Easy (Songs) Just my feelings about Afganastan and Iraq and how we thought everybody loved us and how easy it would be [190 words]
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Johns Revelation (Songs) Ahh old time religion. This sond is inspired but the old country/gospel songs. This Stones Prodical son. [125 words]
Living To Do (Songs) Story about anytown US 2010. recession,forclosure ,lonlyness , fear. [192 words]
Loosing My Emotions (Songs) some days it just doesn't seem worth while, we put on a mask and hope know one notices. it's all we can do [210 words]
Luckson (Songs) This song is based on a poem writen by a boy named Luckson orphaned after the quake in Haiti. his poem was read on NPR radio and it hit hmoe how sad this disaster was. [117 words]
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Ready For Your Help Now (Songs) You need to truly surrender to get the help you ask for. In this song im saying im ready [250 words]
Right Here In My Heart (Songs) This is to be sung like a gut wrenching blues/soul song. This James brown doing it's a mans world. Think of the pain we have all felt from love and then let it all come out in this song [173 words]
Slants And Rants (Songs) Prime time Fox ,MSNBC & CNN..all that needst to be said. This is fast rocker.spit the words out as fast as you can [128 words]
So Tired (Songs) it's been a bad few years for us all and it's never easy to tell someone how bad it's gotten [261 words]
Typical American Family (Songs) All the trivialities of life and how most of it is not that important [230 words]
Gin And Tonic
Sean Libbey

I want to smoke you like Cronick
Drink you like a fine Gin and tonic
pour you over ice
Drink you down nice and slow

Im gona play you like a old guitar
show you what its like to be a porn star
Roll you like dice
All in baby , win ,place and show

Im just a playa
here what ima say'n
Let just do this ,dont want to take to long

Im a fine fool
when you make be drool
lay you down low
Baby no way to take it slow

Im a fine mess
when you take off your dress
ant nothing more to say
You know im just gona a go go go
lol bay laugh out loud


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June 2011

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