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A Fake Career
5150 by Jonathon Brannon - [162 words]

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A Fake Career
Screw This Fame..
[151 words]
Luke Mahossal
[May 2011]
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A Fake Career
Luke Mahossal

Sitting Up at Night
Knowing this Ain't right
Otherwise we know it as a Dream
Thrown into the Public Beam

Can wave and say that I care
but see nothing but a fake in my mirror
collecting money for the lies I told
as another one of my albums have just been sold

One Time I Was Golden
One Time I Was Golden

I guess I could jump off a bridge and die
but then we'd be lost for the kids that try
pushing mops to sing one time
I'd give it all up at a drop of a dime

As This isn't my thing 4 shore
please please please
Close the Door
As I can't take the Corporate Ways
Heres to the hasbeen that really Pays

One Time One Time One Time
I was Golden

(fade) Silence here we go again.

Can wave and say that I care
but see nothing but a fake in my mirror
collecting money for the lies I told
as another one of my albums have just been sold



"Kind of dull and all over the place for such a simple, vain chant or rant but could have been a little better without putting AS at the start off some of your lines and maybe a few more bars of chorus? What are the random capital letters, some sort of code or something....Needs work, try to get better" -- Lj.
"HMMM" Whatever.. Kid Jealous Much" -- Luke, USA.
"Jealous of this....Ha ha, yeah......You remind me of another vain idiot on this website named Gill something or other! He would also comment back like 1 minute after I would write something on his stuff. Your stuff is exactly the same in both writting style and subject matter. Annoyingly stupid but thinks he is some type of amazing celebrity. The similarity is striking 'AS' I never thought I would see stuff as retarded as his. " -- Lj.
"Kid get a life.." -- Luke, USA.
"Here we go again...your just using a different name now. You know how I could tell it was you dork? Because your writting has a paticular odor that stinks like your shit soaked pillow you lay your head on. I can picture your stinking yellow teethe chomping into a big spoonful of ramen noodles while the juice splashes down on your sweat stained wife beater. I am sickened by the thought of your moldy chest and under arm hair, sweaty and shaking voilently as you breathe heavy and continue to shit out the worst stuff on this website...."Luke" from Beverly Hills, yeah...why not loser" -- Lj.
"obviously ya never graduated as my name is Luke not what ya said kid." -- Luke, USA.
"Whatever, your not fooling anyone retard. Your stupidity sticks out like a sore thumb. You suck at lying and you suck at telling the truth thats why you are an idiot." -- Lj.
"Hope ya pick a Good One Kid.. Nice and Shiny" -- Luke, USA.


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