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Nobody Loves Me
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Nobody Loves Me
[532 words]
Ismail Staples
[October 2011]
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Nobody Loves Me
Ismail Staples

Nobody loves me
I see this world is so so cold
Speaking from a window of my heart & soul
I see the truth and now I know
How can you love me?
When the weight of the world was on my shoulders
Who was there?
When things get heavy I hold on but
Who is there?
The ones that stay by me like soldiers
Are never there

I know you love me*

[Verse One]
But I'm still waiting someone to come tell me
Send a sign or somethin'
Make believe it isnít all for nothing
The compassion and passion of mine
My hearts suffering
You think your tears are greater than mineÖ
So I'm asking
Do you believe in me or was that a lie?
And how could you look at me the same way my enemies have
Like, untrustworthy, envy, My mind goin crazy
I'm thinking thatís what I get for treating people kindly
There was a girls in his white prix sitting on twenties
Too much connection with girls, this niggaís doing something
And after overall these are all assumptions so its all of nothing
And nothings stopping an untrusted heart from pumping, except a coffin
or maybe a cage, but even from there Iíll still love you
No one is promised tomorrow thatís why I hate no one
Just know everytime you shed a tear
Each night you wasnít there
I cried a riverÖÖ..

[Verse Two]

But what's love, when your friends become enemies
Your nightmares compared to life are no longer your worst dreams
And as bad as everything seems
I keep trying
Ill be there for you by any means
How unfortunate, every time that I tried
Something happens, causing my heart to split
Making it hard for me to eat, to breathe, and live
And they swear they got people that's informing them
Of things I do to make my love untrue and insincere
And all they do is spread bullshit,cause they know my intentions are clear
And I donít care because, "I donít have to prove myself to no one but God"
Whoever quoted that, right on!
And while all this fake crap is going on
I'm fighting hatred, swinging' back against the wall
Every time you shed a tear
Every time you wasnít there
For your every tear, I cried a river


[Verse Three]
How could you betray, why would you forsake me
Leave me with the weight of the world on my shoulders
I thinkin' I could brush it off and nobody notice
Keep walking through life without a chip on my shoulders
Keep walking through life fake smile, yet inside I am burning
My faith, and my fam is the only thing of importance
Its is crazy how some people turn
Sometimes, you gotta light up let em burn
Sweep up your ashes, put 'em up in a urn
On a mantle from memories
You hear my heart calling, You know I love you
The Passion of Ish is so real, just lend me your ear
You'll feel what I feel, you'll tear when I tear
The intent is real clear, just look in my eyes
From here and now Iím putting my life in the hands of God
For all the ones that are never there
For everyone that watches me fall, yet arenít there
With every tear, I still for you make a prayer


You know I give love to everyone that was ever there
Even if it not permanent
Even if It wont be forever
I love you all, and I hope love me too - Ish


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