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106 Rivington by Cedric McClester 106 Rivington was inspired by the legendary rehearsal space's demise. [234 words]
Your Like A Star by Wynn Bonner I wrote this about a girl I like. J4u [197 words]
Signs (Strange Things Are Happenin') by Cedric McClester - [257 words]
There's Never An Excuse... by Cedric McClester There's Never An Excuse... is a song about tolerance. [271 words]
You Were (The One) by Lewis Roberts A rap about the ending of a relationship thought to be the one. [448 words]
You Need To Know by Cedric McClester This song was inspired by the kinds of songs that Kindred, The Family Soul does. It should be... [386 words]
Whifflefit-Overdose by Ciaran Bissett one of our newer songs [138 words]
Whifflefit-Outercourse by Ciaran Bissett our first song,lyrics for anyone whos interested [54 words]
Unnaturalism by D J Another one I wish I could say [248 words]
Travel Far by Becca F Alpha A somewhat long song that I wrote when trying to encourage a friend to push past her fears. [458 words]
To A Blonde by D J Speaks for itself. Not from my point of view though. [151 words]
This Could Be The Night by Cedric McClester - [239 words]
The World Is Coming To An End by Cedric McClester The World Is Coming To An End was inspired by predictions that the world is going... [147 words]
Sos (Save Our Souls) by D J SOS is NOT a rip-off of Rihanna. I use it for it's original meaning - Save Our Souls - bec... [266 words]
Something In The Water by Cedric McClester Bob Dylan inspired these lyrics which are about him. [226 words]
Sitting On Top by Luke Mahossal Staying The Best [140 words]
Rainbow Angel by Tj Hill your an angel, angel, I think I saw you on a rainbow, rainbow, baby. [3 words]
Pmsing by Cedric McClester These lyrics were inspired by Rihanna whom I had just watched at the Billboard Awards. [220 words]
Peer Pressure (The Crack Song) by D J Just a quick taking the mick out of my betters [195 words]
Paycheck Affair by Derzhi Bleek - [376 words]
Pay No Attention by Cedric McClester - [248 words]
Nothing Man by Radcliffe L Davis THE COSMIC CONFLICT, THERE AND HERE. [250 words]
Not Your Own by Saphrn Miles-Smith This is a song about a girl who is caught between wrong and right. She has suffered throughout lif... [170 words]
Nobody Loves Me by Ismail Staples - [532 words]
No Benefit Or Profit by Cedric McClester - [189 words]
Never Did I by Arissa Abraham - [207 words]
Mandy D by D J Based on a true story [196 words]
Lyrics To Yes Man By Zooey Deschannel by Stevie Manhattan these are the lyrics to her very good songwhich goes along with th film y... [339 words]
Love Is Magic by Ava Star A sweet love song [142 words]
Limo by E-C MacKay ok this song came to my head when i was thinking about dying my hair blonde lol :) [261 words]
Jesus Followers (Or Just Fans?) by Cedric McClester - [343 words]
Ishy - Listen To Your Heart by Ismail Staples Written and Produced By Ismail Staples Samples Roxette - Listen To Your Heart http:... [543 words]
Ishy - Be Free by Ismail Staples Written & Produced By Ismail Staples Samples Beats - Police "Every Little Thing Shes Does Is Mag... [448 words]
If Ballots DoníT Work... by Cedric McClester If Ballots Don't Work.. was inspired by the present political climate. [214 words]
I Miss My Friend by Cedric McClester This song was inspired by a Keith Richards' quote. It was written in his voice and it addresse... [204 words]
Hey! by D J Wrote this before I got into Jack Wills. The point still stands though [177 words]
Fly Me To Space by E A Stonehouse - [243 words]
Fiary Tales by E-C MacKay i wrote this song after justin bieber convinced me that dreams can come true so thats what im doing... [236 words]
Does Anyone Care? by Cedric McClester These lyrics were inspired by a song entitled "All By Myself". [348 words]
Disco Ball D by E-C MacKay this song is about a girl that goes to a party but cant handle it either though she cant handle it... [218 words]
Chinese Girl by D J The product of my recent feud with the Chinese Government. [161 words]
Can't Learn From Mistakes by D J Deja vu [136 words]
Blue Fairy by Nicholas Allan Domasio You may remember the Blue Fairy as the character from Pinocchio, the fairy that guides him, and teac... [376 words]
Again (And Again) by D J What a reunion really feels like [102 words]
Above The Clouds by D J A fantasy that didn't work out. [185 words]
3 Steps Away From Perfect by Luke Mahossal Ouch [107 words]
The Most Beautiful Lies by Cedric McClester The Most Beautiful Lies was inspired by something Tunde Adebimpe of TV On The Radio sai... [193 words]
What You Do That For by Steve Sleet lyrics for a song about spurned love [169 words]
What I'd Say 2 U by D J Sometimes when I talk to my friend on chat I'd love to tell her how I really feel. For various... [152 words]
Too Good For Me by Clllivee Can't sleep, so continuing to write depressing songs, which is kind of making me feel better. [159 words]
The State Of Modern Politics by Cedric McClester The State of Modern Politics is inspired by its namesake. [266 words]
That Boy by Jade Vanna - [124 words]
Stranger Girl by D J Some people are afraid of change. Even if they need it. [198 words]
Stop Trying (Go Away) by D J My first angry song [171 words]
Soul (& R&B) by D J Play on words for being unique [124 words]
Social Communism by D J A perfect system - in theory. What happens when it goes wrong? [201 words]
Small by Gianna Desponale It's just a song that I wrote [51 words]
Pt Barnum Or Just A Buffoon? by Cedric McClester PT Barnum Or Just A Buffoon was inspired by the antics of a vulgarian who is popul... [105 words]
One Way Deal by Wanda Clark A non fiction write os a couple who is newly married and the misconception that is given to a one ... [332 words]
Monster by Gianna Desponale It's just a song I wrote a while ago so I thought I'd post it here. Enjoy! [52 words]
Money CaníT Buy Him Class by Cedric McClester Can you guess who I'm talking about? [337 words]
Miss Popularity by D J I plaigerised quotes from my friend and made it up a I went along - did it work? [179 words]
Maybe Some Day by Clllivee My first song, it's probably not good, but It's just how I feel, constructive crticism would be ... [119 words]
Live The Moment by Gianna Desponale It's really not very hard to write a song. [56 words]
Let's Throw A Party by Gianna Desponale It's a song I wrote after my cousin's communion party. [69 words]
Let The Sideshow Begin by Cedric McClester Let The Sideshow Begin has an obvious source of inspiration. [152 words]
ItíS A Very Good Time To Be Rich by Cedric McClester It's A Very Good Time To Be Rich is a commentary song on what is happening to... [293 words]
If You Told Me by Antoni A Tsiolas - [226 words]
If We DoníT Learn From HistoryÖ by Cedric McClester If We Don't Learn From History speaks for itself. [249 words]
Gotta Find You by Gianna Desponale It's a love song. I wrote it one night after I had read a book about love and it inspired me to ... [65 words]
Forgiving Lies by Clement - [109 words]
Exercise by Cedric McClester - [254 words]
End Of The Day by D J Live for yourself. Live through the bad days. Live like there's no more days [214 words]
Don't Let Go by Gianna Desponale It is a song dedicated to all the kids in the hospital with cancer to show that we care about them... [100 words]
Don't Feel Sorry For Me by Cedric McClester Don't Feel Sorry For Me was inspired by the late Phobe Snow's Poetry Man, though I anti... [232 words]
DoníT Call Me A Socialist by Cedric McClester Don't Call Me A Socialist was inspired by a news story I read about a senior citizen ... [245 words]
Did We ThinkÖ? by Cedric McClester Did We Think...? is my take on why certain things are happening to us. [239 words]
Dear Christina by D J Dedicated to all the girls out there who can't enjoy their life because they think they need to ... [194 words]
CapíN That AiníT Hapnin by Cedric McClester - [222 words]
Can't Trust You by D J About a relationship where only one person is trying. But she doesn't want to anymore [155 words]
CaníT Seem To Win For Losing by Cedric McClester Can't Seem To Win For Losing was inspired by the New York Knick's heartbreaking lo... [304 words]
Call The Undertaker by Cedric McClester - [227 words]
Blind Spot by D J Don't you hate it when you know you're probably wrong? [139 words]
Black And Blue by Carmen M Clement writing my emotions out [112 words]
Believe In Us by Antoni A Tsiolas Song lyrics :) [187 words]
Beer Stains On My Pillow by Da Ash country song about love and loss, typical. [99 words]
Always Know by Sasha Salcido Recovery from a broken heart [382 words]
30 Minutes Late

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30 Minutes Late
30 Minutes Late was inspired by a performer who showed up 30 minutes late at The Coachella Music Festival.
[228 words]
Cedric McClester
Cedric McClester is a prolific lyricist who writes in a number of voices and in a wide variety of genres.
[December 2008]
A Day Late... (Songs) A Day Late...is a classic blues song that speaks for itself. [147 words]
A Little Bit Country, A Little Bit Rock ĎN Roll (Songs) A Little Bit Country and A Little Bit Rock 'n Roll, is a country song written for country singer Bonnie Raitt. [242 words]
AiníT Jus You (Songs) Sometimes we think that we are the only ones going through whatever we're going through. It ainít jus you/ Feelin sorry for themselves/ Donít act as if Itís you and one else/ There are others Who are ... [224 words]
Alice AiníT In Wonder Land (Songs) Alice ainít in Wonder Land/ Though she longed to be/ Another victim at the hand Of powdered misery [136 words]
All Blessings Flow (Songs) All Blessings Flow is a spiritual song of comfort. [261 words]
An Empty Space (Songs) An Empty Space could be a love song or a spiritual affirmation, you decide which. [278 words]
Are You Really Inclined To Agree? (Songs) Are You Inclined To Agree was inspired by the slimplictic answers we are given to the complex geo-political problems with which we're faced. [209 words]
Because Of You (Songs) Because Of You is a spiritual song. [155 words]
Because YouíRe Not Here (Songs) Because youíre not here/ Christmas and New Year Wonít be like they used to be/ Thereís really no reason This holiday season To celebrate far as I see [144 words]
Believe In Miracles (Songs) Believe In Miracles speaks for itself. [213 words]
Bible Thumpin (Songs) Bible Thumpin is directed at Christian fundamentalists. [179 words]
Blessed To Have You (Songs) I'M Blessed To Have You is about someone who appreciates their mate and feels blessed to have them in their life. [226 words]
Boy To Man (Songs) Boy To Man chronicals a young man who matures in war. [190 words]
Can You Say Hypocrit? (Songs) Can You Say Hypocrit, pretty much speaks for itself. [265 words]
CaníT (Songs) Of all the words People choose to use/ Canít is the one Thatís most abused/ Itís the main reason Why I refuse/ And if you do Then I got news [208 words]
CaníT Pretend (Songs) I canít pretend this isnít taking a toll on me Cuz Iíd just be faking I canít pretend that my heartís not aching When with every beat I feel it breaking [351 words]
Caught In Her Memories (Songs) Caught In Her Memories was inspired by the sad tale of childhood rape and sexual abuse at the hands of a step father as told by an NFL football player. It was necessary to change the gender of the vi... [293 words]
Choosin Men (Songs) Choosin Men is written from a female's perspective and is about a woman who makes poor choices. Here I go again and itís been happenin/ Since way back when/ As a matter of fact itís a sin/ But I have... [217 words]
Conspiracy Theory (Songs) Conspiracy Theory pretty much speaks for itself. You be the judge of its relevancy. [221 words]
CoulteríS Cauldron (Songs) Someone needs to Give a wallop/ To that anorexic trollop/ Whoís lacking in civility/ And mean when she donít have to be [185 words]
Cowboys Who Love Cowboys (Songs) Cowboys Who Love Cowboys is inspired by the Academy Award nominated motion picture, Broke Back Mountain. [360 words]
Different Places In Our Lives (Songs) This song was inspired by comments made by singer Cheryl Crow. [156 words]
Do You Cry (When You Hear The News)? (Songs) Do You Cry (When You Hear The News)? was inspired by the plight of Nixzmary Brown, a seven year old child who was neglected, abused and ultimately murdered by her stepfather, and for all the other Nix... [328 words]
DoníT Explain (Songs) Mr. President donít explain/ I beg you to refrain/ Youíre so Dick and Jane/ That your answers cause me pain [179 words]
Down The Drain (Songs) Down The Drain was inspired by country music superstar Shania Twain. [286 words]
Dry Your Eyes (Songs) Dry Your Eyes was inspired by a radio show caller who was lamenting the fact that her husband left her for another woman after she gave the marriage her all. [256 words]
Especially At Christmas Time (Songs) Especially At Christmas Time is a forlorn Christmas love song. [246 words]
Every Day ItíS The Same (Songs) Everyday It's The Same, chronicals the daily spin sessions President Bush is engaged in, a futile attempt to sell his failed war policy. Premption was a bad idea and it can only have a bad result. [293 words]
Every Disease Has A Cure (Songs) Every Disease Has A Cure, is a song of encouragement and hope, for those who think there situation is hopeless. [311 words]
Everybody Has To Pay (Songs) Everybody Has To Pay says we don't really get away with nothing in life, it often just appears that way. [268 words]
Freaky Things (Songs) Girl just wait And you will see/ What affect anticipation Has on me/ Talkin Ďbout All that passion brings/ Makes me think about All kinds of freaky things [207 words]
Get Over It (Songs) Get Over It is my response to those who have been critical of my political point of view. [228 words]
Girl Of My Dreams (Songs) Girl Of My Dreams is a forlorn love song. See if you can relate. [153 words]
Grinding Slowly In The Dark (Songs) Maybe we should dance apart Cuz every time we even start Grinding slowly in the dark You make it so hard - ya see [291 words]
Guys (Songs) Guys is written from a teen aged girl's perspective. [280 words]
Hard To Ignore (Songs) Itís hard to ignore That kind of whore/ Weíve seen her Walk the stroll before/ And we all know Her book will sell/ Even though Sheís a candidate for hell [137 words]
Head Over Heels (Songs) HEAD OVER HEELS,is a love song. [250 words]
Heads Start Turnin (Songs) You are everything/ That youíre suppose to be/ A superstar is what you are/ And Itís plain to see. [205 words]
Here We Go Again (Songs) Here We Go Again is an answer to Monica and Brandy's song The Boy Is Mine. [246 words]
Hidden In The Attic (Songs) Hidden In The Attic was inspired by one of the London bombers. [218 words]
Hold Your Head Up Paul (Songs) Hold Your Head Up Paul chronicals Paul McCartney's present state of mind as a consequence of his marital woes. [196 words]
Hole In My Heart (Songs) Hole In My Heart was inspired by comments that Eddie LeVert of the R&B legends The OJays, made concerning the death of his son, the late R&B crooner Gerald LeVert. [153 words]
Hope I Get Lucky Tonight (Songs) This song was inspired by a comment that was made on the Country Music Awards. [238 words]
How Can You Trust Someone Else (Songs) How can you trust someone else When youíre suspicious of Their underlying motives Even when itís love [240 words]
I CaníT Wait (Songs) I canít wait To get home to my baby/ Knock off work And spend time with my lady/ Unlike some girls Iíve known Sheís never shady/ And if Iím passionate Thatís how sheís made me [215 words]
I Didn't Score Tonight (Songs) - [246 words]
I DoníT Need To Be Forgiven (Songs) "I Don't Need To Be Forgiven," was inspired by the Dixie Chicks but could equally be applied to anyone who defies convention. [237 words]
I DoníT Wanna Live Without... (Songs) I donít wanna live without The passion we once shared/ When it was so obvious That you really cared [187 words]
I Feel Blessed Today (Songs) I FEEL BLESSED TODAY is a song of worship [235 words]
I Had It All (Songs) I had it all But really had nothing/ You came along And now I have something/ Worth treasuring The rest of my life/ Iíll be your husband If youíll be my wife [207 words]
I Haven't Made It To Broadway (Songs) I Haven't Made It To Broadway is about holding on to one's dreams. [212 words]
I Love Ya Baby (Songs) I LOVE YA BABY speaks for itself. Check it out [252 words]
I Miss Your Lips (Songs) I Miss Your Lips is a forlorn love song. I miss your lips/ I miss your smile/ I miss talking to you/ And Iím thinkin now/ I miss you in bed/ I miss holding you/ I miss all the things That we used to d... [316 words]
I Pity The Fool (Songs) I pity the ones Whoíve lost all hope/ Who canít find a way To manage or cope/ I pity those Lost in self-despair/ Who havenít discovered Youíre closer than near [169 words]
I Thank God (Songs) I THANK GOD, is a song of gratitude for everything that God has done for me. [243 words]
I Want To Get Back With You (Songs) - [207 words]
I WasníT There (Songs) I Wasn't There was inspired by an avoidable tragedy that I read about in the newspaper. [325 words]
If Jesus Showed Up At Your Door (Songs) If Jesus Showed Up At Your Door poses the question of what you would do if that happened. It also questions whether we profess faith, or practice it. [354 words]
If Not For Bad Luck (Songs) Liquor ainít the answer But it just might be the cure It helps to dull my senses So I wonít think no more My woman up and left me The house burned to the ground My dogís been missing two weeks And he ... [298 words]
If These Words Inspire (Songs) If These Words Inspire is a spiritual song that poses a familiar question, what is the meaning of life? [244 words]
If You Really Think There's A War On Terror (Poetry) It's poor semantics to label what we're doing in Iraq and elsewhere as a war on terror. [29 words]
If You're Looking For Something (Songs) If You're Looking For Something is an open letter to those who are searching for meaning in their lives. [203 words]
IíLl Always Raise His Name (Songs) I'll Alway Raise His Name is a spiritual praise song. It is unique in that it never mentions the name, but it is clear to whom the author is refering. [300 words]
Impossible Mission (Songs) You had his baby/ And now heís on the road/ I hate to say it/ But youíre left with the load/ Youíre forced to get up/ All hours of the night/ To feed the baby/ And heís nowhere in sight. [227 words]
In-Kind (Songs) IN-KIND, was inspired by a radio disc-jockey posing the question, what were the things that his female listeners looked for in a man. [218 words]
It AiníT Enough For Us To Be Appalled (Songs) It ainít enough for us To be appalled/ Because the government Stumbled and stalled/ How many levees Have to fall/ For us to get The wake-up call [177 words]
It Was Done In GodíS Name (Songs) Many Christians don't make the distinction between God and Jesus. If they in fact are one in the same, was Jesus being shizophrenic when he prayed to God on the cross, or when he taught the Lord's Pr... [292 words]
ItíS Time To Do Some Thinkin (Songs) It's Time To Do Some Thinkin encourages the listener to do some self-reflection. [293 words]
Jesus Is The Reason (Songs) Jesus Is The Reason places focus on the Christmas holiday where it rightfully belongs, on the birth of Jesus Christ. [254 words]
Joy Comes In The Morning (Songs) Joy Comes In The Morning,addresses the hopelessness of despair. Perhaps you've lost a loved one. Maybe you're suffering from an illness. Whatever the nature of your despair, it will not last, joy com... [236 words]
Just Myself To Blame (Songs) Just Myself To Blame is written in the voice of a 26 year old man who was accused of accidentally killing a two year old child, who was strapped to his car seat, but unfortunately was caught in a stre... [275 words]
Kim Is Ill (But Bush Is Sick) (Songs) Kim is ill/ But Bush is sick/ Heís like a pony With only one trick [171 words]
Lady Of The Night (Songs) Lady Of The Night is a complete song that was written in 1976. The lyrics are mine and the music was written by Harold Williams It is an uptempo song that is the property of Mashairi/Yodata Music S... [164 words]
Lift Me Up (Songs) Lift Me Up is a spiritual song of hope and promise. [247 words]
Livin The American Dream (Songs) Living The American Dream was inspired by a comment that American Idol winner Taylor Hicks made after it was announced that he won the 2006 American Idol contest. [302 words]
Longing For The Days (Songs) Heís got me longing for the days When the only thing he tortured Was a sentence or a phrase/ Weíve got to watch him closely Given his errant way/ Just to find out what heís up to Cos I bet youíd be a... [237 words]
Love Don't Have No Meanin (Songs) - [173 words]
Mark Of The Beast (Songs) When war rages on And will not cease Thatís the mark of the beast/ When people call for But canít get peace Thatís the mark of the beast/ When those who should do more Do the least Thatís the mark of ... [268 words]
Mommy Only Wishes You The Best (Songs) You donít have to wonder You donít have to guess Mommy only wishes you the best [221 words]
Money IsníT Everything (Songs) Money isnít everything/ I never said it was/ But I confess As you might have guessed/ I like the things it does [154 words]
More Violence In Iraq (Songs) More violence in Iraq/ But soldiers keep being sent back/ Too few do we extract/ And the enemy has quite a knack For strapping bombs on their backs [230 words]
My Bidness... (Songs) My Bidness was inspired by blues legend BB King. What is mentioned in the song are things he spoke about in a recent interview. [214 words]
Nine-Eleven Is The Boogie Man (Poetry) This poem speaks for itself. [50 words]
No Longer Lovers Ö (Songs) No longer lovers Weíre not even friends/ We canít forgive each other For our past sins/ Itís far too late To now make amends/ Guess this is where Our sad story ends [204 words]
No More Lies (Songs) I donít wanna hear no more lies/ No rationales or alibis/ No conjured up reasons why/ One more soldier has to die [272 words]
Now That ZarqawiíS Dead (Songs) Now that Zarqawiís dead/ From a thousand pounds of lead/ The insurgency he fed/ Might finally be put to bed [262 words]
Number One (Poetry) This poem is geared towards children ages 3 to 6. [25 words]
Out Of Thin Air (Songs) This song was inspired by a realistic dream. [202 words]
People Wanna Know (Songs) These lyrics were inspired by an interview that platinum recording artist Ciara gave concerning her break-up with rapper Bow Wow. I believe this more than adequately covers her sentiments. [255 words]
Photograph (Songs) Itís a photograph From my past That I carry with me Every now and then I take out when I feel the need to see/ Your smiling face Which I canít erase From my memory [203 words]
Publicity Stunt (Songs) This song is a response to an undersecretary at the State Department stating the suicides of three Gitmo prisoners was just a publicity stunt. [186 words]
Publicity Stunt Suicide (Songs) This song is a response to a statement that an undersecretary of State made regarding three suicides at Guantanemo Bay. [186 words]
Put God Back In Your Life (Songs) Put God Back In Your Life is the story of a woman who is struggling with a husband who is addicted to drugs. [265 words]
Reciprocity (Songs) Reciprocity is a song from a female's perspective. She is pointing out what she does to show her love and is asking that her love be returned. [237 words]
Sayin It DoníT Make It True (Songs) Sayin It Don't Make It True was inspired by a critique of my work. The comment was, "At least the right says what's on their mind." [266 words]
Sectarian? (Oh, No My Friend) (Poetry) I think this poem speaks for itself. [60 words]
She Has A Book To Pitch (Songs) Sheíll gladly play the bitch/ When she has a book to pitch/ And weíve all made her rich/ So tell me would you switch? [216 words]
She Has Me Open (Songs) She has me open/ I have to admit/ She turns me on/ Because sheís the shit [207 words]
SheíS The One (Songs) I said to myself man itís absurd/ But what happens if the feelingís deferred/ Sheís the one who I most preferred/ So the friendship line got a little blurred... [308 words]
Slayed (Songs) (Chorus) I got slayed so well last night My inhibitions all took flight And we went at it till daylight See he knew how to do it right [336 words]
Some People Say (Songs) Some people say/ That Iím gay/ But I respond (ainít no way)/ Itís nothing but lies/ Cos what it implies/ Is that I like guys... [251 words]
Somebody Tell Me (Songs) Somebody tell me Where the worldís headed to/ That is the question That I wish I knew/ Look at the things That some of us do/ To other people So sad but so true [239 words]
Something That Happened In War (Songs) Something That Happened In War was inspired by a double amputee veteran of the war in Iraq [228 words]
Sorry Is Too Little And Too Late (Songs) Sorry is/ Too little and too late/ Especially when/ I didnít hesitate/ No man should/ Ever hit his mate/ Now I guess/ Iíll have to take the weight. [177 words]
Star (Songs) You were a star Before they discovered/ You have a light That canít be smothered/ Try though they may To hold you back/ Keep moving forward Stay on your track Can you guess who inspired this song? [179 words]
Summer Vibes (Songs) SUMMER VIBES is a summer song that brings back memories of the perfect summer day. [158 words]
Sumthin ĎBout This DoníT Feel Right (Songs) Obviously this is written in a female's voice I realize you have Another life/ And Iím your outside woman Not your wife/ And Iím not tryin To breakup your home/ But I donít like Sleepin alone. [176 words]
Take A Look Inside (Songs) Take A Look Inside encourages people to focus on the beauty they possess within and to not be as concerned with someone else's standard of beauty. [163 words]
Teasin ĎEm (Songs) Teasin 'Em deals with men who delude themselves by ego tripping about their sexual prowess. [359 words]
Terror Claimed In IslamíS Name (Poetry) Terror Claimed In Islam's Name is an oxymoron. From my understanding, terror is not condoned anywhere in Islam, nor is suicide, or the killing innocents. [66 words]
ThatíS Just How It Is (Songs) A love song in the Ne-Yo, Omarion, Chris Brown mode. [248 words]
That's My Life (Songs) No it ainít pretty/ Yeah itís damn right gritty/ But thatís my life/ And I donít apologize/ I wonít tell you any lies/ About my strife [205 words]
That's What You Inspire (Songs) Your current runs through me like electricity In other words you really turn me on... [277 words]
The Indictment (Songs) The Indictment speaks to abuse of office. Check it out and see if you agree. [231 words]
The Legend Of Nia Umoja (Songs) The Legend of Nia Umoja is the companion piece to the best selling childrens book of the same title. This is the legend of Nia Umoja/ In case you havenít heard Cos nobody told ya/ Now is the time T... [195 words]
The Moment (Songs) The moment comes and goes as quick/ Those precious seconds are meant to stick/ Deep inside of our memories/ Filed under things we do to please. [244 words]
The Other Side (Songs) On The Other Side is a hopeful funeral song. [174 words]
The Poison Well (Songs) - [185 words]
They Passed Away (Poetry) They Passed Away addresses a child's observation concerning death. [119 words]
This Christmas Is (Songs) Better than all the rest/ Hands down Cause thereís no contest/ This Christmas is The very best/ We got things Weíd never guess [226 words]
This Crazy Man (Poetry) George Dubya Bush has earned the dubious distintion of Crazy Man. [137 words]
This Way We Come... (Songs) This way we come/ And this way weíll go/ Exactly when None of us know/ So live each day As if it were your last/ You see in the end/ There's only the past [208 words]
Time After Time After Time (Songs) Time After Time After Time is a reaffirming spiritual song. [234 words]
To Believe (Songs) You profess to believe/ But I donít know/ Cos you seem to have A way to go/ Before you can proudly Wear the crown/ And say to yourself Youíre heaven bound [173 words]
Trailer Park Trash (Songs) Trailer Park Trash is written from a woman's perspective. The woman in question grew up in a trailer park but maintained her pride in her humanity. [213 words]
Unhealthy Eating (Poetry) Unhealthy Eating addresses the Amercan perchant for fast foods. [110 words]
Us Being Together (Songs) Us being together. Makes them uptight/ For them itís just a matter Of black and white... [233 words]
War Is Hell (Songs) The title tells it all. [196 words]
Were You There? (Songs) Were You There chronicals the crucifiction of Christ. [308 words]
What About The Poor? (Songs) What about the poor/ Donít they matter anymore/ Can they get a lifeline/ Or must they swim back to shore. [190 words]
What Were You Thinkin? (Songs) What Were You Thinkin chronicles the recent bizarre behavior of pop idol Britney Spears [198 words]
What's Up With You:? (Songs) - [235 words]
When He Makes Love To Ya (Songs) When he makes love to ya Does he know how to do ya Can he bring it to ya Or does he just screw ya [329 words]
When Praises Are Sent Up To Heaven (Songs) When Praises Are Sent Up To Heaven makes the point that God is worthy of all praise and when praises are sent up to heaven blessings come back down. [333 words]
Where Did KatieíS Baby Go? (Songs) Where Did Katie's Baby Go? is a parody on the spawn of TomKat, ie Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. [133 words]
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30 Minutes Late
Cedric McClester

(1st Verse)
What's the matter with you fella
Your performance at Coachella
Was somewhat less than stellar
Like a plane with no propeller
Came out 30 minute late
Which means we had to wait
And that's beyond debate
Then you tried to shift the weight

After that abuse
Tell me what's the use
Of giving an excuse
Then chucking up a deuce

(2nd Verse)
And while it was a crime
That you didn't have more time
By accident or by design
Why'd you go an lose yo' mind
Talkin' 'bout what shoulda been
Ya shoulda gone all in
And you didn't that's a sin
So they made you pack it in

After that abuse
Tell me what's the use
Of giving an excuse
Then chucking up a deuce

Please don't take this wrong
I like that F-U song
But ya came on kinda strong
And then dropped the F bomb

(3rd Verse)
Anyhow and anyway
I'd see you again and pay
In my book you're still okay
Guess that jus' wasn't your day
But I'm still your biggest fan
And to me you're still the man
I jus' hope they understand
And you haven't been banned

Please don't take this wrong
I like that F-U song
But ya came on kinda strong
And then dropped the F bomb

What's the matter with you fella
Your performance at Coachella
Was somewhat less than stellar
Like a plane with no propeller
Came out 30 minute late
Which means we had to wait
And that's beyond debate
Then you tried to shift the weight

After that abuse
Tell me what's the use
Of giving an excuse
Then chucking up a deuce


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