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I've Got You
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I've Got You
A song about loving somebody so much, that no matter what goes wrong in life, you'll be alright, cos you've got that 'somebody'.
[199 words]
Deepa Seshadri
Hey! I'm a songwriter and looking to promote my work. I have only published a few of my work on this platform. You can see the rest on http://deepsesh.blogspot.com

If you're looking for a good collection of pop songs, do contact me! Thanks.
[January 2011]
[email protected]
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I've Got You
Deepa Seshadri

Rocking myself to and fro today
Thinking about us and of our special days

I've never wanted anybody, as much as i want you
Even though you make me happy and make me blue

And i'll cry
If you should ever go
Baby i'll die
If you leave me alone
I'm still alive
Cos i've got your arm to hold
I've got you

Yesterday's gone and tomorrow may never be
We've only got now, to spend wisely

I don't ever want anybody to take your place
Don't want to wake up one morning, without your pretty face; by my side

And i'll cry
If you should ever go
Baby i'll die
If you leave me alone
I'm still alive
Cos i've got your arm to hold
I've got you
Baby i've got you.

I'm stronger, each day with you
I don't need no other
But i worry, is that how you feel too
I know everything will be alright
Cos i've got you

And i'll cry
If you should ever go
Baby i'll die
If you leave me alone
I'm still alive
Only cos i've got your arm to hold
I've got you
Baby i've got you.

Yeah, i've got you.
And i'll cry if you should ever go
I've got you
I'll do if you leave me alone
I've got you
I'm stil alive cos i've got you to hold
Oh, i've got you

I've got you.

Copyright (c) 2010 Deepa Seshadri


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January 2011

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