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Let Me Believe by Heidi-Jane Perriam it's about a girl (ME) who always gets put down and never gets let back up. she wants the oppurt... [227 words]
Who Said Life Would Be Easy? by Cedric McClester Who Said Life Would Be Easy is a song that suggests life is good, despite its chal... [250 words]
Where There’S Smoke… by Cedric McClester Where There's Smoke... should be a folk/rock song that was inspired by certain hypocritica... [335 words]
Welfare For The Rich by Cedric McClester Welfare For The Rich is a political commentary folk song. [266 words]
We Had A Beautiful Run by Deepa Seshadri My first attempt at rap, Eminem style ;) [301 words]
The People Are Up Against It by Cedric McClester The People Are Up Against It is a folk rock song that offers political commentary. [216 words]
The Peak by Kyle Walker A song I wrote, the means a lot. [226 words]
Ray Of Hope by Deepa Seshadri Life takes you through dark tunnels and sunny fields. But at the end of the day, there is always a ... [305 words]
People Ask Me Why? by Cedric McClester People AsK Me Why? should be a contemporary gospel song. [121 words]
Oh Life by Deepa Seshadri Song about life and its never ending questions [214 words]
Oh How The Mighty Ones Have Fallen by Cedric McClester Oh How The Mighty Ones Have Fallen was inspired by the allegations of homose... [237 words]
Me (Set Me Free) by Deepa Seshadri A song to yourself... of setting yourself free. Being who you want to be... [211 words]
Make It Worthwhile by Deepa Seshadri A song thats as confused as the writer! lol ;) Love / career or both? hmmmm [216 words]
Let's Get This Over With by Deepa Seshadri A song about breaking up with your bf [257 words]
It's A Brand New Day by Deepa Seshadri Everybody has felt so happy that they feel they cannot express it enough. This is one such... [122 words]
I'm Loving Me Today by Deepa Seshadri A happy, feel good song about feeling amazing and just loving yourself!! [299 words]
I'm Gonna Miss You, Love by Deepa Seshadri A song about missing your loved one. [130 words]
I'm Alright With Jesus by Cedric McClester I'm Alright With Jesus is a contemporary gospel song. [284 words]
I Will Have My Own Say by Deepa Seshadri - [140 words]
I Can’T Stop by Cedric McClester I Can't Stop is a contemporary gospel song. [286 words]
He’S Not The Person That The People See by Cedric McClester He's Not The Person That The People See is a social commentary song on ... [194 words]
Gossip (Don't Care) by Yume Zook A silly dance/club song about not caring. The verse would be like a Kesha kind of song, mor... [337 words]
Don’T Let Life Get You Down by Cedric McClester Don't Let Life Get You Down should be an uplifting song. [189 words]
Castle In The Sand by Oksana Angel What is your love made of? What is your heart dreaming of? WIll this castle in the sand last... [128 words]
Blues For Kalpana by Dario Vergaridario-V- This song was written while the Space Shuttle Columbia was exploding on its re-entry to earth... [617 words]
Blow My Mind by Deepa Seshadri A song about sex! [216 words]
An Imperfect Being by Cedric McClester An Imperfect Being is a contemporary gospel song. [221 words]
All Things Beautiful by Deepa Seshadri Here's a song about all the things that are beautiful to me and bring a smile on my face. ... [203 words]
Ablution by Cedric McClester Ablution should be a folk rock song. [274 words]
Abandon (Leave Me) by Chelsea P Briggs Ballad [190 words]
A Sinner And Deceiver by Cedric McClester A Sinner And Deceiver is a contemporary country song that was inspired by the Brooks and ... [213 words]
You Turn Me On by Cedric McClester You Turn Me On should be an R&B love ballad. [193 words]
You Too Can Dream by Cedric McClester You Too Can Dream was inspired by wingnut Glenn Beck who has organized a march on Washington ... [220 words]
You Don't Care by Shane J Beard - [159 words]
You Are Not Worth It by Erica Young Wrote this for a friend dealing with heartbreak. [113 words]
Won't You Be My Man? by Deepa Seshadri - [206 words]
Why Do I Do This To Myself by Kourtney Ramsauer Someone who is tired of getting put down [121 words]
We Are Living Beings by Deepa Seshadri We are living beings - supposidly the most intelligent kind on planet earth, and yet we be... [184 words]
Sweet Sixteen by Deepa Seshadri How does it feel to be 16? [150 words]
She Moved On by Cedric McClester Moved On should be a melancholy love ballad. [247 words]
Running Away (She) by Kourtney Ramsauer Its about a girl who got lost in the world [119 words]
Pick Up The Phone by Erica Young - [85 words]
One Night by Jarrod Nelson - [179 words]
One Day I'll Walk Away by Cedric McClester One Day... is a contemporary gospel song that was inspired by gospel singer Donnie McClu... [240 words]
My Lullaby by Erica Young - [105 words]
My Complete Life by Grace Fynn A love song about a couple's commitment to remain one forever [329 words]
Most Guys… by Cedric McClester Most Guys is an R&B song that was inspired by the kind of songs Lyfe Jennings sings. [264 words]
Memories (Movie In My Head) by Deepa Seshadri Memories, are a movie playing in your head. [121 words]
Love Love Love by Deepa Seshadri A song about love! [136 words]
Love Is Beauty Through My Eyes by Shuu This is what I think about the girl who I love. [490 words]
Live Life How You Want To by Cedric McClester Live Life How You Want To is a contemporary gospel song. [293 words]
Let’S Take A Holiday by Cedric McClester Let's Take A Holiday was inspired by neo-soul singer J. Holiday. [213 words]
Lady Starlight by Cedric McClester Lady Starlight was written expressly for Lady GaGa. It pays homage to one of her early mentors ... [231 words]
It’S Just Not The Same by Cedric McClester It's Just Not The Same should be an R&B ballad [231 words]
Influential Rythym by Evan C Boornazian Influential Rythym is an exciting song about dancing with your loved one into the late hours... [287 words]
In Love With You by Deepa Seshadri A peppy love song :) [307 words]
I'm Sorry, I Love You by Shuu I made this song because I broke up with my girl friend recently, and it just doesn't fee... [671 words]
I’M A Woman by Cedric McClester This song was inspired by a live performance of singer Chrisette Michele. [398 words]
If It Wasn’T For God… by Cedric McClester If It Wasn't For God was inspired by something comedian Steve Harvey had to say. [439 words]
I Won't Drown by Erica Young I wrote this in relation to my fight with illness... [191 words]
I Surrender by Deepa Seshadri A dark song, for a dark mood. [264 words]
I Know What You’Re Thinkin’Babe by Cedric McClester I Know What You're Thinkin' was inspired by neo soul singer Eric Benet. [227 words]
I Am So Glad by Cedric McClester I Am So Glad is a contemporary gospel song. [219 words]
Help Is On The Way by Cedric McClester Help Is On The Way is a contemporary gospel song. [588 words]
He Is All We Need by Grace Fynn Song telling us that God is all we need to be happy [401 words]
Goodbye (I'm Flying High) by Deepa Seshadri Who said airports was a sad place full of goodbyes? I say its a happy place, if you t... [243 words]
Does It Show? by Deepa Seshadri - [151 words]
Do You Believe In The Things You Say You Do? by Cedric McClester Do You Believe In The Things You Say You Do? is a social commentar... [203 words]
Cruel Identity by Jay Scott This is a song from a guys perspective, its basically about how not all guys just want sex strai... [258 words]
Controversy by Erica Young - [91 words]
Boo Hoo ( Color Me Blue) by Cedric McClester Boo Hoo (Color Me Blue) is a lament that was inspired by the late pop singer Karen Car... [168 words]
Bieber Fever by Cedric McClester Bieber Fever was inspired by my teenaged niece Rose Ashley's admiration for tween singer Justin Bi... [230 words]
Bad Checks by Johnathan Kesler a song talking about writing bad checks. [53 words]
American As Apple Pie by Cedric McClester American As Apple Pie addresses the current state of American discourse. It should be in... [254 words]
Almost Every Guy by Cedric McClester Almost Every Guy should be a mid-tempo R&B song. [312 words]
Aching by Erica Young I wrote this for a friend who has had trouble after losing a relative... [101 words]
A Dirty Stone by Cedric McClester A Dirty Stone was inspired by a certain international superstar model. [247 words]

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About a person being reborn after what happened to them and telling everyone what's about to happen
[717 words]
T-Rey Lindholm
I'm me
[September 2010]
T-Rey Lindholm


I stepped into this game and became the boss
You didn't believe in me now its your loss
Thought I'd always finish in last
This was a part I didn't think I'd get past
Didn't think I'd ever be the same
Taken down by my own shame
Not one more time will I have to take the fall
You better step back i'm bout to takeover it all
I'm tired of looking in the mirror and seeing a frown
Never again from this day forward I'm shuttin shit down
Doin it for just the fun of it
Have you feelin do desperate
In the bleachers I hear my fans clappin
I'll never give up that shit won't happen
You are below me and I am on top
I've become a person you can not stop
Have you frozen in you tracks because I'm icy cool
Have you standin there in the feild lookin like a fool
You kept pushing me dont know why you couldn't see
If you were looking for something you found the key
The key is to the tiger and he's about to roar
His crazy ass it about to be knocking on your door
Mess with me and death is what you have found
Life beaten out of you as your shit hit the ground
I'm hear to put you all to rest
I have proclaimed that I am the best
This was all because you had no faith in me
And you wouldn't let me be the best I could be
Now I'm the best better than all of you
And there's not a damn thing you can do
The thoughts of my past life have been torn
This is a revival a rebirth I have been reborn
In my new life I'm unshakeable 
Im damn near unbreakable
In my chest there was an empty hole
What I needed and fit perfectly was a soul
And now that I have it I'm gona rain down hell
You can't help but cry for help and start to yell
On the track or on feild ill crush you any day of the week
Nothing but your internal destruction is what I seek
I'm hear to take the throne cuz I'm the king
Now bend your ass over and kiss the ring
I need to take a breath this is getting out of hand
But now after reading this I hope you understand 
Mess with me and I'll have your ass handed to you
On a silver plate because that's the crazy shit I do
Then the next days pass I don't feel good
I don't really feel the way that I should
Hold on why am I not going all out there's no time to wait
I thought I was gona be one of the best one of the great
It seems like no matter how hard I try I can't get past
It's like a race and I can't beat no one so I get in last
I feel like a little bird who was left behind from all the other birds
So everything in the beggining of this song ment nothing just empty words?
You know what screw everything I just said
Ill lay you out down on the ground put you to bed
Because that's the kind of bitches you are
Im not giving up no way in hell Ive gone to far
Right now im bout to put you all In your place
Right on my glass table next to the damn vase
Ya that's right you are all in my house now
You might be wondering confused thinking how
I'll tell you how I rose up from these ashes and wooped all of your ass's
You refuse to beleive you've seen it with your own eyes get some glasses
I run this sport like I'm the damn mayor
Don't fuck with me I'm the ultimate player
When I say i'm ultimate I mean best of the best
Go ahead try me you want to put me to the test
When I'm on the feild I'll give you the crazy stare
Have you cryin you ain't got nothing you full of hot air
I am the best and that's all there is to it
That's why in the beggining I said screw it
Did you realize you are nothing a pussy a pussy cat
Or mabey your a dog go boy sit down on your mat
Mabey If you play nice I'll throw you a bone
Like I said before I'm the king this is my throne
Mess with me and I will always make you pay
I'm the king don't worry you'll get your chance one day
...ya to be the princess you little bitch!


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