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A Century Of Love ( Eurovision 2008) by Vica Demici - [208 words]
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SheíS Like A Drug by Cedric McClester She's Like A Drug was inspired by a John Mayer interview. It was written in his voice. [264 words]
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Ready For The Kill by Matthew Mark Death [188 words]
Raise My Voice by Milani L Turner This song was written about a woman who found strength to stand on her own and raise her voice. [130 words]
Praise The Lord by Milani L Turner This song came to me in a turning point in my life. I've gone through a lot and lost my faith i... [176 words]
Pop Jam by Dream Rinsed That crap! (catchy pop music) [111 words]
One More Time (Eurovision 2010) by Vica Demici "Akord" entry for the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest [216 words]
Omen by Cedric McClester Omen is another in the series of song lyrics being written for the soon to be completed musical play based... [313 words]
Oh..Just Walk Away by Sean Libbey This song is about love and the how bad we can be treated by the people we love [140 words]
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It's Always Darkest... by Cedric McClester It's Always Darkest is another in the series of song lyrics being written for the soon t... [341 words]
It Could All Go Up In Smoke by Cedric McClester It Could All Go Up In Smoke is a song about depression and overcoming that depressi... [295 words]
In The Free And Clear by Sean Libbey Love is hard ,even harder when you lock everone out [207 words]
I Plead Guilty by Cedric McClester I Plead Guilty is another song that was inspired by a recent John Mayer interview in Playboy. I... [333 words]
How To Fall In Love by Mark Barrett This is a slow swing song. [96 words]
Harambee, Harambee by Cedric McClester HARAMBEE, HARAMBEE is inspired by my children's book, The Legend of Nia Umoja. It is part o... [329 words]
Goodbye Sarah by Lexi Claire Lannerty Song about proving things to people. [142 words]
Fond Of Me by Lashawn I Church It's about you being in love with someone, but they don't see you in that way [207 words]
Dance It Off by Rrebecca S Brookman its just a song, its meant to have alot of effects and stuff, in my head it sounds really cool [250 words]
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Believe It Can Happen by Cedric McClester Believe is one of a series of song lyrics for a yet to be written musical play, The Legen... [277 words]
Ass's And Elephants by Sean Libbey This is a song about Washington and the BS that both sides play [382 words]
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All Is Fair by Cedric McClester All Is Fair was inspired by British singer Sade. It's the kind of song she would sing. [236 words]
Before You Go (Eurovision 2010) by Vica Demici "Millenium" entry for 2010 Eurovision song contest [193 words]
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Slips Away by Amy Ressler This is a song about a man i uses to love and will always love. [184 words]
Set Afire
Lie To Me by Cj Johnson A Song written by me about how lying is just like a drug...addicting [218 words]
Just Becuz, Just Becuz by Cedric McClester Just Becuz, Just Becuz is a contemporary gospel song, that suggests despite our trials a... [262 words]
John Song Lyrics by Avias Seay avias seay 2010 "john" mm hmm that right its avias on the mic haha and the john said and the... [7 words]
It Should Be Me (When You Think Bed) by Cedric McClester It Should Be Me (When You Think Bed) was inspired by an alleged altercatio... [335 words]
IíM Just Living For Today by Cedric McClester - [240 words]
I'm Better Off Today by Cedric McClester I'm Better Off Today was inspired by an interview singer Melanie Fiona gave concerning an ... [274 words]
I'll Wait For Him by Arianna Shuler This song is about how a girl feels alone and trapped, just like the story of Rapunzel, she d... [289 words]
HeíS Cheating On Me Maury by Cedric McClester He's Chearing On Me Maury was inspired by the Maury Povitch show. [251 words]
Hater Nation by Avias Seay Avias produced a new rap song "Hater Nation" also found on youtube if searched by: Avias Hater nat... [7 words]
Get It Passed Ya by Avias Seay (im the best) get it passed ya! avias lyrics yo yo yo i dont think the world hearing me. so um... [4 words]
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Clichť by Cedric McClester Cliche is the story of a love affair that has become cliche. [339 words]
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Bad by Avias Seay LYRICSCLICK THIS TO WATCH ON YOUTUBE Avias feat: JaZ HarDy "Bad" avias. jaz hardy. 2010 yo dis a movement i... [5 words]
At The Heart Of The Matter by Cedric McClester At The Heart Of The Matter is a song about the ecology. [191 words]
All Of This Land by Sahiya Luthien Kelsick I'm going bankrupt buying all of this land I'm going bankrupt buying all of this land Got my c... [185 words]
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A Few Good Men by Cedric McClester A Few Good Men speaks of the predicament many women find themselves in. [240 words]
A Beautiful Relationship by Tyler A Wood A song I wrote for a girl I once thought I loved [181 words]

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Set Afire
This is a song that was inspire by a boy i liked. I mixed my emotions, my experiences, and my love of song writting to make this and i hope to inspire others.
[351 words]
Arianna Shuler

Hey, my name is Arianna Shuler and I thank you for taking the time to read my song. I love writing songs and poems because they help me release emotion and express my self. In general, writing makes me happy and keeps me sane. I am 16 years of age as of November 16th. I also enjoy very adventurous things and donít allow people to walk on me. I am whom I am and Iím not afraid to show it. I am a very outgoing person who wants to pursue her dreams and I encourage anyone else to as well. My dream is to her my songs on the radio and have credit for them.
[January 2010]
[email protected]
I'll Wait For Him (Songs) This song is about how a girl feels alone and trapped, just like the story of Rapunzel, she dreams of the day when she will be saved by her prince charming, in this case it's her crush. She waits in p... [289 words]
Strong Enough (Songs) I wrote this one to make myself realize how strong I have become and how past pains have made me stronger. I have gone through a lot but I know how to handle it now and I'm determined not to break dow... [292 words] [Motivational]
Set Afire
Arianna Shuler

Up, and down, and all around
Weíve been by each other
Helping through our troubles
Helping one another
The best of friends. Indeed thatís true
Until the day I fell for you

And now, your kiss turns me to fire
I feel so much for you
My head is spinning now
And I donít know what to do

What is this feeling?
What do I do with it?
I canít give it to you
ĎCause you canít return it

But when we are alone and get all sentimental
You make me feel like Iím something very special
And then your kiss, your kiss turns me to fire
And I want more and more of you
ĎCause this is my desire
And its way to overdue

Then you go back, like nothing ever happened
Like I mean nothing, nothing more to you
Then you go and do this thing that you do
While Iím sitting here, stuck in dťjŗ vu
And Iím so confused
I feel so misused
How do I know what to do?
What would you do if you knew?
That your touch sets me afire
And you fill my needs entirely
But itís heat you canít return
So forever I shall burn

But Iíll admit,
I take one-step towards you and Iím burning
The longer Iím away from you the harder Iím yearning
You sit next to me and Iím flaming
I canít control myself
And youíre the one Iím blaming
But donít trouble yourself
We bump arms and Iím ablaze
I try to cool down
I feel in such a daze
My mind is racing Ďround
My heart starts pounding
Whatís right to say and do?
I feel like Iím drowning
When Iím not with you
Then you drop by and the moment I see you
I melt down; you look and see right through
Through me

Then your kiss turns me to fire
Iím burning at the stake
I feel higher and higher
And I just donít want to wake

ĎCause this dream weíre in
Is just a dream
When youíre touching my skin I melt like ice cream
But this is as far as itís going to go
You made that clear and now I know
That itís time to go now
I must stop and take a vow
To not let you get to me
To stay clear so I can see

And my fire, needs to be put out
Only I can do it, thatís without a doubt


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January 2010

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