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Again And Again by Stuart Eric Longridge For my french friend I hope he doesnt top himself. [87 words]
Our Holographic Farm by Stuart Eric Longridge - [150 words]
My Baby's Gone by Ron L Van Country music sing lyric. [80 words]
Hologramic Farm by Stuart Eric Longridge A wee song for the changing times. [175 words]
On Her Knees (Always) by Eric Richards A song about having patience in and after a relationship. [146 words]
A Foreign War by Eric Richards A song I wrote about a relationship I was in. [92 words]
By My Soul by Eric Richards This is a song I wrote about being swept away by the girl of my dreams... only a dream though. [229 words]
Seventeen by Eric Richards Song about the past. [121 words]
Wasting (Done) by Sara Roggy I've been wasting my time, and I'm done. [175 words]
My Lamb by Rae Not sure what it is... I call it a song only because I sang it while I wrote it... but it could quite p... [71 words]
I Guess I Love You by Lil Kiki A song for lovers who are meant to be but have obstacles in between. [216 words]
Afraid And Alone
Destiny's Roulette by Cass Love is just like gambling... you will never know if you'll win if you don't try. [113 words]
- You Showed Me - by Karina Lizet Perez This song is about a person who could really change ur life and change the way you act and fe... [193 words]
We Change by Cass Everyone changes so do relationships... [115 words]
Too Nice by Cass Sometimes guys just don't make their feelings clear... you can't tell if they like you or what. [177 words]
Through Secret Doors by Cass Sometimes we just find ourselves lost in certain points of life. [132 words]
The Race by Cass How hard will one try to get to the one you love. [123 words]
Real Fantasy by Cass Everyone's wish about love. [147 words]
One More Time by Sara Roggy I hope he will come back to me... one more time. [146 words]
It's So Hard To Tell You (I Love You) by Cass Falling for a friend. [270 words]
Hey Little Dreamer by Shelley J Alongi This song shows that even in life's darkest moments there's always hope. I based it on Thoma... [138 words]
Can You Remember by Cass Dedicated to all my best friends especially Mindy... [186 words]
Bus Stop by Cass Writing for a friend of mine... happy loving! [129 words]
Bored Without You by Cass Bored without him around... [110 words]
See The Stars by Sara Roggy You made me see the stars the day I met you. [187 words]
Sad Day by Chauncey Brummell - [214 words]
Not Gonna Change by Sara Roggy I'm not gonna change for a boy. [297 words]
I Cannot Believe by Karina Lizet Perez Its just a great rock song lol telling about how people lose or just go wrong in some part. [130 words]
A Mother's Lullaby by Shelley J Alongi A very short life story of my mother with a refrain to remember when we think of her. [187 words]
Take Me Home by Rae I dunno about this one... it sounded good when I sang it, but the chorus might be too long, making... [179 words]
Little Black Dress by B C Mercer - [202 words]
You've Lost by Karina Lizet Perez Its a song that is talking about how some times a guy takes advantage of a girl and this song is sa... [248 words]
Snowing In April by Pearl S - [346 words]
Those Words That Hurt The Most by Karina Lizet Perez Its a song talking about a fight between a ex boyfriend, mother, or just a ex fr... [138 words]
The Waves by Pearl S - [160 words]
We Are Connected By A Net Of Faith by Pearl S I guess the title doesn't say much, but this is my feeling about the coming ... [296 words]
'ms. America' by Pearl S If Ms. America was a typical American woman... [287 words]
The High Tides Of Hell by Stuart Eric Longridge Just another wake up call. [221 words]
The Green Man by The Birdman White-man flowing... [215 words]
Never Let Me Go by Rae - [311 words]
Post World Comas Past by Stuart Eric Longridge The second song for my mate mapes new band. [174 words]
Getting Ahead by Rae Well, if you can't get ahead in life, you choose the next best thing, perhaps... [206 words]
Useless by Matthew Mercieca Love... peace... hate. [99 words]
I'll Always Be Around by David W Ledger A song I wrote for my kids after being divorced. [233 words]
I Feel Like Ive Missed Someone Ive Never Met by Stuart Eric Longridge A song written for Mr Remo s new band. [200 words]
Broken Tears by Rae Had a weird afternoon... inspired a song... I hope this one is less confusing to everyone than the... [279 words]
Nothing To Remember by Karina Lizet Perez This song is pretty much what a girl is always asking... does he like me or not?!?... [164 words]
Money Can't Get Love by Cass We can't buy love nor put it into a shopping bag... [151 words]
Memories by Karina Lizet Perez This is a song that talks about how anything (good or bad) is always left behind... even if you don't ... [152 words]
I Want To Be With You by Karina Lizet Perez This is my first song... I wrote it on September 27 2002... and it's very different to ot... [184 words]
I Think Of Life by Karina Lizet Perez Theres not much to say about this song its just what every girl goes through.!.!.! [365 words]
Forgotten by Cass About breaking up and forgetting the person. [164 words]
Don't Lie by Karina Lizet Perez This is a song I just wrote for fun so if you dont really like this one it's okay... I don't like it ... [137 words]
Different by Cass sometimes you can't help by finding you and your partner are two different people from different worl... [105 words]
A Place Of Darkness by Karina Lizet Perez This song was written by me i didnt really go through this but its what many people go thro... [177 words]

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Afraid And Alone
[152 words]
Sara Roggy
I'm 13 years old and I've been writing poetry for about 3 years. All of it comes for life experiences
[June 2003]
[email protected]
Always Have God (Poetry) No matter what happens, or who I becomes, I will always have God to care about me. [108 words] [Teenage]
Chipmunks And Cats (Poetry) About getting ready for winter. [37 words] [Teenage]
Crimson Sky (Poetry) One more night to see the crimson sky... [89 words] [Teenage]
Don't Say It (Poetry) Don't say you don't love someone until you give it a try... [207 words] [Relationships]
Dreams Come True (Poetry) Dreams will come true, if only you'd try. [76 words] [Teenage]
Elusive (Poetry) It's always elusive... [82 words] [Teenage]
Equality (Poetry) Doesn't matter what people say, all people will never be treated the same. [156 words] [Teenage]
Forget It (Poetry) About a friend who used to be my best friend but has now pretty much abandoned me. [138 words]
Friends Forever? (Poetry) About how people say they are your best friend but then really hate you. [213 words] [Teenage]
Genuine (Poetry) A true friend... genuinely cares. [64 words] [Teenage]
Hear My Shouts (Poetry) Someday someone will hear my shouts. [93 words] [Teenage]
I Belived In Me (Poetry) When I was with you, I believed in me too... [118 words] [Teenage]
I Know You Love Me (Poetry) About a friend who I know really loved me, but couldn't say it. [171 words]
I Will Wait (Poetry) I will wait for you... I'll always be by your side. [87 words] [Teenage]
Is This Real? (Poetry) Is this feeling real? [87 words] [Teenage]
Life's A Soap Opera (Poetry) About my life being a soap opera with not enough love and too much drama. [118 words] [Teenage]
Lost And Lonely (Poetry) This is the poem for the lost and lonely. [165 words] [Teenage]
Loved Him (Bad Day) (Poetry) I loved him, I can honestly say I did. [86 words] [Teenage]
My Life (For Now I Don't Care) (Poetry) My life is bashed to pieces, but for now, I don't really care. [116 words] [Teenage]
No Matter What (Poetry) No matter what, you'll always be in my heart. [99 words] [Teenage]
Not Gonna Change (Songs) I'm not gonna change for a boy. [297 words] [Teenage]
One More Time (Songs) I hope he will come back to me... one more time. [146 words] [Relationships]
Rare (Poetry) Now I feel bad... cause you are rarely there. [54 words] [Teenage]
Running Down My Face (Poetry) This is about how someone erased my tears, but then brought them back. [115 words] [Teenage]
School's Out (Poetry) It's the end of school and the start of summer... why can't this day come sooner? [76 words] [Teenage]
See The Stars (Songs) You made me see the stars the day I met you. [187 words] [Teenage]
Shield The Human Heart (Poetry) Then you'll see what lies can do.. [83 words] [Teenage]
Simply Want To Scream (Poetry) I just wanna scream... [69 words] [Teenage]
So Alone (Poetry) I won't look my fears in the face. [26 words] [Teenage]
Tell Me Why (Poetry) Tell me why things are so hard. [111 words] [Teenage]
The Heart Behind The Shield (Short Stories) There's a heart behind every lie, every temper, and every shield. [770 words] [Relationships]
The Jump (Poetry) This is about a dream I had when I jumped into a river, wanting to die. [160 words]
The Pressure (Poetry) This poem is about peer pressure, and things it can make people do. [223 words] [Teenage]
Time To Fly (Poetry) A dream I had about being an angel... [122 words] [Teenage]
Tiny Shining Stars (Poetry) To me, the smallest stars shine brightest of all. [70 words] [Teenage]
Walking Alone (Poetry) About how much of an impact someone had on my life. [135 words] [Teenage]
Wasting (Done) (Songs) I've been wasting my time, and I'm done. [175 words] [Teenage]
Watch Life Make Sense (Poetry) Just take things slow... and you'll see [110 words] [Teenage]
When Your Friends Are Gone (Poetry) When you lose some friends, you'll always have others. [106 words] [Teenage]
You Can Think What You Want (Poetry) Anything you have to say does not bother me. [159 words] [Teenage]
Afraid And Alone
Sara Roggy

I miss the life I used to know
I miss the friends I used to love
I don't wanna be so afraid
I can't be so alone

There are times when I
just can't seem to take it anymore
I want everyone to get lost
and I don't wanna see or hear anything

I miss the life I used to know
I miss the friends I used to love
I don't wanna be so afraid
I can't be so alone

There were days when I
wanted to see you and everyone else
Those were the days when I
was truly happy; I could smile then

I miss the life I used to know
I miss the friends I used to love
I don't wanna be so afraid
I can't be so alone

I can't stay this way
I need to be near someone
but I still would push them away

I miss the life I used to know
I miss the friends I used to love
I don't wanna be so afraid
I can't be so alone



"You are very talented, Sara. Poetry is a wonderful outlet for your feelings. I have a twelve year old daughter, and I see many of the things she is going through in your works. Please keep writing! You have a gift!" -- Paula.


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June 2003

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