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I Used To Think... by Cedric McClester - [200 words]
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Why Did You Go? by Devin McDermott - [127 words]
Try My Love by Dream Rinsed midtempo funkycoolsmooth discojazz tune [173 words]
Dumpster Love by Dream Rinsed industrial grinding grooving lovejam [123 words]
You Shouldn’T Poach by Cedric McClester You Shouldn't Poach is an R&B object lesson. [204 words]
Work Dat Booty! by Dream Rinsed a danceclub jam (the new chicago house sound) [76 words]
Words Have Meaning by Cedric McClester Words Have Meaning is a social commentary song. [431 words]
When Will We Stop Hurting Each Other? by Dream Rinsed intense crunchingpumping funkrock [140 words]
When It’S Hate You Teach by Cedric McClester When It's Hate You Teach speaks for itself. It should be a folk/rock number. [237 words]
We Interrupt This Broadcast by Cedric McClester We Interrupt This Broadcast is a social commentary folk/rock song. [229 words]
Today Is My Day! by Dream Rinsed a feel good song. SMILE,DAMMIT! (that cool groove all ages and races can move and/or ... [100 words]
They Hate Everybody by Cedric McClester They Hate Everybody is yet another of my social commentary folk/ rock songs. [159 words]
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The Best Day
That Mating Thang by Dream Rinsed about physical attraction (70's sleazypartybluesfunk ) [112 words]
Thankyou by Sinead Murray this song is about someone who helped me so much the last few years, i had to write them something! [124 words]
Sin,Sex,And Sanity by Dream Rinsed a song about temptation (80s industrial dancemusic) [124 words]
Shock And Awe by Cedric McClester Shock And Awe is a social commentary contemporary gospel song. It should have a funky beat. [225 words]
Play Me For A Fool (Unfinished) by Whitney Williams about a guy who cheats [68 words]
Nasty Boy! by Dream Rinsed just what the title says! (minneapolisfunk) [148 words]
Name Me by Whitney Williams Thinking im someone im not [56 words]
Me Time by Dream Rinsed a dirty lil' bubblegum soulpop ditty ode to the joy of pleasing thyself...enjoy! [95 words]
Lovin’ You (Is Giving Me A Natural High) by Cedric McClester - [196 words]
Love,Right And Wrong. by Dream Rinsed a song about one effect of loving someone too much. (bluesyr&bjazz) [117 words]
Lets Rewind by Sinead Murray lovely song about a boy :/ [164 words]
Let Down by Dream Rinsed a song about crushing a crush. (smoothdiscojazz) [149 words]
King Of The Blues by Cedric McClester King Of The Blues was inspired by BB King and should have a King flavor. [252 words]
I'm Yours For My Lifetime! by Dream Rinsed the title says it all! (groovy 70s disco funk) [159 words]
Im Dreaming by Sinead Murray I write so many songs about boys that break my heart, heres another one :) [183 words]
I Bring Hell by Aphasic Metal A heavy metal song I wrote. [194 words]
Heaven Sent You To Me by Dream Rinsed dedicated to the one i (and you) love. (smooth r&b jazz) [161 words]
Have I Ever Paid For Sex? by Cedric McClester Have I Ever Paid For Sex was inspired by the Maury Povitch Show. [223 words]
Gutsstillspilling by Dream Rinsed a song about truthtelling on thyself. (funky barblues rock n' soul) [133 words]
Gutsspilling by Dream Rinsed *see GutsStillSpilling for description [87 words]
Goodnight And Goodbye by Ashley Whitedove Just a song that i wrote at like 3 in the morning [141 words]
Gekko 101(Greed Is Good) by Cedric McClester Gekko 101 (Greed Is Good) should be a social commentary folk rock song. [241 words]
Does He? by Cedric McClester This should be a mid-tempo ballad. [327 words]
Discovery by C Simnitt - [163 words]
Devil In The Night by C Simnitt - [175 words]
Despair by Dream Rinsed a song about standing in the shadows of love. (technofunkgroove) [41 words]
Birthday Suit by C Simnitt - [272 words]
Answer The Phone by Dream Rinsed a song about gettimg that number from someone you're interested in. (newwavemotownpo... [138 words]
And This Is What You Asked For? by Brittany Perry It is a song about someone who feels that they are not leading the life that th... [104 words]
You Have Nothing To Fear by Cedric McClester You Have Nothing To Fear is a contemporary gospel song of encouragement. [221 words]
When I Entered The Water by Cedric McClester When I Entered The Water was written for a choir. [269 words]
Turnin A New Leaf by C Simnitt - [322 words]
This Is How The Story Ends by Brandon Gottman break-up song i guess.im hoping too make this song with instruments and play on stag... [93 words]
The Power Of God by Alex Lawrence Spiritual Song [123 words]
Someone New by Malisiak - [83 words]
Secret by Cedric McClester Secret is a dark song about sexual abuse the music should reflect it. [345 words]
Precious by Cedric McClester Precious should be a bittersweet ballad with lots of violins. It is inspired by the the Tyler Perry/O... [264 words]
Prayer Changes Everything by Cedric McClester Prayer Changes Everything was written for a mass choir. [160 words]
Oh So Incredibly Broken by Jennah M Malisiak - [163 words]
Is This How It Should Be? by Rachel A Pfister A song that I wrote for my ex boyfriend who had a thing for my best friend. [168 words]
If You Were by Gary Paschall This is a song about a young lady and if she was all of these different objects this is what I woul... [498 words]
Huggin’ by Cedric McClester Huggin' should be an up-tempo song. [225 words]
How Can I Love Jesus? by Cedric McClester This should be a contemporary gospel song. [250 words]
Highly Favored And Truly Blessed by Cedric McClester Highly Favored And Truly Blessed should be an up-tempo song of praise and wors... [113 words]
He Is The One by Cedric McClester This song should be a slow r&b ballad. [199 words]
He Don’T Have A Clue (When It Comes To Pleasing You) by Cedric McClester - [263 words]
Epidemic by Cedric McClester Epidemic is a social commentary song whose music should be as haunting as the dire statistics of child... [206 words]
Anne ‘N Pretty Eddie by Cedric McClester Anne 'n Pretty Eddie is inspired by true facts. [296 words]
And It Hurts. by Corrina Robertson - [197 words]
An Average Brother by Cedric McClester An Average Brother is a song that goes against the male bragging trend. [287 words]
Amen, Amen by Cedric McClester Amen, Amen is a song of positive affirmation. [392 words]

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The Best Day
- this song i think is the most moving one ive written, i understand not everyone will understand whats moving about it but i do.
Its about someone who literally saved my life when i was being stupid!
this person is brilliant!
so yess i love this song
[276 words]
Sinead Murray
- my names sinead and im fourteen,
i just feel like musics just in me, i dont know how it just is.
i love to sing and play my instruments,
i play guitar, euphonium and trombone.
i play in lots of bands and i love them!
i love songwriting and started writing about 2 years ago, i like to make all songs personal to me, else whats the point!
music is my spare time really i cant think of anything else id rather do than music though because i really love it!

[June 2009]
Im Dreaming (Songs) I write so many songs about boys that break my heart, heres another one :) [183 words] [Romance]
Lets Rewind (Songs) lovely song about a boy :/ [164 words]
Thankyou (Songs) this song is about someone who helped me so much the last few years, i had to write them something! [124 words]
The Best Day
Sinead Murray

im eleven and im feeling so low,
im scared to talk to you, i thought youd say no,
you gave up hour and hour of every single day,
i guess i never really had the chance to say,

that i dont know what id do without you,
i thought thered be nothing you could do,
you gave me so much strength and i have to say,
i had a smile after talking with you today,

im thirteen now and stress is boiling up right to here,
you help me with all my every ongoing fears,
and we talk and talk until theres nothing left to talk about,
ive got all this thanks and i just want to shout,

that i dont know what id do without you,
all those days you gave up for me at school,
dont know how long its gonna take to feel okay,
but i know you made me feel better today,

you're such an excellent being,
you made sense of what i was seeing,
and you smiled all over my life,
inside and out its better than it was,
i grew up so so fast in the last, few years,
and i, owe, it all to you.

There is this letter i found from a year ago,
its to you stating what i hope you already know,
its how much i think of you and what you've done, what it means to me,
and your the most outstanding person to me in the whole wide world.

And now i know how, to get by on my own,
i know you'd be on my side whenever im feeling wrong,
you mean everything for giving me your time,
staying back and watching me shine and
i didnt know if you knew,
so im taking this chance to say,
you changed my life that day



"wow thats reelii good so touching and lovely. whos it about XD :P lovee yahhh connahh " -- Connor goodwin.
"Sinead! omg this is so good, i love it. I like all the emotion in it, i like how its personal to you as well! Well done its really really good! evie x" -- Evie .
"oh my wow ! this is a lavely song it made me think of my own life ly leah " -- Leah a-b.
"well if there was a prize for who can put the most emotion into a song you'd win hands down! im not just saying it but honestly this is beautiful! so so lovely, i wish i could write songs! iloveyou TT! x" -- Alice .
"oh wow sinead thats great i love it. so much emotion i thought it was going to expload haha :L see you in school " -- annie .
"thankyou everyone so far for your reviews, connor lol - touching and lovely, well yesss i hope so, Evie thankyou yess it is personal to me! Thanks Leah. Alice well yeh you know what im like for cramming things with emotion, you can write songs! Cheers annie! and its about someone very special to me whos helped me through the worst times in the world!" -- Sinead (writer).
"Sineeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad, i love this, its beautiful, its emotional, its lovely, its all things nice, how do you do this? where do you get your ideas from? your so musical , its not fair, i wish i was honestly! this song is just beautiful it really really is! very very good! lovie OS'x" -- Liv.
"MELROSE (sinead) its Layla (laura) this is pretty, you wrote my song, that was good toooo! you're very good, ive given you a comment nowww so i besttt be off naaa :/ 'loveeeuu x" -- LAU'ra.
"this is great, oh wowww, i love it, i knew you were good, but not this good, why dont you be a song writer, lol no joke its beautiful and i know everyones said it but it really is BEA-utifull, Belle, Bonita, Guapo :) see im continental 8-) oh love yaaa x" -- Fretwell.
"Great song sinead :) xxx" -- Alice .
"WOWWWWWW WEEEEE - this honestly is proper good. new york new york" -- Xeni.
"sorry im a little bit of a stalker but i cant stop reading this, its amazing, im desperate to write songs" -- Liv.
"this is cute, but it seems really similar to Taylor Swift's "The Best Day."" -- kayla.


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June 2009

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