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One Girl
[506 words]
Dom Montana
[December 2008]
One Girl
Dom Montana

Dr. Dom - One girl

(Verse 1)
I've given up all hope
I dont know if I can cope
Where do I start? what do I do?
I'll do what i said I'd do
and that would be writing a rap song for you
I think that I should apologise
I'm like a Big Mac and your my french fries
thats how close I was to you
I gave it all up for one night
I know its not your fault its all mine
When I fucked that girl you wernt even my mind
how stupid am I, I'm so blind
I didnt realise what I had until she gone
I never hit her up on her cell phone
i loved you girl right to the bone
one mistake was done and now she gone
I cant believe it had to end like this, what a mess
it all started from your email address
one picture but a million words
shes a top chick and im a fool living in the suburbs
romanian princess you might even say
now look at the price im gonna pay

(Chorus) x2
One girl, one love, one dream
she was very spcial to me
me and you, we were meant to be
one mistake is what cost me
i've failed completely
One girl, one love, one dream
she was very spcial to me, one girl

(Verse 2)
My eyes are blurry its two in the morning
I cant see what the hell i am writing
this flow is from a broken heart
I cant picture how she feels coz we so far apart
shes so beautiful, words cannot explain
and i cant help but feel her pain
i cant help but feel the same
deep down I'm put to shame
and I'm a real man, I aint no playa fo'real
I just wanted to experience how sex would feel
My mind is full of regrets and i smell like ciggerettes
stressed out but i cant get her out of my head
every day i wake up its the same thing again
feeling depressed and down with mixed emotions
i go back to my rhymes and think of a new potion
its not something you can buy like body shop lotion
this is from my heart, its deep as the ocean
some say that theres plenty of fish in the sea
but not this time, this girl meant a lot to me


(Verse 3)
I know we not lovers, we can still be friends
I hope ya'll know the message that this songs sends
I've learnt my lesson, this wont happen again
do you remember when we were sitting on that bench
your body close to mine and i would kiss your lips
not a care in the world just like it would seem
when you took to me to KoKo black and we ate that icecream
we were meant to make another date
but now i know that its too late
Straight up i lost a soul mate
coz i attempted fate
your looking so cute with that mini white skirt
I miss you so much, its starting to hurt
i knew you liked me too, girl i needed a sign
I guess its over anyway i'll stop wasting your time
that girl was a fling i should have never got in her room
Im sorry babygirl hope to hear from you soon



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© 2008 Dom Montana
December 2008

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