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So Far Away
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So Far Away
The thoughts that run through my head every morning while I lie awake in bed.
[177 words]
Christy Mack
[September 2002]
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So Far Away
Christy Mack

verse 1:
its a beautiful day
and im so far away
i thought i could try to hide
from whats inside of me
theres a party tonight at 2
but i don't got shit to do
today is another day
but it seems theres nothing new

oh tell me
cause i wish i could still see
why the sun is setting down on me
why do i feel so out of place
why cant i be who i want to be
oh tell me
cause i wish i still knew
if my sky is still a shade of blue
and if the bottom of my heart is broken
then why am i still in love with you?

verse 2:
I think you are amazing today
when i saw you walk away
cant stop you anymore
cuz your getting blurry to me
im feeling a little too untouched
but having you with me was enough
Having you just here with me
I think I liked it a little too much

repeat chorus

something tells me
ive already left
im already gone
im already dead
today is a beautiful day
without one single tear
cuz i am so far away
that ive already dissapeared

chorus x2

its a beautiful day outside
and im so far away.



"I really like this song...I can relate to it. Great job!!" -- Karen, USA.
"Just rereading some of your work after not having been to this site in a very long time. You were always one of my favorite authors here. I sure would like to see more postings from you. I always related so well to what you wrote. This one was certainly no different." -- JM.
"This is a very touching song...I felt it go right to the center of my heart. You have a very special gift; hold on to it!" -- Mia Angello, WI, USA.


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