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Astralution by Stuart Eric Longridge We are living in transforming times [134 words]
Revelation by Mia Angello - [249 words]
Astray by Mia Angello - [228 words]
Love Found by Mia Angello Originally I had titled this song, Found. [202 words]
Part Werewolf by Mia Angello - [192 words]
Clouded by Mia Angello - [152 words]
Teach Me About Love by Cass About how someone want to love someone so badly and need someone's love so badly. [136 words]
Jack, He's Mine. My Jack by Amy Mondure Lioncourt PLease know that the name Jack the Ripper is used only as a symble to indicate the ill... [107 words]
I Really Care by Cass Telling someone that you really care. [83 words]
Fear by Cass Yearning for somebody but with the fear of losing him or she... in a love dilemmna [115 words]
Dying Loving by Cass About loving someone, the helplessness... [147 words]
Window Of The Heart by Cass Some fact and reality i've found out about life... Really hope it could be useful to you... [110 words]
Thought So(But Was Wrong) by Cass About realisation upon liking someone. [101 words]
Stranded At Sea by Musau All Alone [108 words]
Only I by Cass Just writing how it feels like when a girl falls in love. [99 words]
Only For A Moment by Katherine Gehl Donovan For over a year, I have been in love with this guy, and finally I wrote him a letter (stupid ... [137 words]
Old Willow Tree by Cass Thought of using nature to describe life... hope you people will like it. [96 words]
My Voice, My Song by Katherine Gehl Donovan This song is about how I want and need to sing, but my parents always come up with excuses fo... [119 words]
Love Comes Fast by Cass Just about the way infatuation and love comes. [147 words]
Hey Doc by Cass I think this is rather a cute lovesong..describing lovesickness... [120 words]
Journey To Over by Mia Angello Lyrics to an obsession song. [240 words]
Fortress by Lawrence Peters - [116 words]
Solution by Insane Man Solutions to problems. [476 words]
Roses And Cookies
Cult Ticker by Insane Man Escaping the past. [202 words]
Nsync's Christmas Carol by Rose Trimovski We all know nsync sucks. [107 words]
I Just Feel, I Just Want To Say... by Ivonne León Vonchyta This song is dedicated to the ones that hide their feelings because they're ... [135 words]
For B. by Lawrence Peters A song for my sister Betty-Ann on her 38th Birthday. [202 words]
Billy Lee by David B Doc Byron A song about a young man who has gone wayward so many times he doesn't care about life anymore. [142 words]
Sun Rays Into My Heart by Cass A reflective song... that I hope to share with everyone. [113 words]
So Far Away by Christy Mack The thoughts that run through my head every morning while I lie awake in bed. [177 words]
Deceived by Cass The sadness and misery when being deceived by someone close to you. [136 words]
Wish You Could Hear Me Sing by Cass A child missing his/her parents. [68 words]
Where To? by Musau A love song. [199 words]
Where Does Love Begin? by Musau Evolving Love. [186 words]
What Is Like To Not Have Love? by Musau No love! [178 words]
What Has Become Of Me, Now That You're Gone? by Musau Just lonely. [160 words]
Music by Musau Just a verse about music. [15 words]
Let Me Sing My Song by Musau - [179 words]
Lacking Of Love by Cass A mixture of r&b , pop music style. [77 words]
It's Called Love by Musau Just a little love song. [59 words]
If I Stood On God's Right Hand by Musau Just thinking about God! [94 words]
I Need You Lord by Cass Encouragement to self and shows how weak man is. [146 words]
I Don't Bother Nobody by Musau Keeping to myself! [135 words]
How Do I Feel? by Musau Just how I feel. [161 words]
Conceal It by Cass Two friends fell for each other but can't accept the fact. [101 words]
Blissful Apathy by Nathaniel B Hargreaves This song, whose lyrics draw from years of seeing ordinary people be drawn under by the need to... [191 words]
A Glint Of Warmth by Cass Go thru this song if u are losing faith in yourself...or maybe u are very fortunate and would... [195 words]
And I Cried by Hope I know this sounds like a christian song, I guess you could sing it as one. I wrote it to be like a... [192 words]
Hells Fire by Chris Carpenter - [121 words]
Keys To My Soul by Mike Schiller I usually only write poetry. I wrote this and one other song one night after listening to a Cat... [418 words]
If Only I Hadn't Said A Word by Alicia Marlene Dean-Hunter This is my first song. I guess it's about saying something you regret and wish you... [372 words]
If I Only Were A Thief by Lisa Petro A short story of less than 500 words about what is and what might be. [201 words]
Castle On A Cloud by Alicia Marlene Dean-Hunter Dreaming about living in a castle that stands tall on a cloud. Loving a man who loves you bac... [202 words]
And So You Touch Me by Mike Schiller This was one of two songs I wrote one night while feeling inspired. The Cathy Dennis influe... [172 words]
For You by Juned Ahsan My first song. [153 words]
Melted In The Winter by Jennifer Street A sad song about a dead love. [168 words]

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Roses And Cookies
[263 words]
Kirsten McManus
Open-minded, friendly, kind, everybody's best friend... That's what I strive to be.
[November 2001]
11.30.01 (Poetry) I've met a guy... [42 words]
12.5.02 (Poetry) - [57 words]
4.4.02 (Poetry) Poem sketches. Words I had to use: moonlight, geese, gold, strings. [35 words]
6.24.01 (Poetry) Written at camp. [93 words]
8.14.02 (Poetry) - [111 words]
8.99 (Poetry) Written by a scared kid. [92 words]
A Rap By This White Girl (Poetry) The title says it all. [73 words]
A Song For You (Songs) I wrote this after hearing my cousin's song about his ex-girlfriend. [151 words]
Creative Block (Poetry) Eighth grade year. [83 words]
Divination (Poetry) Part of an english assignment. [44 words]
High (Poetry) - [52 words]
I Want To Know (Poetry) Fill me in. [100 words]
Love And Volleyball (Poetry) Cinquain style. English assignment. [22 words]
Me (Poetry) I'm growing up. [113 words]
My Hero (Poetry) About the guy again. [42 words]
Ode To Spanish III (Poetry) Odes. Another english assignment. [90 words]
Online Convo 1 (Poetry) You actually wrote this, not me.... [167 words]
September 11, 2001 (Poetry) Written after seeing a picture of a young boy with beautiful blue eyes crying. [101 words]
Seventh Hour (Poetry) - [52 words]
Seventh Hour (Part 2) (Poetry) - [51 words]
Seventh Hour (Part 3) (Poetry) - [130 words]
Something (Poetry) - [39 words]
Sporatic (Poetry) Love. Aaaahhh, it's so crazy. [36 words]
Starlit (Poetry) It's in code. [141 words]
Summer (Poetry) - [372 words]
The Apartment (Short Stories) - [535 words]
The Random (Poetry) It seems to depict my feelings of the game very well. [331 words]
Thoughts (Poetry) This was published in Mandala. [63 words]
You're Simple (Songs) As if crazy sayings are not enough... [118 words]
Roses And Cookies
Kirsten McManus

i was dressed in all black (my "sexy me" persona)
i was on the couch with my sister, she had been so persistent
then in walked spongebob w your mom, and your mom spoke directly to me
she seemed to know that i was your next girl, and wouldn't soon be leaving.

another time (it was cold -- we were under a blanket)
your parents came in to talk to you, saw that i was there, too
said that "if i was around" come my seventeenth, she'd make me a cake
i squeezed your leg, you looked at me -- we laughed and smiled

it seems to me that we are real (not a fairy tale love)
we have our moments, almost always good
i don't hold you as much as i should
though the cookie may crumble, the last rose will never die.

i sat in a coffee shop (my first time skipping a class)
and was almost in tears due to the fear -- the thought of losing you
by the end of my convo w her i was all smiles, thinking of our _____
she said, without a certainty i loved: "you're getting married"

i guess that dreams can come true (as cliche as that may sound)
but i think that me finding you, and, after a year, still having you
proves that what we have is true, so true
my friends are green, our hearts are gold; can't wait for the apartment.

it seems to me that we are real (not a fairy tale love)
we have our moments, almost always good
i don't hold you as much as i should
though the cookie may crumble, my last rose will never die.



"Oh wow, you make me revel(sp?) in the beauty of love, and Im glad to make a cameo once again, your the bestest...and I do believe we have the best boys, and I cant wait to see all your ________" -- *her*.


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October 2002

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