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... Go Back In Time by Cedric McClester This should song should be a tear-jerker type of ballard. [245 words]
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What You Do For Love by Laura Lloyd ...title is self explanitory really. This is posted in additon to Brightest light, which i... [142 words]
What Do I Do (With This Tattoo?) by Cedric McClester What Do I Do (With This Tattoo) should be a mid-tempo R&B ballad. [287 words]
What Am I To You? by Cedric McClester What Am I To You is written from a female's perspective and should be a mid-tempo song like J... [274 words]
WeíRe Well Aware by Cedric McClester We're Well Aware was written with a k.d. Lang or Melissa Ethridge in mind. It should serve as... [383 words]
We Kept Hope Alive by Cedric McClester We Kept Hope Alive is an inspirational song and the music should be reflective of this. [276 words]
We Came So Far Together by Cedric McClester We Came So Far Together should be a ballad [234 words]
Wasted by Ray Blue Own lovesong lyrics. [140 words]
ThereíS A Lesson In It Somewhere For You by Cedric McClester There's A Lesson In It Somewhere For You is a spiritual song of inspir... [292 words]
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The Line Of A Circle by Kreo to that voice inside your head that tells what you really want to do [124 words]
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Scatter My Ashes On The Railroad Tracks by Shelley J Alongi A train engineer's final wish. [323 words]
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Now That The BabyíS Here by Cedric McClester Now That The Baby's Here should be an up tempo R&B song. [350 words]
Not For Two by Laura Lloyd This one, although the lyrics may be depressing is played more upbeat.hope ya like it.:) feedback i... [111 words]
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No Love Like Apathy by Crystalrae States - [157 words]
No Balances No Checks (No Prophylactics) by Cedric McClester No Balances No Checks (No Profolactics) should be an up-tempo R&B song... [314 words]
Mask Of Democracy by Trivikrak Belagod This is a song about how world's most powerful men commit crimes and hide behind democracy. [184 words]
Mama Africa by Cedric McClester Mama Africa is a tribute to the late great South African singer Miriam Mekeba. It should have a wo... [227 words]
Love: The Great Unknown by Karsten E Andersen Andersen my sadness and confusion over the struggles in my life and the views I have [147 words]
Love Lost Over Night by Devin McDermott a song about a girl losing her love over night, because of the fight she had with her bf. [124 words]
Lonely Nights by Devin McDermott - [160 words]
Ku Klux Klan by Cedric McClester - [252 words]
Jimi by Cedric McClester Jimi is an ode to the late great Jimi Hendrix. It should be a rock song in the Hendrix mode. [240 words]
I've Seen The Light by Cedric McClester I've Seen The Light should be a classic sounding, foot stomping gospel call and response n... [397 words]
I'm Not Guilty: Song For Schapelle by Tara Hack This beautiful song tells the story of Schapelle Corby, an innocent sufferin... [178 words]
I'll Always Love You by Karsten E Andersen Andersen How I feel about a very special girl [61 words]
I Will Recover by Cedric McClester I Will Recover is a love-lorn song inspired by singer Pink's recent divorce. It's written in a ... [260 words]
I Do Like My Whiskey by Cedric McClester I Do Like My Whiskey is a country song that should have an up tempo beat [226 words]
I CaníT Breathe by Cedric McClester I Can't Breathe should be a mid-tempo R&B song. [271 words]
Hysterics by Rckmusician Will work in fast punk rock style. Email [email protected] for chords or more info. [206 words]
Humanity's Curse by Trivikrak Belagod This song talks about people's raging tendency for war and its downfall [205 words]
How Can We Succeed? by Cedric McClester How Can We Succeed? is a rock/folk song in the Mellencamp mode. [253 words]
Hittin' The Skids by Cedric McClester Hittin' The Skids is a country song that should have a modern flavor. [396 words]
Goodbye Is Goodbye by Cedric McClester - [200 words]
Golden Fields by Philip Matthew Alarie A love poem, which takes place in a wheat field, in the summertime [147 words]
Family Drama by Cedric McClester Family Drama should be an up-tempo r&b banger. It's written from a female's perspective. [272 words]
DoníT Get Excited by Cedric McClester Don't Get Excited is written in Beyonce Knowles voice in response to the allegation that she ... [260 words]
DoníT Call It Love by Cedric McClester Don't Call It Love should be a mid-tempo ballad. [482 words]
Did I Ever Love You? (Yes)! by Cedric McClester Did I Ever Love You? (Yes)! is an answer to the latest Deborah Cox release, "Did Yo... [292 words]
Candid Pictures by Cedric McClester Candid Picture is an R&B ballad that was inspired by the leaked pictures of Disney Cheetah Girl... [406 words]
Brightest Light by Laura Lloyd i'm posting 2 new sets of lyrics on this occasion, this being one of them. I wrote these when i... [68 words]
Beast by Cedric McClester Beast is a song about a cheating lover from a woman's perspective. [265 words]
We Put Country First (So WhyíD Our Bubble Burst?) by Cedric McClester - [192 words]
We Need Something Different by Cedric McClester - [140 words]
Walk In My Shoes
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Too Much by Brianna Lashae Williams A love song I wrote 11/04/08 [388 words]
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Tell Me Why (So Even I Can See) by Cedric McClester Tell Me Why is a bitter sweet ballad written from a female's perspective. [425 words]
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Out Of Focus by Kreo - [68 words]
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Next Day by Katrina An ode to a person who doesn't know how much he means to me. [144 words]
My Baby Girl by Chris Quinn well this song is about the only girl i love so much and her names amy so i made this song for her... [226 words]
Marry Me by Ariel Little Red this is a song I wrote resulting in something huge(but the song will tell all) [227 words]
Love Is -Original Song by Sai He This is an original song i wrote last night because i could not fall asleep. I have yet ... [175 words]
Lesson Learned by Kreo dont read!!!! stupid love song [68 words]
It's Just A Question. by Corrina Robertson Clear. It's clear. Now that I see that you're here. This is where we're meant to be at. ... [238 words]
Is That So Hard For You To See? by Cedric McClester This song should have a moderate tempo. [460 words]
IíM Not Going There Anymore by Cedric McClester - [229 words]
I Was Lost Until You Found Me by Corrina Robertson This is a spiritual song and it's about Jesus come and lifting us up from the gro... [225 words]
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How Do You Justify? by Cedric McClester - [230 words]
Hard To Believe by Brianna Lashae Williams - [246 words]
From Deep In My Heart by Cedric McClester From Deep In My Heart is a spiritual song that should have a moderate to slow beat and me... [174 words]
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Walk In My Shoes
About my life...in my own words I guess
[1,130 words]
Alyssa B
[February 2007]
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Walk In My Shoes
Alyssa B

Take a walk in my shoes and youíll see what I see.
Walk a mile and youíll find the person I will never be.
Disgusted by my image and the mistakes that I have made,
pissed off by the decisions and the path I chose to take.
I donít know why I care when I know that life is unfair.
Everyone hates me, Iíve come to realize since I have opened my eyes.
Iíll never be perfect to the world I guess that is what it seems
and I may not ever get the chance to conquer any of my dreams.
Iíll shout to the sky at the top of my lungs,
Iíll yell and scream like a child whose life has only begun.
Iíll cry because the world has stabbed me in the back.
Iíll never understand just why-why I deserved that!
Iíll do what I can to understand it allÖ
Iíll live everyday in high hopes and constant faith!
Even though were worldís apart with every wall I find, and broken bridge I cross
We live together heart to heart!
Grew up as the preppy girl although I wasnít one to wear fancy pearls
Abercrombie and Fitch, Hollister and American eagle was my world.
Colorful earrings of blue, red, yellow and green
newspaper hats and jewelry yeah that was me.
Like the boy bands I heard on the radio
First off BSB, Nsync, and Dream street
Later became Simple Plan, Elmoro, GC, and Blink
Writing songs about my life and where I want to go
But there was another side of me that no one had ever gotten the chance to know
Until now, because itís time to let me true feelings show!
Mom says itís not good to be different or try to express yourself
itís not a good idea to try and stand out
itís better to fall back and get lost in the crowd.
What would people say if they knew the truth
of the life I live and what goes on inside my room.
I learn Arabic in my free time and I pray every night
for peace in Palestine!
I would love to skateboard every night and day
and play guitar behind a closed door in my room
How cool would it be to snowboard off my garage roof
Oh how I wish you could take a walk in my shoes!

Everyone thinks I live in a perfect world; I got a dad who is called Mister Right.
Just because he is his own businessman who is rich and nice
The truth it seems so hard to believe but all we ever do is fight
My dad and I donít always see eye to eye in fact we never do
He doesnít understand me, wont let me express myself, or let me be with who I choose.
If only he could see by talking a walk in my shoes!

Iíve never been smart in school and I never followed every single rule.
There was so much I did that my parents never knew.
I was put in detentions sometimes on Saturday morning
I just didnít tell my mom exactly where I was going.
I got lunch suspension and had to eat in an empty classroom
I stared for a while at the clock as the moments ticked right by.
Yeah these were the days of my high school life.
Maybe I seemed like a goodie too shoe but I wasnít always that way
I tried some stupid things that got me in trouble almost every day.
We fight all the time and nothing I ever do is right
No matter how many times I clean my room itís always messy each night.

I was sick of the way I look when I look in the mirror each day
I wanted to try something new and hope it would turn out okay
Black polish I painted on my nails and lip gloss of a new shade
I shopped in different stores and gave my life another road to take.
It was exactly what I needed, a checkered belt and suspender pants
with a matching black and white wristband.
Maybe something new to put in the center of my lip I called it a lip ring
My mom says I must be acting out, I guess I am rebelling
Listening to different music hanging out with a different set of friends
Changing my whole life style and hoping it never ends
I wouldnít say im gothic and I donít call myself a freak
Im just expressing myself in who I want to be.
I know itís hard to believe but Iím not as perfect as you may think
Iíve tried some pretty stupid things-

In college I partied way to hard I tried pot and ecstasy and actually puy a pacifier in my mouth
I went to pharmaceutical parties and thought that I was cool cause I was taking vicodin, morphine and Norco
I was popping pills only to get high I was huffing in a brown paper bag of paint inhalants.
I rolled my own blunt on J block in the dark; I hung out on the reservation and will always be forever scarred from what I saw. I hung out in trailer parks at the fair and spoke to random people because I really didnít care.
Yeah I got depressed sometimes and tried something I regret
I wrote a suicide letter and tried to kill myself in my garage.
I sat in my car for four hours with the engine running and a towel shoved in the exhaust.
When I was close to passing out, my eyes couldnít stay open anymore.
I wondered who would find me behind these dark closed doors.
I realized I was being selfish and I would get through this rocky time.
And I knew right then and there that I couldnít take my own life.
I went back inside the house and took a good look in the mirror at myself
I hated the person staring back at me. Who in the hell was this person that I had come to be?
I was tired of broken hearts and promises that I packed away upon my shelf
It was by far the hardest thing I ever had to do
To look in the mirror right into my eyes and tell me that I loved myself
And I would hold on even though I wanted so bad to let go.

If you could walk in my shoes for just one day
you might see what I have to hide and why my fake smile says itís all okay.
Like Tupac said perhaps I was addicted to the dark side, somewhere inside my childhood witnessed my heart die.
There aint no hope for the youth and the truth is there aint no hope for the future.
We aint meant to survive cause itís a set up and even though im fed up I got to keep my head upÖ
If I told you I never thought of death thatíd be a lie because we the last oneís leftÖbut life goes on!
Take a walk in my shoes and youíll see what I see
but if you walk a mile youíll see the person that I will never be.


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November 2008

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