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Love Don't Have No Meanin by Cedric McClester - [173 words]
Caught In Her Memories by Cedric McClester Caught In Her Memories was inspired by the sad tale of childhood rape and sexual abuse a... [293 words]
I'm Almost There by Fred Hardy - [161 words]
Johnny At Fourteen by Fred Hardy - [279 words]
Seven Holy Nights by Fred Hardy - [276 words]
Goodbye To You by Fred Hardy - [251 words]
Tragedy by Fred Hardy -struggling to find the right title to this any suggestions [305 words]
Promises Get In The Way by Fred Hardy - [257 words]
Democracy Or Theoracy by Rapadamus The Middle East is not the only place threatened by theocratic rule, it could happen righ... [206 words]
Only God Knows by Chad Naquin This song explains me so much. I'm trying to find my purpose in life and who I am. [187 words]
Poo by Chad Naquin This song has nothing to do with poo. [11,126 words]
Racist by Chad Naquin I hate racists. We should all be treated equally. I'm white. I don't care about other people's race/look... [315 words]
Charges Should Be Brought Up by Rapadamus Charges Should Be Brought Up suggests that Sen. Russ Feingold is right, the presid... [423 words]
Feeling by Chad Naquin The lead singer of my first band and I wrote this. It was our first song we wrote. Unfortunatly, he mov... [169 words]
A Letter To The President by Rapadamus This is a letter to the president It�s not meant to be a slam I�m just bein who I am ... [316 words]
Reciprocity by Cedric McClester Reciprocity is a song from a female's perspective. She is pointing out what she does to show her lo... [237 words]
Bible Thumpin by Cedric McClester Bible Thumpin is directed at Christian fundamentalists. [179 words]
How Can You Trust Someone Else by Cedric McClester How can you trust someone else When you�re suspicious of Their underlying motive... [240 words]
Justice Is Blind by Rapadamus Justice is blind But not anymore And I seriously doubt That it was before They like to pretend... [205 words]
You Do You by Rapadamus YOU DO YOU speaks to gays who have the need to flaunt their lifestyles. Straight people don't find ... [190 words]
Bill O�Reilly by Rapadamus Bill O'Reilly is a parody on Conservative media personality Bill O'Reilly. [280 words]
Fiction by Chad Naquin This song is great to play with all instruments but it sounds cool acoustic too. [154 words]
.Always There. by Carla Thomson This is a song that I wrote last summer... I'm just now getting to put it on this site... lol...... [151 words]
You're Hurting Me by Withered Rose - [267 words]
Your Loving by Alia Harold This is Poptart this song comes from deep down in my heart, I poured my feelings onto this page and... [208 words]
Your Call Was Recorded by Rapadamus Your Call Was Recorded speaks about the advent of Big Brother. We are constantly under ... [237 words]
You Won�T Waiver by Rapadamus You won't Waiver addresses George Bush's recalcitrance. [326 words]
You Don�T Recover by Cedric McClester You Don't Recover, postulates certain feelings we never recover from. [170 words]
Ya Wanna Know Why (I Sing The Blues) by Cedric McClester Ya Wanna Know Why (I Sing The Blues)is a familiar story that any blue sing... [221 words]
Who�S Gonna... by Rapadamus Who�s gonna step up To the plate/ And rectify the status Of the ship-of-state [161 words]
Where I'll Always Be by Kevin The Foop When you want someone to know that you'll always be there for them. [265 words]
Where He Was Last Night by Steph Kidd Welp... I was inspired to write this one about a good friend of mine and what shes goin... [134 words]
What�S This Country Comin To by Rapadamus What's This Country Comin To, asks that simple question. [229 words]
Were You There? by Cedric McClester Were You There chronicals the crucifiction of Christ. [308 words]
Walked Away
Up South by Rapadamus Up South explores the issue of racism as it exists in the North, where it is just below the surface. [342 words]
Trailer Park Trash by Cedric McClester Trailer Park Trash is written from a woman's perspective. The woman in question grew up in a... [213 words]
Too Busy To Be Lonely by Almoniko - [109 words]
To Believe by Cedric McClester You profess to believe/ But I don�t know/ Cos you seem to have A way to go/ Before you can proudly W... [173 words]
Time After Time After Time by Cedric McClester Time After Time After Time is a reaffirming spiritual song. [234 words]
Thoughts I'm Thinking by Alia Harold Hey what's up this be poptart again this right here made me cry when I first wrote it so ... [76 words]
They Wouldn�T Know The Truth by Rapadamus They Wouldn't Know The Truth addresses the Conservatives and their lies of mass de... [371 words]
They Wanna Know Why by Rapadamus They Wanna Know Why explains why I am affected in an artistic way as a consequence of what ... [252 words]
There's Something About Alice by Lynch - [101 words]
The Truth Makes You Free by Rapadamus The Truth Makes You Free is my response to the criticim that the press has come under ... [367 words]
The System by Rapadamus The System addresses the fact that the system is designed to hold certain people down, and it is up ... [203 words]
The Ruling Oligarchy by Rapadamus The ruling oligarchy/ Says it�s middle-class malarkey/ To suggest they differ starkly/ Whe... [166 words]
The National Debt by Rapadamus The national debt Keeps on gettin higher/ And we know for a fact The President�s a liar/ See ... [197 words]
The Most Serious Song Ever by Chad Naquin This song is so serious. nothing funny about it. [63 words]
The Moment by Cedric McClester The moment comes and goes as quick/ Those precious seconds are meant to stick/ Deep inside of our me... [244 words]
The Gay Song by Marcus Lochricho I am a fag!!! I like it when guys bend over. [113 words]
The Downside Up Of Love by Louis Hardy I wrote this when I was 13 [300 words]
That I'd Be Yours by Stephen S Kilbourne This is my first song. It's kinda slow but its ok. [102 words]
Take A Look Inside by Cedric McClester Take A Look Inside encourages people to focus on the beauty they possess within and to not b... [163 words]
Support For The War by Rapadamus While you�re tryin to garner Support for the war There�s a marked increase In our sick and... [212 words]
Sumthin �Bout This Don�T Feel Right by Cedric McClester Obviously this is written in a female's voice I realize you have Another li... [176 words]
Strike Down by Chris Egervari This song first sound like a blah-blah, so you decide what it is about... [159 words]
Street Points by Rapadamus Niggas pullin out their joints/ All because they want street points/ Babies dyin in car seats/ A... [281 words]
Stay by Sidney Kinney Dedicated to michael jones. [155 words]
Sorry Is Too Little And Too Late by Cedric McClester Sorry is/ Too little and too late/ Especially when/ I didn�t hesitate/ No man... [177 words]
Some People Say by Cedric McClester Some people say/ That I�m gay/ But I respond (ain�t no way)/ It�s nothing but lies/ Cos wha... [251 words]
Situations Change, Not People by Matt R Kellaher When someone in your past whom has screwed you over, ie. an ex, comes back into y... [264 words]
Show Me More by Kevin The Foop When the one you've loved for years doesn't love you anymore... [174 words]
Show A Thug No Love by Rapadamus Show A Thug No Love deglamourizes the whole thug mystique and notion. [387 words]
She�S The One by Cedric McClester I said to myself man it�s absurd/ But what happens if the feeling�s deferred/ She�s the one who I... [308 words]
Same Sad Ending by Steph Kidd Sad song about goin back to the same guy all the time... knowin its not gonna cause nothin but ... [159 words]
Pieces Of My Pain by Kevin The Foop When shame overpowers you... [126 words]
Photograph by Cedric McClester It�s a photograph From my past That I carry with me Every now and then I take out when I feel the ... [203 words]
Perfect Fairytale by Lady Sashi - [90 words]
Pay Attention by Rapadamus Pay Attention makes needed mention of the fact that we are on the brink of World War Three. Our ... [123 words]
Our Love Will Always Remain by Gelardo Just... A Beautiful song [237 words]
Now That Jesus Is In Vogue by Rapadamus "Now That Jesus Is In Vogue," addresses the habit that most gangsta rappers have of ... [219 words]
Not With My Heart by Kevin The Foop When you realize your wife is cheating on you. [196 words]
Not Tonight by Chris Egervari This song was based on a friend of mine's story, who had some troubles in his/her relationship. [300 words]
My Dude by Rapadamus Heard u been messin Wit my dude/ Now u might think I�m bein ghetto crude/ Cos I�ma �bout to catch An at... [186 words]
My Bidness... by Cedric McClester My Bidness was inspired by blues legend BB King. What is mentioned in the song are things he spok... [214 words]
Life Began The Day I Met You by Sylvia Grgas I wrote this song just after meeting husband, Love inspired me to write this and I... [293 words]
Just Myself To Blame by Cedric McClester Just Myself To Blame is written in the voice of a 26 year old man who was accused of accid... [275 words]
Joy Comes In The Morning by Cedric McClester Joy Comes In The Morning,addresses the hopelessness of despair. Perhaps you've lost a ... [236 words]
John Mccain by Rapadamus John McCain is about Sen. John McCain who used to stand for something but now falls for anything. [164 words]
Jagatee Song by Prince Max Schaumburg-Lippe Benefit Song for Kids with Cancer on iTunes and Musicload.de [400 words]
I've Got The Blues Over You by Kendall Wilt Straight from whatever heart I have left. [195 words]
It�S Time To Do Some Thinkin by Cedric McClester It's Time To Do Some Thinkin encourages the listener to do some self-reflection. [293 words]
In-Kind by Cedric McClester IN-KIND, was inspired by a radio disc-jockey posing the question, what were the things that his female ... [218 words]
In The Snow (Tonight) by Buxton - [284 words]
Impossible Mission by Cedric McClester You had his baby/ And now he�s on the road/ I hate to say it/ But you�re left with the load/... [227 words]
I'm Grounded For Hitting My Princapal's Car With My Skateboard by Chad Naquin It's a skate punk song. [173 words]
If You're Looking For Something by Cedric McClester If You're Looking For Something is an open letter to those who are searching fo... [203 words]
If These Words Inspire by Cedric McClester If These Words Inspire is a spiritual song that poses a familiar question, what is the m... [244 words]
If The Long Arm Of The Law Still Has Reach by Rapadamus If The Long Arm Of The Law Still Has Reach ask a rhetorical question... [176 words]
I�D Rather Hunt With Dick by Rapadamus I'd Rather Hunt With Dick is a response to a critique of one of my political songs. [228 words]
I Wonder... Did You Know by Kevin The Foop Letting Love Go Unspoken... then bringing it up 15 years later. [255 words]
I Wasn�T There by Cedric McClester I Wasn't There was inspired by an avoidable tragedy that I read about in the newspaper. [325 words]
I Want To Get Back With You by Cedric McClester - [207 words]
I Think You�Re Dope (Head To Feet) by Rapadamus I Think You're Dope (Head To Feet) is a love song that addresses the positiv... [182 words]
I Thank God by Cedric McClester I THANK GOD, is a song of gratitude for everything that God has done for me. [243 words]
I See Beautiful by J Balshaw My best work. It is about a girl who I have been seeing for months now. And I love her so dearl... [158 words]
I Live by Wringlet D Thouyer One of 53 worship songs I will post to this site. [128 words]
I Gotta Ask You by Rapadamus I Gotta Ask You addresses the issue of blood diamonds from Sierra Leone where lives and limbs w... [188 words]
I Can�T Talk About It by Rapadamus I CAN'T TALK ABOUT IT, is a combat soldier's story. [242 words]
How Many Generals? by Rapadamus How Many Generals alludes to the number of former generals who've come forward to say that S... [150 words]
Hood Love by Rapadamus Hood Love was inspired by something I heard on the Star&Bucwild Radio Show. [205 words]
Holy Mother Mary by Rapadamus Holy Mother Mary comments on the Blessed Virgin's elevation to godhead. [195 words]
Hey Mister Man by Rapadamus Hey Mister Man It�s clear I�m not a fan I don�t like the desert sand Where you brought our troop... [272 words]
Here�S The Funny Thing by Rapadamus Here's The Funny Thing takes a stab at our imperial president. [181 words]
Heaven Help Us by Rapadamus Heaven help us (help us all) It�s time that George Bush is recalled. [285 words]
Heartbroken Tomorrow by Stephen S Kilbourne This is sort of a puck rock type of song. I hope ya'll like it. [102 words]
Head Over Heels by Cedric McClester HEAD OVER HEELS,is a love song. [250 words]
He Must Be Crazy by Rapadamus He Must Be Crazy is a response to news reports that the president is seriously considering bom... [151 words]
He Fucked Up by Rapadamus He Fucked Up speaks to the fact that the Bush war in Iraq was a colossal mistake. However, now th... [175 words]
Have You Become... by Rapadamus Have You Become, is inspired by a middle-aged, couch jumping, super star of suspect sexual o... [180 words]
Guest Workers by Rapadamus Guest Workers weighs in on the debate over illegal immigration. [191 words]
Gothic Melody by Lady Sashi - [102 words]
God Is Sending A Miracle In Your Direction by Jessica L Young God gave this song to me recently and I know it will bless a lot of ... [117 words]
Give Me A Chance Daddy by Surbhi Singhal This is a song about a girl who wants that her father should believe in her and let her ... [277 words]
Ghost Girl by Justin M Willis This is a song about a guy that can't seem to catch the girl that he wants the most. She acts like ... [231 words]
George Dubya Please by Rapadamus George Dubya Please addresses the President's new PR offensive. Very much like the old PR o... [289 words]
Gas Addiction by Rapadamus Oil companies are gettin over/ Like a bandit/ They could not have done much better/ Had they plan... [209 words]
From Time To Time by Kevin The Foop A man tell his dying wife that she doesn't need to hold on anymore. [185 words]
From Head To Toe by Kevin The Foop Tired of getting the heart stepped on? Read this. [257 words]
Flash-Backs by Carla Thomson This is a country song that I wrote on the date of: 10-24-04. [165 words]
Fightin Over There... by Rapadamus Fightin Over There is a play on the president's defense of his war policy. [206 words]
Every Time I Hear �Em Mention His Name by Rapadamus Everytime I Hear 'Em Mention His Name is that evokes memories of Nine El... [256 words]
Every Disease Has A Cure by Cedric McClester Every Disease Has A Cure, is a song of encouragement and hope, for those who think the... [311 words]
Every Day It�S The Same by Cedric McClester Everyday It's The Same, chronicals the daily spin sessions President Bush is engaged in... [293 words]
Dry Your Eyes by Cedric McClester Dry Your Eyes was inspired by a radio show caller who was lamenting the fact that her husband lef... [256 words]
Don't Wanna Die by Chad Naquin I wrote this about a couple of people who died. They were my brothers really good friends. It's... [305 words]
Disappear by Jenae Decampo A rock song about domestic violence. [225 words]
Death And Taxes by Matt R Kellaher We all have plenty of regrets... but hey, thats the stuff of life. Every mistake, and every reg... [437 words]
Circumvention by Rapadamus Circumvention addresses the way George Bush and his administation skirts the law in the name of s... [176 words]
Calm Down People by Rapadamus Calm Down People is a metaphor for the current geopolitical situation. [189 words]
C - Student by Rapadamus C - STUDENT is a performance review for George W. Bush. [345 words]
Boy To Man by Cedric McClester Boy To Man chronicals a young man who matures in war. [190 words]
Blessed Are The Peacemakers by Rapadamus Blessed are the peacemakers/ Yet no one�s making peace/ War is raging everywhere/ L... [159 words]
Big Oil by Rapadamus Bush is goin easy On big oil But I�m not surprised Why should he spoil The cozy arrangement They have a... [179 words]
Big Brother (1984) by Rapadamus Big Brother (1984) speaks to today's manifestations of George Orwell's classic book, Ninetee... [198 words]
Bait �N Switch by Rapadamus Bait 'N Switch is an indictment. See if you can guess against whom. [165 words]
Bad Behavior by Rapadamus She�s another super model/ Who's gone bad/ She�s assaulted every assistant/ That she ever had/ Acc... [245 words]
An Epiphany by Rapadamus An Epiphany is inspired by the kind of songs that R&B singer Jaheim sings. It tells the story of h... [298 words]
An Empty Space by Cedric McClester An Empty Space could be a love song or a spiritual affirmation, you decide which. [278 words]
Am I Seein What I Think I See by Rapadamus Am I Seein What I Think I See, was inspired by a young lady I saw walking by one ... [283 words]
All Blessings Flow by Cedric McClester All Blessings Flow is a spiritual song of comfort. [261 words]
A Tinker's Damn by Rapadamus I don�t give a tinker�s damn/ What they charge in East Siam/ I live here in the US of A/ Where ... [329 words]
A Sense Of Urgency by Rapadamus A Sense Of Urgency is the missing element in the Bush administration as far as this writer i... [303 words]
A Republican In Democratic Clothes by Rapadamus A Republican In Democratic Clothes is critical of the state of the Democrati... [300 words]
A Little Bit Country, A Little Bit Rock �N Roll by Cedric McClester A Little Bit Country and A Little Bit Rock 'n Roll, is a countr... [242 words]
A Knock On The Door by Rapadamus I got a knock on the door That no one wants to get My eyes teared up And my hands began to... [264 words]
A Half A Love by Kevin The Foop Love, youth and shyness... they all go hand-in-hand. [316 words]

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Walked Away
This was a song which I wrote to someone very special on the night that we split up.
[212 words]
Leanne Phillips
[April 2006]
Walked Away
Leanne Phillips

Ho I look back to first time I saw your face I look back did you think it was all a waste Ho I can pretend I�m doing fine But how can I when your not mine I remember every word, every kiss Your love your hugs I will really miss What I would do to have you here If you were I�d have no fear {c} Cause every time I see you the tears come Every time I think of you my heart comes undone I�ve thought of you every day I cry when I think of the day you walked away If you could only know how I still feel Feeling down now that our love�s no longer real And even when I find someone new There�s no one in the world who will ever replace you {c} Cause every time I see you the tears come Every time I think of you my heart comes undone I�ve been thinking of you every day I cry when I think of the day you walked away And now here I am sitting alone Looking at the stars all on my own If I could make just one more wish If would be to have you here to hold and to kiss


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April 2006

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