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Dont Want To Let You Go
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Dont Want To Let You Go
This is a song I wrote for a guy I really love.
[133 words]
Ranay Mueller
[September 2000]
[email protected]
Just The Two Of Us (Poetry) It's about being with the one you really love and just being there for eachother is all that matters as long as you love eachother. [166 words]
Losing My Mind (Songs) I dont know what this is about, it just popped in my head and you can either like it or hate it.. [174 words]
Open Your Heart (Songs) This is one of my newest songs I just wrote tonight. It's about a girl that wants her boyfriend to open up to her and tell her how he feels so she knows if he feels how she does about him. [182 words]
To Blind To See (Songs) This song is about being heart broken and not really seeing what is right in front of you cause your to much in love. [236 words]
Where'd You Go (Songs) Ok none of my songs have music until I find someone that can do that for me. This song is sad I guess but its just about how I feel about one of my ex's that is no longer with me and I dont mean cuz ... [169 words]
Why Do You Like Me (Poetry) This poem I wrote based on what celebrities or just about anyone would think about why someone likes them. To make sure that there liked for who they are and not what they do. [99 words]
Dont Want To Let You Go
Ranay Mueller

Sitting here dreaming
I got you by my side
dont want to let you go
want you in my arms all night.
The sun shines bright
when your around with me
cuddling all night long
you mean so much to me.

Dont ever want to let you go
your my air that I breath
Dont ever want to let you go
you see how much you mean to me
Dont know what I would do
If you weren't here
Dont wanna think about it
I love when your near
I dont ever want to let you go.

Your my sun, the moon and the stars
I'm so happy where we are
You put a smile on my face all day
I'm gonna love you in every way
You make me smile when I am down
You make me laugh when your around
There's so much that we can do
I just wanna be with you.



"Ok. That was terrible. But I was reviewing to let everyone know that the word "you're" means "you are". The word "your" is possesive. GET IT STRAIGHT." -- Meg.
"There's reviewing and there's bashing. It may be a subtle distinction... but Meg, you sound more like a bitch with heartache, than someone interested in helping others improve their performance." -- Sean Porter.
"How clearly the calm observer views the stream, Meg...the crystal's clearer for the stranger than the fish in water. Good call, Sean." -- Tyrant.
"Hmm... well, I get the part where you 'really love him' as you say, but dammit, does he love you BACK? I don't get that vibe from this... song?... and plainly it sounds like every pop song that ever existed, and some originality would be severely appreciated if it is possible in pop culture... but if you meant this to be a rap song, I can TOTALLY see where you're comin from, though I seriously doubt it would sell very well. " -- Kimberly De Liz.
"As if Tyrant has any right to chastise anyone for bashing." -- Meg.
"I was referring to the bitch with heartache comment." -- Tyrant.
"First of all, yes Meg, you are a bitch with a heartache. Secondly, this was way too typical for praise. It's too regular. I think you got more in you than the normal Faith Hill you're the air I breathe and you wipe my tears and make me laugh stuff that has been said so many times before. If you just start writing, keep writing, you'll start writing things you never knew you had in you. And then you'll have something truly fantastic! :):) You have potential." -- Christy Mack.


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