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Finally... by Darin R Molnar A twisted Dick and Jane story about a physician gone bad. Stephen King supplied the sketch in his bo... [2,962 words]
Cold Eddie Kane by Albert Davis Just a situation that I thought of. Please read it and tell what you think. [4,803 words]
Without Condition by Branson Storm A free-spirited man struggles with his quest for true love as his life of drug addiction and ... [8,232 words]
Absolution by Adam Lear Logic clashes with religion to conclude in an uncomfortable truth. [2,821 words]
Defining Stupidity (Now Where Was I?) by MacKenzie Morgan A fourth entry from my summer journal...I dedicate it to Bobby, who helpe... [4,507 words]
Jinx by MacKenzie Morgan Another entry from my summer journal, thanks to all who have responded. Please keep reviewing! [9,058 words]
Aurora (Borealis) by MacKenzie Morgan Since I got so much great feedback, I thought I'd post something else from my summer journal.... [3,136 words]
When Beauty Rears Its Ugly Head by Bradley Postma A snapshot exhibiting the superficiality and simplicity of relationships in low... [3,728 words]
The Largeness Of Sound by James Tregonning This is a very black comedy of a short story. You must read it to find out what's so bla... [384 words]
The Help That Never Came by Asadullah Panhwer Story depicting the adventures of a journalist in the Amazon Jungle. [691 words]
Shirley's Angel by Richard Koss A Christmas story: In the final analysis, we may discover that we love someone because of their... [2,228 words]
Seeming by Daniel Birnbaum A story to make you think -- to ponder something for a few moments during the course of your normally b... [850 words]
Child In The Park by Justin Kile A story of a young boy in the park. [1,027 words]
Blue by Margaret Li A noir telling of a psychiatric patient's perception of life... and death. [5,290 words]
The Infinity Wars by Frank L Martin A young man is visited by a talking snake and wolf. The animals mistake him for another dupl... [2,824 words]
The Butterfly Man by David Godden A story of sexual abuse. Real or imagined? What does the medical profession do to earn our tr... [12,634 words]
Stop For Flowers by Justin Kile Memories of an old love, never to be again. [1,135 words]
Pizza Bianca by Mark Herner Recipes usually consist of a list of ingredients, quantities and a few paragraphs of instructions.... [4,323 words]
How You Look At It by T Q Cebula The story features a pompous, deluded and possibly insane young man who -- purely out of sym... [3,871 words]
Favorious by David Gardiner In the late Middle Ages, an obscure village seems to have witnessed a miracle. The ageing monk Favori... [4,769 words]
Fall Breezes by Justin Kile Love and Leaves. [1,242 words]
Bad Habits Die Hard by David Rama Stop bugging me... or i'll kill you, Kurt warned Christine... [13,550 words]
The Wound by Amit Gupta A short story. [815 words]
The Perfect Friend by David Godden A tale of love in Victorian England. But what kind of love? [2,114 words]
The Greatest Blues Singer Of All Time by Jon Nicholas Mickey didn’t dare speak. He couldn’t bring himself to interrupt the tran... [1,900 words]
The Ages by Keir Hunter Hardie How the component parts of Love will always be assembled regardless of time or distance. [682 words]
Rags & Italian Shoes by Jon Nicholas When I saw George Lowell meet Kathy Wyeth, I knew there was no chance she'd ever want to g... [4,610 words]
Marta, Close Your Legs. by Meaghan Elise The first thing Marta thinks about in the morning is sex. And that's even before she's ... [1,246 words]
Make Him Crave You by Jennifer L O'callaghan When bad dating advice happens to clueless women. [1,674 words]
Keeping Time by Jon Nicholas "Yes, James. I appreciate the new programming. By the way, I know it may sound silly coming from a... [1,763 words]
Great Days by Niall Power Street racing community paper, action packed with some romantic flare. [2,167 words]
Embarrassing First Date by Susan T Fisher My first date in 1964, and the most embarrassing date of my life. [1,509 words]
Eating At Arby's: The South Florida Stories (1982) by Richard Grayson Condo dwellers Manny and Zelda enjoy life in South Florida w... [5,695 words]
Disjointed Fictions by Richard Grayson The worst writer in the world (and even on the Storymania web site) fails in his attempt to... [9,211 words]
Adolescent Innocence 3: The Ghost by Loki They thought things would be normal...they thought no one would know...but mo... [12,053 words]
A New Game by Jon Nicholas Twenty-six computers, who just love to play games, find themselves playing a new game that's quite d... [2,273 words]
Star Truck by Robert W Carlomagno My name is Jaime T Quirk, captain of the Star Truck Enterprise... [1,449 words]
Project S.T.A.R. by Loki The glorious future gives a sense of hope and opportunity for millions of people. But for some... [34,344 words]
Ordinary Days Work by Niall Power A paper about an FBI agent tracking and following a trainned assassin. [2,318 words]
Not Necessarily Cancer by Jennifer L O'callaghan A young woman's reaction to her abnormal Pap smear. [1,920 words]
Nine Days And Counting by Lorraine Wylie An excerpt. [605 words]
Love Beyond Death by Nadeem Akhtar A story of an innocent love at the threshold of death. All left her when she was shot in the ... [1,372 words]
Loonies by Steven R. Kravsow A car slowly gained on him. Soon it was even with Daniel's. It was a black sports model, low slung and ... [4,959 words]
Benevolence Fiteprone by William Rodgers A young man goes into a kings training camp and is put on an extreemly advanced training ... [2,554 words]
A New Dawn by Adagio When life seems hopeless, there always something, no matter how small to cling to [1,636 words]
Beyond The Realm Of Us by Branson Storm A look into the life of a young writer who is left to live with the ghost of his beloved... [4,530 words]
The Grave Keeper by Joel Harper - [388 words]
Sometimes The Wind.... by Matt Macul Old Apollo takes his nightly walk to the liqour store with his dog only to find the wind... [3,169 words]
My Crazy Friend by Cathy Pal Different as night and day, yet drawn together as friends. [1,055 words]
Muriel's Funeral by Richard Koss Imagine yourself dead and observing your own funeral What would you expect to see? You might... [736 words]
Mark The Public Notices by Richard Grayson A heartbroken family places advertisements in The New York Times public notices. [1,271 words]
John by Glen Pearson A shocking and sick final entry to disturb you. This will be my last story on Storymania seein' as how I'... [3,492 words]
Inexhaustible Needs, Undefinable Aches by Richard Grayson Two young gay men have a relationship that spans the late 1960s and earl... [3,596 words]
In Pursuit Of Pabulum by Bradley Postma A philosophical tale about two reclusive souls brought together in an Internet interlude. [9,261 words]
Blank Canvas by Amit Gupta A short story. [2,069 words]
A Sophomore's Diary 1971 by Richard Grayson A college student falls in love in the spring of 1971. [3,605 words]
A Junior's Diary 1971 by Richard Grayson Sequel to "A Sophomore's Diary 1971": kvetchy college student breaks up with girlfriend. [6,746 words]

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Ever think twice about shopping alone at night. You should - especially if you're a pretty woman.
[1,469 words]
Richard Koss
Richard Koss, other titles
[November 2001]
[email protected]
904 North (Poetry) A tale in verse form about a middle-aged musician/writer down on his luck and recently divorced (again) who moves into a high rise apartment on the ninth floor, which happens to be the same suite a yo... [1,479 words]
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Deja Vu (Poetry) In times like these, pacifists come out of the woodwork. This poem was written in anticipation of what we can expect from them. [106 words]
Empty Closets (Poetry) A poem which no doubt, is controversial. I'm sure many will consider it homophobic, (a stupid word) but if liberals are sincere in their belief that everyone is entitled to free speech and opinions, t... [223 words]
Family Genes Considered (Short Stories) A story that is unfortunately, much closer to the truth than not. Although the main character is fictional, the relatives described are quite real, which gives me reason to often ponder my own destin... [1,198 words]
Fatal Perception (Short Stories) An off-beat tale about an aging song writer who perceives he is being stalked by a strange little man. [2,959 words]
Goodbye America (Essays) An essay written by an aging writer who no longer understands the country in which he lives. [662 words]
Hooked (Short Stories) A short short story originally started as a poem, about a man's obsession with a special kind of woman. (Revised June 2001) [323 words] [Fantasy]
How To Fool Most Of The People Most Of The Time (Essays) An essay commenting on the recent election results. [1,530 words]
Know It? - I Wrote It (Short Stories) This is a funny, perhaps silly, outrageous story. I'm not sure of its exact origin, but I must forewarn you. I don't generally make use of extreme vulgarity or profanity in my writing, but in this c... [663 words]
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My Three Loves (Poetry) A poem about the three things in life that keep a man going. (At least from one man's perspective.) [101 words]
My Wife Is Missing (Poetry) A poem (well sort of a poem) which raises the question of who is most dear to us. [117 words] [Relationships]
Nostalgic On A Bridge To Nowhere (Poetry) A nostalgic view of the life of a man in his twilight years. [369 words]
Over A Hundred Years Later Nothing New About Progressives (Essays) An essay revealing the fact that progressives haven't progressed much in over a hundred years. [1,317 words]
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Richard Koss

Strange things happen on rainy, windy nights. Last Thursday was that kind of night. Kate and Carl decided to go shopping. Actually, it was Kate’s idea; Carl hated shopping. Her car was in the repair shop so Carl dropped her off at the Giant Eagle supermarket in Cresthaven Plaza at ten and promised to be back in an hour. He was headed for Michael’s bar to grab a couple of drinks with his buddies, leaving Kate to do all the shopping by herself. She really didn’t mind though because Carl was a real pain in the ass to be with in a supermarket - asking her why she needed this or that, while he picked out the dumbest shit that she’d usually end up throwing out.

On a night like this, the store wasn’t crowded and she moved up and down the isles in no time. Twenty-five minutes later her shopping list was nearly completed. Her last stop was at the produce section, picking up broccoli, spinach, carrots and some corn on the cob. Then she loaded up with melons, grapes, oranges, plums and other assorted fruits. Most of this good stuff was for Kate. She was a healthy eater, very little red meat, mostly vegetables and fruit. No junk food for her. She had to take care of that great body.

She was proud of her body and liked to show it off . Even tonight, though it was rainy and windy, she wore a windbreaker and tight shorts showing off those long shapely legs and buns of steel. Carl loved her body but he was Italian and didn’t like to see other men stare at her. But that was typical of most Italians, and speaking of Italians, her Irish father was not happy about her marrying one. But Carl’s family liked Kate and life among the Italians was anything but dull for the daughter of Tom O’Neil.

She met all of Carl’s family except his uncle Sam Lo Presti, the police sergeant who kept to himself a lot. He was a former homicide detective almost ready to retire. Carl said he’d been working on missing person cases for that past few years.

Kate was next in the checkout line and she stood there waiting her turn, listening to the cashier and the bagger talking about the two women shoppers who vanished from two different malls on the west side of town. This all happened in the last couple of weeks. Neither of the women had been found.

“Ninety-four sixty-five.” The cashier pulled the tape from the register and Kate handed her two fifties from her purse. The bagger helped her put her packages into the shopping cart. Kate stuffed her change into the front pocket of her shorts and wheeled the cart out the door to the dimly lit pick-up ramp. A roof extended over the ramp so she didn’t bother to open her umbrella.

The wind was blowing so hard now that Kate cupped her hands around her cigarette lighter, turning in several directions, trying to light up. She finally got the damn thing lit and looked up just in time up to see an older woman with a shopping cart coming out of the rain. She was wearing a funny hat and the rain was dripping from its brim. Her thick glasses were so wet and steamy, you could hardly see her eyes. She was a pathetic sight and softhearted Kate couldn’t help herself from asking the old woman, “Are you okay honey?”

“I can’t find my car. Somebody must have stolen it.” The woman’s voice was raspy and she sounded so helpless.

“You probably just forgot where you parked it. Happens to me all the time.”

The old woman stood there dripping. “You don’t think I should call the police?”

Kate looked at her watch. Carl wouldn’t be here for another fifteen minutes. She opened her umbrella and held it over the woman. “Let’s take another look and see if we can’t find it. Leave your cart here by mine. What Kind of car do you have?”

The woman described the car as Kate walked with her out to the dimly lit parking lot, holding the umbrella barely big enough to cover them both. The woman’s recollection of where she had parked her car took them to the far end of the lot. They were almost two hundred yards from the store when the old woman said, “Oh my God, there it is.”

Sure enough, there was the little red Ford Tempo the woman described, at the end of the last row of cars. As they approached the car, the woman fumbled for her keys. “At least let me drive you back to the store.”

The wind and rain were swirling harder now and Kate’s little umbrella wasn’t much help so she accepted the woman’s offer and got in the car with her.

After starting the car and turning on the wipers, the woman began cleaning her foggy glasses with a tissue. Kate looked at the half empty parking lot through the Windshield wiper blades. “What made you park so far away from the store?”

The woman continued wiping her glasses in silence and Kate got a funny feeling in the pit of her stomach as she suddenly thought of the woman’s shopping cart. It was empty!

Kate stared at the woman’s face. In the dim glow of the tall outdoor lighting poles, she could see the thick make-up, streaked from the rain, running down the woman’s face, revealing a large dark mole on her upper lip and patches of five-o- clock shadow where the make-up had been. She began to put her glasses back on and it was probably the hair on the back of her hand that froze Kate with a surge of panic. That and the clicking sound of a switch blade.

The police arrived at the supermarket after midnight. A shaken Carl LoPresti followed them to the station and filled out a missing person’s report. There were no witnesses who saw Kate leave the store and the only people who could specifically identify her were the cashier and bagger whose line she exited. Her cart full of groceries was still sitting on the pick-up ramp. The howling wind and rain made visibility virtually impossible and other shoppers questioned could not recall seeing a young woman of Kate’s description anywhere in the parking lot. Carl woke up Kate’s father at 1:30 a.m. and Mr. O’Neil was furious that Carl left her to shop by herself at night. They screamed at each other over the phone and O’Neil would’ve beaten Carl to a pulp if they had been face to face.

Later that morning, at 8 :15 a.m., Detective sergeant Sam Lo Presti arrived at the 17th precinct, got his coffee and started to review the missing person files on his desk. Just as he began reading the latest report concerning Kate Lo Presti, his phone rang.

“Lo Presti,” the sergeant’s voice was soft and raspy.

“Uncle Sam, you heard about my wife Kate, didn’t you?” Carl’s voice sounded desperate.

“Yeah Carl, I’m looking at the report as we speak. Don’t worry Carl, We’ll do everything we can to find her.”

As the sergeant tried to calm down his nephew on the telephone, two other men were seated in a glass-enclosed office just behind Detective Lo Presti’s desk.

“ Look at that goddamn rain come down. Is it ever gonna stop?” Lieutenant Dan Novince turned his swivel chair away from the foggy window covered with beads of raindrops. “I understand that missing girl was married to Lo Presti’s nephew.”

The other detective shook his head. “He was a bust out in homicide and I doubt if he ever found a missing person in his life. I hope that kid’s not counting on him to find his wife. The son-of-bitch is blind as a bat and dumb as dirt. He should be working in warrants, chasing down parking ticket offenders”

The lieutenant smiled at the other detective. “Why don’t you really tell us what you think of him?”

The other man defended his comments. “Well, just look at him.”

The two men stared through the glass, at the short, hairy man with thick glasses, seated at his desk, pretending to study the report of the missing Kate Lo Presti. He didn’t even look like a cop. In fact, he was almost pathetic looking, with those coke bottle spectacles and that big black mole on his upper lip.

The lieutenant’s phone rang, interrupting their reverie. He answered the phone as the other man left his office. It was going on nine o’clock. The phones began ringing all over the place. Another routine day at the 17th precinct. And outside, the raindrops continued to fall.



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November 2001

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