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The Shadows
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The Shadows
Is there such a thing as life after death?
[638 words]
Christina L. Voigt
Just a lowly writer, whose mind is constantly jammed with too many words.
[June 2001]
[email protected]
The Shadows
Christina L. Voigt


               The hallway was dark, lit only by a single candle. Ghostly shadows danced on the smooth wood walls.

Through the cracked translucent window, a harvest moon shown red, the color of blood- an ominous warning for all those who gazed upon it. "There will be trouble tonight small one." an aged woman rasped, placing a comforting hand on the shoulder of the tiny child who stood in the folds of her skirt, next to her.

The girl looked up at her ancient grandmother, sending the child's delicate silver hair to tumble down her shoulder. Her soft blue eyes were filled with silent wonder. "God speed to all those who are on that road tonight," the old lady bowed her head softly in prayer. Then she turned from the moon-lit window, towards a dark, hellish hallway.

Picking up the candle, she led the child to her chambers. As the flickering flame intruded upon the dark, eerie goblins of the night scattered for cover into the ghostly shadows.

When the room was bright with the golden light of several oil lamps and the child was dress for bed, her grandmother tucked her in and repeated a verse she said every night;

   "May the monster flee,
    and let me be.
    For only sweet dreams,
    can visit me."

        Then she blew out the lamps and walked to the door.

As the only burning candle disappeared around the door, the room was thrust into darkness. The child closed her soft creme eyelids and let the dreams flood, dancing like sprites and elven folk, to invade her sleep.

With blur of time, the dreaming child was standing barefoot in the grass. The soft dew touching her tender feet. Her gaze traveled up to a jeweled sky, of miniature diamonds, rubies and emeralds for stars. The October moon was a translucent opal, that's many colors, spun and danced like ballerinas.

All around her the world was lit up with harmonic music. The crickets played as a symphony, the wind and a narrow brook became a duet. Laughing she danced in the moonlight to their enchanting melody.

The girl child twirled and twirled, giggling at her joy until the moon disappeared into black, and the world became dark and silent.

She could not see anything in front of her. There was no light, not even from the stars that once shown with an eerie brilliance. Soundless tears fell from her eyes, stinging her plump cheeks.

She shut her eyes tightly, hoping to block out the darkness, the nightmare.

        Light. Her pale lids fluttered open to see a small speck of white off in the distance. At first, she walked cautiously; studying the single diamond of light. But as came closer, she saw her grandmother holding outstretched arms, and she ran to embrace the old woman.
        A smile of relief and joy beamed brightly from the girl's face. She grabbed for her protectoress, and watched as the luminous white light engulfed them both into its heavenly world.

"It be a blood moon this here night, Bryan. I be telling ye' this were happen." a knob of a man scorned pointing his pipe at the smoldering ruins of where am ancient house once sat.

"I don't want to be hear'n it from you." a burly red head Chief Bryan O'Reele snapped. "It be bad enough that old lady Gwen died in that there fire. But it hurts to know that, that wee lass, her granddaughter went with her," he took off his hat and bowed his head in silent prayer.

        "Aye, that it be," the old man agreed, repeating the same respects as O'Reele. "Never got to hear the lass say a blinking word. Pretty thing she was. With hair like snow and eyes that be of the sea."



"This was beautifully written (you write like an angel)! I love the twist in the end! It was very well-done..very, very beautiful wording, as well." -- Vianne, Pennsylvania, United States.
"Good job, it was quite mystical, ha ha. Very interesting ending, yes, most interesting indeed. (from your buddy)" -- Olivia, Brookings, OR, U.S. of A..
"I loved this story. It was flowing with emotion!" -- Alice Madden, Tampa, FL.
"Your writing was done very well. I like the story line and the connection of a dream to reality. It had a good twist at the end as well. I enjoyed the descriptions. It was a story that made you think as you finished it. I like it, good job! " -- Linsey Perez , Chicago, il , USA.


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© 2001 Christina L. Voigt
June 2001

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